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Garim guide

The entrance to Garim's nest is in Vegas Javier f12 in channel 1 only.

Summoning and respawn time:
To enter Garim's nest you'll need a symbol of garim, the recipe is sold in auch by the metal merchant ( you need 1 spino skull, 50 bone sticks, 50 dragon leather, 50 dragon horn and 100 solvent )
Drag the symbol of garim on the stone table in f12 of Vegas Javier to open the portal to Garim's nest. Do mind that it is a instanced raids, where you need to to create a room. Whoever makes the room has full access over the party list (he can block slots of people that join thus make this raid killsteal proof). Once inside you'll face a King of Coverty blocking your way, kill him and a warp will spawn where each family will need to pay 500 reputation to continue. After that you'll have corridors where you fight vs mobs and turrets, move your way to e7 while killing them (doesnt matter wich path you take). At e7 you'll see Pollix or Castor blocking your path, you'll need to kill him to advance. When he's dead a warp apears whichtakes you to the next part, here you'll find another mini boss but it's stronger then the previous KoC. Just let someone tank or kite him and he should go down easy. After this another portal apears and takes you to another room, in here you'll need to kill all the mobs that spawn before they can destroy the crystal in that room or it is game over. (Defend both sides of the crystal, so spread the team up in 2 parts) When you defended the crystal long enough another warp apears and finally takes you to Garim.

One of the harder raids, while everything before garim is pretty easy. Garim can pack a nasty suprise for lots of people, suggested to have at least 10 expert fams. He can cause panic quite often, slowing this raid down.

Garim was made easier but it's still a 61 AR/DR raid boss who can pack quite a punch. Simply try to provoke him with the tank and lure his attacks to the other side of dps group if possible, almost all his skills are big aoe's so even standing behind him won't help you survive so ress up when you see corpses! (handy to leave a few ressers always out of the aoe range)
After a while he should go down and leave a treasure chest behind which you'll need a cash shop key to open it for a random cash shop item(drops seems absolutely horrible tough, wouldn't advise buying the key)

  • 32 ar recipes (Rare)
  • Rings
  • Enchantment chips (lvl 92 & 100)
  • Garim Belt Recipe

jge wiki / raidboss list

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