zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Belt series

And finally the guide on belts:

There's 6 different types of belts:

Crude belts:
Only give defense, a poor mans belt really. Recipe drops only in Team Arena.

Basic belts:
Offers def and 5 absorb, recipes drop in Ceabolian.

Qualified belts:
Offers 6 absorb, some def and are chippable, Recipes drop in allot of places for example fire isle, Kato region, Castilla Treasure hunt, Bounty Hunters and the list goes on.

Artisan belts:
Offer 8 absorb, def and are chippable, Recipes drop mostly of Bounty hunters, prison raid, Castilla Treasure hunt and a few other locations.

Magic belts:
The top tier belts, offer 10 absorb, def and can be chipped with even higher stats. Drops of most high end raids, aka sehkmet, novia, Mufasa, Prison raid and Castilla Tower of Choas.

Garim belt:
Just 1 belt recipe of a different series from garim's chest, the dream belt for any tank or scout. As you might have expected the belt only drops with a low chance at Garim's Nest.

Wordwood / JGE wiki

Earrings series

There aren't to much earrings yet, but with 10.18 the choices expand nicely with the enhanced argus recipes, strata recipes and the new agi, dex, cha earrings.
There seems to be plans for enhanced agi/dex/cha earrings soon as well.

Though each serie chips stats differently:


  • Strata Devil recipes can be gotten from the warped space time room raid.
  • Argus recipes are dropped of the argus raid.
  • Abyss & Lich King recipes drop from the 5k family rep raids of 10.18.
  • Enhanced Argus recipes can be bought from magic & melee reputation vendors at rank A.
  • Qualified earring recipes can be bought from the bounty hunters token exchange npc's.
  • Artisan earring recipes drop of most 8.6 raids and up. (bounty hunter, prison & torshe basement)
  • Magic earring recipes drop of  bounty hunters, tower of chaos and clock tower.
  • Gold & Silver recipes drop in the ceabolian maps of normal enemies.
  • Qualified Earrings are the only ones can drop whole of prison, basement, bounty hunter raids and Castilla Ruins/Chaos Tower.

jge earring page / wordwood

Accessory series

Because gearing up is always about armor and weapons,
here's a list of where to get belts, earrings, necklaces and vet gloves/boots:

Necklace series

Since we got some new necklaces recipes i'll make a list of wich there all are.
Necklaces give resistance to a certain element, physical melee or ranged dmg.
The new necklaces in 4.1 can be chipped for + hp, + sp and +stats.

Basic serie:
While these arent to great, they are needed to craft the made series.
They can also be gotten entirely by exchanging 35 vet tokens at bounty hunters since 5.0.

Enhanced serie:
Second series to hit the games was enhanced series, providing 10% dmg reduction of a single stype makes them quite usuable. and are also needed to craft some of the later series necklaces. see below for notes on droprate of the rec.
Enhanced recipes drop of Ortega, Griffon and many other raid bosses, most others seem to be only able to drop 1 kind of the enhanced series tough.

Made serie:
The first chippable series with only 5% dmg reduction. quite good quality. Some drop crafted of the new raids as Prison, Basement and Bounties.

Cut serie:
Good quality necklaces, with crazy list of mats by now, but chippable with better stats then made and 2% more dmg reduction. ps crystal of made necklace is merely a made necklace destroyed on the el dorado furnace/oven thingy.
Cut recipes drops from many zones, fi 800k, reb sewers, Capybara plantation, Bahamar caves flr 2, as well as possible drops of Uranus, Rafflesia and Bribantra's and Castilla Relics.

Crafted serie:
the best of the best till 5.o at minimum. 10% res and nice chippable stats, a must have for the rich people :P odd bunch in the series tough since all others need at least 1 necklace of the same type, for this it doesnt seem to matter, just need 1 cut necklace anviled again.
Crafted recipes drop from Garim, HWC, Chaos Tower and Prison Raid.

That where the stats of the necklaces when crafted, but they can be chipped so here we go again:
Chip stats:

GE wiki / Wordwood