maandag 21 september 2009

King of Coverty

King of Covery or KoC for short, spawns in Bahamar, Underground cave 1st floor on both sides on the coordinates C5 and I8. Underground cave can be entered from both Bahamar murky bayou and Bahamar wetlands.

A bit tougher mini raid boss, at average takes 2 expert families. Although can still be soloed with nice gear.

He has pretty high defense and loves to increase his defense when he's low at hp with his self-buff protection. Because of all that it can be useful to dispel him and do dmg with heavy weapons or flintlock.


  • lvl 92 chips
  • lvl 96 chip
  • lvl 100 chip
  • Golden bars
  • Dragon heart recipe
  • 92e armor recipe
  • Enhanced necklace recipe

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