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Hidden Holy Water Chamber Raid

The entrance to the hwc raid is at the Al Quelt Moreza, Narthex at B8/9.

Summoning and respawn time:
You merely need to have completed the holy water chamber quest to be able to do this raid, and then you can do it only once a day. However having a Vincent is required for completing this raids as well as debuffers.
Every family entering will also need a hwc key. (crafted with 50% at ustiur base camp from 1 al quelt key and great stone) and will
also need to bring 1 of each hq gem and 4 earth stones to use one of the objects inside.

Easy,as long as you know what you're doing. Otherwise it's easy to ruin the raid with 1 wrong click.
4+ master families recommend.

Raiding Strategy:
Themed around al quelt and the bosses you fought here before, so you should remember most of this.
However there are some unique spins to it:

First room:
There will be 3 tombstones here that each need a hq gem and a earth stone. Once activated 3 lights apear for the corresponding side and the tombstone will tell what pose should be struck in that light.
First the west side's lights need to activated in the order of Red, Salmon and Orange.
Then the east side's lights need to activated in the order of Yellow, Dark green and Light green.
And finally the south side's lights need to activated in the order of White, Blue and Pink.When a pose is correctly take success will show up above the characters head, if it doesn't show it means you weren't standing close enough. When all poses are quick enough the lights go sideways, vanish and 2 warps open up.
It's important you split the teams up here and in a equal way so that both rooms can kill the Dios bosses.

Second rooms:
In here both teams will fight of a wave of mobs a Dios mini-boss, once the mini-boss dies he'll spawn a rock tablet which when clicked responds with a number.
The number on the tablet for the team on the left side is the number needed on the right side to open their warp. And the number on the right side is needed on the left side. It's advised you type it out just in case, so there wont be any confusion.
Once that is down both teams can advance to the next part.

Trap Corridor:
both teams will be on a corridor full with blade traps and cannons. The blade traps will usually kill in 1hit so be very careful where you walk. The cannons can be taken down if you find them anoying. Just zigzag through the safe paths and you'll see another warp to the next rooms.

Dios & traps part 1:
Now the 2 teams are in rooms that are very different. the dios room is empty and will soon spawn a dios boss. the trap room has several mobs in it and a tombstone. Wait for both teams to make it into these rooms and then the trap room should click the tombstone and wait at the end of that room.
Once the tombstone is triggered the warps of the previous room vanishes and the Dios and minions spawn. However in the trap room blade traps will slowly spawn several blade traps each time, growing closer and closer the end of that room. However if the dios gets killed he'll again drop a rock with a number on it. If someone in the trap room uses that number a warp will spawn for the next 2 rooms.
Mind you have to be quick with killing dios or the other team will be ripped to shreds by the blade traps.

Dios & traps part 2:
Same as other dios and traps rooms, but now the roles are reversed and people from the previous trap room have to kill dios intime. Don't forgot to wait till all are inside again and get the number asap so you can advance again.

Last rooms:
Now it's time for the first tough boss, Ortega. But first let the Vincent user go down to the corridor with the tombstone and use a earth stone on it, strike the correct pose in the light and defend Vincent with his other 2 characters. This will prevent Ortega from using his rapid hp regen buff.
To spawn Ortega click on the central tombstone. Now start fighting him, without his hp regen buff he should go down smoothly but beware he can also buff a AR/DR/atk boost skill on himself. When that happens just dispel it with Whole cancellation or dispel magic.

When he's dead he'll drop a few items and you can finally engage the last boss, Demonic Jurgen.

Similar to Ortega, he'll be able to buff himself and receive a hp regen buff. However to cancel his hp regen buff you'll need to take down a colony that spawns where Ortega spawned. The Castle Crusher skill from the exp cannon stance will take it down fast, or even some crashers will help.
Just like Ortega he'll also selbuff with ar/dr/atk buff, which again needs to be dispelled with whole cancellation or dispel magic.
Ortega's attacks however can also cause the debuff he used in the quest as well, preventing you from skilling, and moving. Vincent's rythm spellbreak will cancel this effect.

Other then that it's a rather gimpy boss, his attacks won't hurt much without his buff.
And he's easily tanked with provoke or high melee dps.

However if you fight him in his own room, at 50% hp he'll spawn several minions who give you the ar/dr debuff same as in the quest. So someone would need a lorch's potion to cancel this effect and kill the minions.
Or you could lure him back to the previous room where ortega was and none of that will happen...

Overall lenghty, but genuinly easy.

Ortega drops:
  • lv 100 enchantment chips
  • Veteran enchantment chips
  • skill rings
  • 84e items
  • 30 ar weapons / 27 dr armor
  • lvl 96e armor recipes
  • Recipe - Enhanced necklace
  • Key [Land of the dead]

Jurgen drops:
  • lv 100 enchantment chips
  • Veteran enchantment chips
  • skill rings
  • 84e items
  • 30 ar weapons/ 27 dr armors
  • Recipe - le Noir
  • Recipe -96e armor
  • Recipe - Elite Le blanc
  • Recipe - Cut necklace
  • Recipe - Crafted necklace
  • Recipe - Dragon Heart
  • Magic - Spelled Amethyst

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