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Argus Raid

Argus can be found at Titan's remorse in Ceabolian at E/F6.

Summoning and respawn time:
There's no actual summoning to be done for this raid, but it does have a 24-36h spawn time and it is on both channels. (but you cannot switch channel in the boss map.)

Rather easy, while originally quite a hard raid for experts since master is the new top tier level it's become quite easy to do this raid with only a few people or to even solo it.

Raiding Strategy:
To get to Argus' brain you'll need to walk via Interna De Gigante (from Ceabolian) and use 10 amethyst fragments to warp to Corazon De Gigante. In Corazon you'll need to kill the Bribanta's in the center to create a warp (6h respawn time of bribs). After using this you'll need to use another 10 amethyst fragments to warp the boss room.

In here you'll see a neutral Argus Brain and a Argus, You'll need to defeat the Argus Before you can even target the Argus' brain. Argus has rather similar stats to Argus' Brain and should last long vs masters.
Beware of high lightning skills though, and if possible try to debuff his armor buff skill.
Once Argus has been killed you'll be able to fight Argus' Brain, but to make things difficult he's considered flying to melee will not be able to hit him. He'll also spawn 3 Bribanta's to defend himself though these can easily be pulled away if they prove to be anoying.

After a period of time Argus will respawn and you won't be able to fight the brain till he's dead again.
(Though there's often a bug that lets you continue to attack the brain regardless)

Boss drops:
  • 84e weapons
  • 30 ar weapons
  • 84 e armor
  • Le Noir
  • Elite le Blanc
  • Recipe - 92e armor
  • Recipe - Le Noir
  • Recipe - The Hope of Argus
  • Recipe - The Will of Argus
  • Recipe - Crafted necklaces
  • lvl 100 chips

sge mufasa page / image from sge & sword wiki article

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