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Secret Tower

Welcome to my secret tower guide, this raid is a bit different from normal raids as this raid contains 4 bosses which drop items, 3 of which on floor 2 and the last boss on floor 4.
However to get there you'll need a fair share of items to open the doors/lobbies.

Secret tower is a raid introduced in v2.9 and is located in the city of Auch. To enter the secret tower you will need to give a silver medal to the tower gaurd in K5/6.

Required items:
To get to Floor 2 you'll will need a strange key for each side (West, North and East). However only 1 set of these keys is needed for the entire squad.
To get to Floor 4 every family will need a Secret tower key (3rd Floor) and a Secret Tower - Magic Scroll.

Silver Medal:

Since v5.0 the silver medal can be acquired by paying a earth stone for it at the Boy in the tunnel npc in auch.
Or by paying 100 fam rep and killing the al quelt, tetra ruins and porto bello bosses.
Earth stones commonly drop of cash shop promotion chests.

Strange Device Keys:
East version drops of Ghosts.
North version drops of Ghoul Defenders.
West version drops of Lace's

Secret Tower Key (3rd Floor):
Drops of Evil Ghoul Defenders in Floor 3.

Secret Tower - Magic Scroll:
This item can be crafted by a lvl 100 or vet karjalein from a recipe which is sold in Auch by the Metal Merchant.
It will need:

100 warp scrolls
20 solvent
20 mana stone
1 ghost's magic powder

All of these items but the ghost's magic powder can be bough in Auch, the magic powder drops of the Evil Ghost of floor 3.

Summoning and respawn time:
Secret Tower is a mostly instanced raid, both floors 2 and 4 are instanced, but to access floor 2 again you would need to wait till the elites in floor 1 re-spawn, wich often re-spawn within half a hour.

The Actual Raid itself:

Floor 1:
To Advance to the next floor you'll need to use the 3 keys to the strange devices and the corresponding codes on it to open a mission room.
To get the codes for each device you will need to kill a Elite Ghoul Defender of the corresponding strange device. The Elite at D7 drops the West code, the elite at E5 drops the North code and the elite at H7 drops the East code.
These Elite mobs roughly re-spawn after 30 minutes and it's advised to wait till all are alive then kill to get the codes.
After your raid group has the codes and the keys, they'll need to drag the keys into the strange devices and select the proper code for it to work. Once all 3 devices are given the keys and codes the mission room to floor 2 opens.

Floor 2:
For floor 2 you can split up your raid team if you want by making multiple rooms, each room that completes the floor 2 instance gets items and gets teleported to floor 3 after winning.
The Floor itself is pretty straight forward, there will be 3 Elite Ghoul Defenders randomly in the map. For every Elite Ghoul Defender killed a Betelgeuze spawns at the end and after the 3 Betelgeuzes are killed your team will be sent to floor 3.


  • 3 lvl 92 chips (always)
  • 1 lvl 100 chip (often)
  • 84 elite weapon or armor (rare)
  • 84 elite armor recipe (rare)
  • lvl 100, 30 ar weapon (rare)
  • 32 ar weapon recipe (rare)
  • 92 elite armor recipe (rare)
  • Jewel recipe (only DH recipe can't drop here, rare)
  • ESA recipe

Floor 3:
On this floor each family will need to have or find a floor 3 key and have a secret temple magic scroll with them to enter floor 4. (You can also let a karjalein craft them on the spot if you brought the recipe and mats).
The defenders in here can drop the floor 3 keys, and ghosts drop the haunted powder needed for the magic scrolls.
Once all the families got the needed items they can take a door to the inner ring area, where there are 2 round l rooms with teleport animations which will warp all those who have a magic scroll in their inventory to the center.
At the center you can walk straight forward till you encounter the Mission room for floor 4.

Floor 4:
This is it, the final floor of secret tower housing 2 mini bosses and the final boss!
This is another instanced floor which gives you 90 minutes to kill the bosses.
It is advised that your team takes down the General Guard Followers first, as they can heal and help the end boss. They are actually weaker then Betelgeuse but don't drop items.
Now you'll face the General Guard, this boss can spawn a mini boss by laying a egg (it's advised to kill this mini boss asap) and is tougher then any of the previous bosses.

Secret tower can be done soloed by most master families with enchanted tactics and nice weapons, teams of 2-3 experts also stand a good chance.


  • lvl 92 chips (always)
  • lvl 100 chips (often)
  • 84 elite weapon or armor (rare)
  • 84 elite armor recipe (rare)
  • lvl 100, 30 ar weapon (rare)
  • 32 ar weapon recipe (rare)
  • 92 elite armor recipe (rare)
  • Jewel recipe (only DH recipe can't drop here, rare)
  • Symbol of Aquarius
  • ESA recipe

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