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Instanced Griffon guide

Instanced Griffon is located on Vegas Javier D6 on both channels.

Summoning and respawn time:
To get to the instance where Instanced Griffon is in you´ll need a Griffin Tear and every participant needs a Griffon lobby key. To craft these items talk to Federigo in I9 City of Auch.
Griffon tears need 6 griffon egg shells (item in vegas javier, 1 per channel 20-30 min cooldown) and 250 shiny crystals.
To buy the lobby key you need 80 shiny crystals, the boy in the tunnel in auch sells them.

Griffon used to be one of the tougher raids, tough it still kinda is. A well equipped master can solo it, but expect around 5-6 expert fams needed to take it down.

Raiding strategy:
He spawns at the H9 hill and it's quite a easy raid with masters, life racials works wonders here esp with bloody feast/rapiere or tronada cruz. Be warned though as he can randomly freeze chars with his new skills, but it wont be to dangerous.


  • 30 ar lvl 100 weapon
  • lvl 92e armor recipe
  • lvl 96e armor recipe
  • Recipe - le Noir
  • Recipe - Elite le blanc
  • Recipe - Dragon Heart
  • Rings
  • Lv 100 enchantment chip
  • Bellum Boxes
  • Diamond Coupons
  • Grand Crasher
Reward box (x3):
  • Constellation Box or
  • Mega talt

playge wiki griffon article and sge raid bosses info

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