maandag 9 februari 2009

Raid guides

still work in progress for these, but here are the ones i have:

Beginner raids:
More for the veterans or first timers.

  • Diablo guide
  • Gerrero guide
  • Hell Breaker guide
  • Rafflesia guide
  • Vergo guide

  • Expert raids:
    more for expert fams and oriented around v3.0, ideally for low amount of families.

    Instanced Lobby raids:
    New raids of the v4.1 update, all killsteal proof versions of old raid bosses with slightly different loots

    Elemental Gates raids:
    Somewhat tough, fun raids where elemental dmg is the key to success.
    aside of fire gate, lg and iwt require alot of people.

    Castilla Raids:
    from the v5.0 a new set of raids and other ways to get nice loot.

    Master raids:

    Need to do list:
    Castilla Temple Area bosses, check loot changes of 5.0 update and maybe the event raid/pvp thingies

    3 opmerkingen:

    1. Good job wurmy...keep it up:P

    2. I like your guides! Please make a guide for the Fury raids (faction-exclusive raids) like the Fury Cursed of the Red Sunset Forest raid. Thanks~

    3. Unfortunately i don't have a sge acc so what i know of those raids is rather limited, think i can get a drop list of 2chan ge wiki though.