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Uranus guide

Uranus can be found in Bahamar, Underground cave 2nd floor.
To get to underground cave 2nd floor you need to step into a yellow circle in wetlands or murky bayou, once in underground floor 1 you will need to kill a King of Coverty which opens the way to floor 2 on the other side. (A King of Coverty killed in wetlands will open a door in the murky bayou side.)

Summoning and respawn time:
Uranus has a 24 till 37 hours re-spawn time. However to get access to the floor where Uranus resided you'll need to kill a King of Coverty which has a random re-spawn time from 3.5 till 5 hours.

Uranos isn't the hardest raid, but it can be annoying mostly due to the tons of minions and poisoning effect will lowers defense. It can be killed quite easily with 2-3 expert families, in wich 1 family usually takes care of the minions.

Uranus has 4 stages in which you fight him, before each stage you'll need to kill all the Uranus eggs to be able to attack Uranus. During the first 3 stages when his hp is low he'll hide underwater to recover. When that happens all the eggs re-spawn. In total you need to kill all the eggs 4 times and kill Uranus 4 times.
When fighting the eggs, keep in mind that every egg killed spawns around 10 minions which can be a problem if there are to much of them. Whoever kills a minion also gets a 5 minute AR, atk and def debuff which is a royal pain in the ass. When finally facing Uranus, do remember that his attacks are physical of type so prot field will greatly reduce the dmg. Outrage musks are best given a protection field to make sure they survive the attacks. A other way to save the dps group is by letting a tanker provoke away from the main dps group and lure Uranus his attacks on him. Do note that who ever has top dmg on Uranus with a single char in the last form will get all the drops!!! so it's advises to keep the top dps free of the minion's poison.

  • 32 AR Recipes (rare)
  • lvl 100, 30 AR Weapons
  • La Rouge (rare)
  • Elite shivarilier armor - recipe

jGE wiki and raid list guide

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