maandag 13 juni 2011

Tactics Page

Heya, it's finally for the simplest of tactics laid out:

Vergo style run
This abuses that some bosses will not stop chasing once they're trying to use a skill or after they've gotten debuffed.
For most current raids where this can be used the agro is random, so if you notice Dominator, TetraPod, Jellyfish, Hydrobomber and several other castilla bosses walking towards someone try running away. sometimes they won't give up the chase and dps can just gather in the center when it is pulled off to dps away in peace. The one who has agro then continous running circles till (s)he falls asleep or the boss is dead :]

Calamity Run
Most Castilla bosses use aoe skills on random family locations. When you see these bosses walk over to a spot run away to escape their range. Most notably Deka, Tempest, Teslacoil, Jellyfish and a few others.
Both ressing and keep attention is the key here, keep ressing up at all time and use soul crystals if necessary. These bosses can be tanked, however that only has effect on their normal attacks.
Ranged dps is obviously best vs these cause they have the most time to run away.

Oldshool Tank & Spank
Simply using 1 or several tanks to turn a boss to the opposite side of the dps fams to reduce causalities.
Wizard and Vince buffs work wonders for these types of tactics.
Nothing to dangerous usually about these type of raids.

Tank, Spank & Snooze
A strategy that builds up on tank & spank, instead you also use dispellers to cast whole cancellation on the boss. They're obviously on the other side to increase chances of their survival and thus also the survival of the whole raid team.

How to deal with competition:
There will be plenty of times when there's someone else attacking the raid boss you want to kill, and that you need to disable their dps at the bare minimal.

It's not entirely sure how this works, but if someone is kicked out of their squad after having dps'd for a while he or she will have less chance of getting items dropping his/her name.
Not entirely foolproof, but works often enough.

Fake Baroning:
Entering Baron mode to dispel, debuff a enemy and or to spam low dmg skills that interrupt.
Quite reliable, but any smart enemy will usually take of their armor so you kill them by accident and get killed due to being baron yourself.

Baroning to kill:
Easiest if someone can go baron and the raid doesn't last long, if the baron aims to kill the target fam he will lose his dps done entirely but anyone can then attack and kill the baron.

Waiting for someone else to kill a enemy, or the enemy to die from mobs. Entering baron and destructing some of their important characters with reckless or wizard. Only effective in zones where you can't return to asap.

Using a mini boss re spawn time or re spawn time on a part of the raid to lock out any competition that didn't yet enter.

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