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Castilla Mine

Castilla Mine can be entered at the new location Castilla, Garrison 1 at H3. To get to garrison 1 talk to the castilla npc at Port of Coimbra E7.

Entrance Fees:
This raid can be done with 1-8 families, and the first try for the day is always free.
Second and third tries need a ancient relic to enter, and for the fourth and fifth times you need 2 ancient relics to enter. (not sure what the maximum is, as i've never done it more then 5 times a day)

Easy with a twist or two, most of it is often auto attacked to death with master teams. (especially since most skills kd the mobs here) but only 2 bosses should give a bit of a problem.

Raiding Strategy:
This is a very straightforward raid, just kill the mobs and bosses to advance.
There's several easy mobs before a boss, and almost every boss summons mini's after his hp gets low.

First boss is a steel arrarat, who won't be much of a problem even though he likes to spam fear skills along with his mini's.
Second is Phobitian General, who uses that martial elements wind stance still so he'll jump around a few times.
Third is a Basilisk, which at 5% hp buffs himself up with a insane atk buff. Watch out here as he can 1hit eln's but you still be able to down him quickly or kite him.
After the Basilisk dies a Roulette chest will spawn, which gives loot to everyone nearby.
Fourth boss is Blink Dog, just a oversizes dog with normal mob drops.
Fifth is Golden Spider, just like blink dog it's a pushover.
Sixth is Chimera, he can land freeze,shock,lightning and deals elemental dmg. Just spread your team around and it should go down smooth.
Seventh is Argus, who deals high lightning dmg and gets back up off 3 bribantra's. Argus also drops a roulette chest.
Eight is Skeleton, the headless ele spell spamming skull and he doesn't even get extra minions to spawn for him.
Last is deka, this is the second point where it can get hard.
He'll use curse (debuff, chars take 3x dmg) and several elemental aoe's. However his agro is random for the spells and if you see him suddenly walk towards someone else it means he'll try to cast a spell at that area.
When his hp gets lower his skeleton minions awaken and attack, and skeleton mages spawn atop the pillars.

Secret Room:
There's also a secret treasure room with a free roulette chest and several treasure mobs, but you can't always enter it. When you see the "You have discovered the door to the ancient secret room" notice at the start of a mine raid, go to F2 of deka's room and detect/rouse/whole cancelation till a warp pops up.

Mob drops:
  • Ancient relic piece

Boss drops:
  • Veteran Chips
  • Lv. 100 chips
  • Mega Quartz
  • Ancient Relic piece
  • Golden Ancient Relic Piece

Roulette Drops:
  • 84e weapon
  • 30 ar weapon (92e or lvl 100)
  • 84e armor
  • 27 dr armor
  • 92e armor
  • random rough stone
  • Constellation Symbol
  • Pure gold bar
  • Promotion recipe - veteran
  • Recipe - 92e armor
  • Ancient relic piece
  • Gold ancient relic piece
  • Experience Card B
  • Experience Card G
  • Honor Card A
  • Honor Card B
  • Elemental Jewel
  • Recipe - Dragon Heart

jge wiki mines page

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