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Tactics Page

Heya, it's finally for the simplest of tactics laid out:

Vergo style run
This abuses that some bosses will not stop chasing once they're trying to use a skill or after they've gotten debuffed.
For most current raids where this can be used the agro is random, so if you notice Dominator, TetraPod, Jellyfish, Hydrobomber and several other castilla bosses walking towards someone try running away. sometimes they won't give up the chase and dps can just gather in the center when it is pulled off to dps away in peace. The one who has agro then continous running circles till (s)he falls asleep or the boss is dead :]

Calamity Run
Most Castilla bosses use aoe skills on random family locations. When you see these bosses walk over to a spot run away to escape their range. Most notably Deka, Tempest, Teslacoil, Jellyfish and a few others.
Both ressing and keep attention is the key here, keep ressing up at all time and use soul crystals if necessary. These bosses can be tanked, however that only has effect on their normal attacks.
Ranged dps is obviously best vs these cause they have the most time to run away.

Oldshool Tank & Spank
Simply using 1 or several tanks to turn a boss to the opposite side of the dps fams to reduce causalities.
Wizard and Vince buffs work wonders for these types of tactics.
Nothing to dangerous usually about these type of raids.

Tank, Spank & Snooze
A strategy that builds up on tank & spank, instead you also use dispellers to cast whole cancellation on the boss. They're obviously on the other side to increase chances of their survival and thus also the survival of the whole raid team.

How to deal with competition:
There will be plenty of times when there's someone else attacking the raid boss you want to kill, and that you need to disable their dps at the bare minimal.

It's not entirely sure how this works, but if someone is kicked out of their squad after having dps'd for a while he or she will have less chance of getting items dropping his/her name.
Not entirely foolproof, but works often enough.

Fake Baroning:
Entering Baron mode to dispel, debuff a enemy and or to spam low dmg skills that interrupt.
Quite reliable, but any smart enemy will usually take of their armor so you kill them by accident and get killed due to being baron yourself.

Baroning to kill:
Easiest if someone can go baron and the raid doesn't last long, if the baron aims to kill the target fam he will lose his dps done entirely but anyone can then attack and kill the baron.

Waiting for someone else to kill a enemy, or the enemy to die from mobs. Entering baron and destructing some of their important characters with reckless or wizard. Only effective in zones where you can't return to asap.

Using a mini boss re spawn time or re spawn time on a part of the raid to lock out any competition that didn't yet enter.

zondag 12 juni 2011

Raid Character guide

Hey all, this is shortly designed to nominate the best type of chars for certain roles during end game raiding. (for most expert and below raids any team will work now a days. so i'm not gonna list every possible char)

Provoker Tanks:
Tanks for the end game raids or for those with poorer equips.

Coimbra Trooper ★★★★★
King of the tanks, lower str then fighter and higher con means ppl usually build him for con.
And rightfully so as a 100 con shield user is a whole different game. Obviously this is the best possible tank for surviving, but he often loses out on agro made on base dmg alone.

Fighter ★★★★
The fighter is the most common tank you'll see, and often the strongest due to good base str and access to peltast. Both peltast and crusader are open for him, and both are pretty good dps to keep agro with. (blunt is no longer hella slow fully buffed jay) You can switch to what's needed, crusader for serious tanking, peltast for semi to tougher boss tanking. or switch to a full out dps stance and try to mantain agro with dps and provoke. (aka Tronada Cruz or Hanging Gaurd)

Reboldeux Soldier ★★
The only fighter type with several stances who can't easily provoke (need to use crusader's defiance aura) not recommended for tanking, as he will need longer to get agro via provoking.

Dps agro tanking:
unlike other games, this isn't to reliable at times. but it can still be pulled off.
Skillspamming high agro skills is important for these chars, look here to see how much agro each skill produces. Not for the toughest raids, as you'd need to survive to keep agro. (credit to Ashardalon ofc)

Very high auto atk dmg combined with decent skill dmg, 70 con and metal user makes for a great tank and dmg dealer.

Tronada Cruz
Very high dps coming from high dmg skills, not to great auto atk dmg but it attracts agro quite nicely. Both str and con are important here and since coimbra trooper is usually con build it loses out on agro big time. (best to worst: Claude / Alejandro > Fighter > Reb soldier BSI > Idge > Coimbra Trooper)

Nar ★()
Being able to spam skills quite a bit, horrible atk speed and acc though. But very good health and at v8 gets a very usefull personal buff.

Hanging Gaurd
Pretty decent melee dps, on some of the tougher characters. Better skill spamming then tc, but lower overall skill dmg. (Best to worst: Grenmah > FIghter >
BSI > Idge)

Not to great skill dps, pretty decent auto atk dps especiall for barons. Ropera and the ability to wear ele armor for karja and Andre mean they can perform very well at the elemental dmg raids. and they're still not to shabby at pure dmg raids. (Andre, Karja are best in this due to being able to survive very well, barons deal better dps but die easier.)

The backbone of any team, Keeps them alive and buffed up. There's still some variation with the characters but all are very much needed.

The original and often just plain good, 50 base con means a scout will reach 80 at master so he/she will have the highest hp there is for the scout types. Downside might be that scout is so over used that it's hard to find a good scout armor someone else doesn't want.

Wears wizard coats instead of scout leather, so loses out on defense and gains higher resistances.
Access to the wizard buffs can simply be a life saver, protection field can still drasctically reduce physical dmg. Magic Barrier vs insane magic dmg bosses, Ignore Harm vs debuff spammers or Invulnerable to just take no dmg for a while. And atop of that emilia can enter darkness, which is a flying stance so most mobs can't even hit her and allows her to debuff.

The newest addition to the scout type chars. Wears robes so like emilia has lower def then a normal scout. Her Innocentio stance is very hard to aquire, but it provides massive hp/sp regen for the team. a aoe anti debuff spell for any party member who's close enough and a huge aoe ress. Must have some valeria's for some high end raids now a days.

Just smaller scout with 10 less con, leather armor and some currently useless summons. still pretty good.

Soho/Romi/Emilia the Sage
Chars who either can only buff or only ress, not the greatest of choices as it means you'll need to rely on keeping 2 chars alive instead of 1 just to keep your other char going.

Need a song to boost morale? A fence to keep out the Greeks? a wizard to strip away that nasty debuff? support got it covered. Many support buffs/effects don't stack so there's often needed 1 max per squad though....

King of support, has party wide buffs that add atk,atk speed, crit, pene, max hp, acc and much more. The buffs add a lot of dps, but since it's party wide only 1 Vincent is needed per squad :/
Still, it's common to use dual high shock speed bracies on vince to create a shock spamming machine for easier raids. Or just to stick with Prelude and it's nice auto atk dmg. Ow and he can ress too!

see emilia under scout

Can add some nice wards to increase ranged dps /survivability. Wards help taking agro of trash and mobs and since the patch the constructs have a nice ar/dr at master. Quite though with leather armor as well.

Provides the ow so nice wizard buffs, reckless can provide nice dmg while wizard can dispell better with darkness. This spot is often taken so wizards aren't always that effective as support. Also important for destructing potential killstealers.

Magic damage dealers:
As you should know by now, not every raid is won by the highest physical dps. some raids have bosses weak to several type of magic dmg instead.

Highest mental/elemental dmg dealer, high cost in ancient orbs, dies very easily but has one of the best buffs out there.

Basically a elementalist with a worse personal skill, just a tiny bit worse really.

Good for mental dmg only, but survives far better because madness is a flying stance.

Very high Lightning dmg in evocation lightning buffed with vincent buffs. With lute his mental dmg isn't half bad either but lacks good dmg skills to really win dps with it.

Ranged damage dealers:
Ranged physical dmg, usually with guns and rifles.

Lionell (not yet out for us)
Uses a rifle and pistol to great effect, one of the weakest chars ever as a 40 con musk coat user.
But his 3 attacks per cycle high atk stance should make up for it, it's been proven to outdmg Shadow Sting barely with closely similar mods.

Shadow Sting is her signature exp stance with a crossbow, she can reach up to 120 penetration and combined with her decently high atk twice hitting atk stance she'll deal very good dmg.
Weaker vs high immunity bosses.

Mostly good vs low def bosses, even though it hasn't got pene or a nice atk boost it is still one of the better dps stances.

Dual/Superior Blaster
Shotgun stances who hit twice per atk, low base dmg and low atk multiplier. The debuffs of both stances should be very good when they land, but against most bosses it isn't to reliable.
Grace has the added benefit of being able to buff hound to increase dps, alas it doesn't stack with many important self buffs.

Single hit per atk, good skill spam dmg but skills seem pvp oriented. Even the debuff won't land on bosses at all.

Melee Damage Dealers:
Somewhat similar to dps agro tanks, but here the main goal is dps. still for most harder raids even these chars will die to fast.

Very high auto atk dmg combined with decent skill dmg, 70 con and metal user makes for a great tank and dmg dealer.

Tronada Cruz
High spike dmg with destruido, would need a refresh mind occasionly to drastically boost dps due to long cool down times. Claude and Alejandro preferred.

Nar ★()
Being able to spam skills quite a bit, horrible atk speed and acc though. But very good health and at v8 gets a very usefull personal buff.

Hanging Gaurd
Pretty decent melee dps, on some of the tougher characters. Better skill spamming then tc, but lower overall skill dmg. (Best to worst: Grenmah > Fighter >
BSI > Idge)

Pretty solid dps and good chances of surviving for karja and andre.

Bloody Feast
Very Very good melee dps, but at a cost. the best char for dps with this stance is a 50 con leather char who loses def and resistance if you're using the stance buff to increase dmg. Needless to say this stance will have problems surviving and while panfilo the battle cook won't have such issues with this stance his dmg will be far lower :/ Best for easier raids.

Other decent expert stances
Death Chopping, Gorgeous, Death Chopping and arnis aren't bad dps on their own. but none of the chars with these stances have high dr and can wear leather tops usually. Even if you can survive there's usually better options.

Inspired by book of wind and book of fire

Dragonic Serie

Dragonics are the first cash shop only series, and thus only drop from events & cash related boxes.
In Sword 2 they were frequently dropped by the raiden boxes, but since we switched provider that option is no longer there. Quite a few were also dropped from the last events we had so prices are still somewhat low currently.
They only exist in crafted forms as well.

Source: 2ch wiki and wordwood

Prison Serie

The prison serie contains only 3 weapons but still deserves a more special footnote.
They're added in v5.0 along with the prison raid, where the recipes drop.
They got unusually high atk, both the greatsword and blunt have a higher atk then the 33 constellation equivalent. however the polearm only has a bit higher atk then a 32 ar polearm.

Where to get Materials and recipe:

  • Dragon heart's only drop as recipes of Swamp Angler's, Kings of Coverty, Heavenly Giant Keeper, Heavenly vesp soldiers, Uranus,Instanced Uranus, Instanced Griffon, Castilla Raids, Castilla Relix Echanger, Castilla Treasure Hunt and . (2% droprate for most)
  • Grade 32 weapon crystals are gotten from breaking elemental gate weapons, +6 30 ar weapons or +5 31 ar weapons at El Dorado.
  • Mega Quartz drops in prison raid (of mobs) and in Castilla raids (of bosses)
  • Iron Ore drops of ore's in castilla raids. (you need a pickax to be able to get them)
  • The weapon recipes drop of Prison raid's roulette with a semi low chance.

screenshots: click here

Source: 2ch wiki and wordwood

dinsdag 24 mei 2011

32 AR weapon series (Golden,Chess,Serpent and Elite)

These 32 ar weapon series arrived with bahamar, and each type have their own main way of getting the recipes. Granted later on in the game these 32 ar weapons can drop whole of a variety of places.

Golden are the easiest to get as recipes, they drop solely from (aa/sa) Kings of Covetry and have a high droprate. It's quite cheap to craft and strong due to the innate stun, the downside is that only a few golden weapons exist.

Chess is one of the costlier 32 ar series, but still quite good. Recipes can be bought for 10m vis each after completing the quest "Visit" from the New opoluta quest line from Leonora inside House of Witch which can be entered from Bahamar, Deep Swamp.

The Serpent series is similair to the chess ones, but needs 30 Snail Shells instead.
Serpent Recipes can be bought for 10m a piece from Sierra. (Talk to Leonara in Witch's House in Bahamar, Deep Swamp after completing bahamar questline to warp to her) However before she'll sell the recipes you need to give her a snake scale which can be found in Bahamar, Underground cave Murky side.

And also another 4 weapons that aren't truly serpent weapons, but are specialty weapons that got added in later patch to Sierra's shop. You still need to have the same requirements to buy them as for serpent recipes but they require slightly different materials.

Elite series recipes are the hardest to get of this batch, Several Raid bosses drop them at a low rate and you'll also need a elite hilt or elite piece which also happens to be a rare drop of some raid bosses.

Where to get them as drops:

  • Prison Raid
  • Castilla Treasure Hunt

Where to get Materials:

  • Dragon heart's drop as recipes of Swamp Angler's, Kings of Coverty, Heavenly Giant Keeper, Heavenly vesp soldiers, Uranus,Instanced Uranus, Instanced Griffon, Castilla Raids, Castilla Relix Echanger, Castilla Treasure Hunt and . (2% droprate for most) 
  • Cast Iron and Composite Steel are sold by the metal npc in Reboldeux.
  • High Quality Wood can be bought at the satin merchant in Port Coimbra.
  • Mana, Wind, Fire and Ice stones can be bought and crafted at Beverly, The Alchemist in Auch (near MM).
  • Grade 32 weapon crystals are gotten from breaking elemental gate weapons, +6 30 ar weapons or +5 31 ar weapons at El Dorado.
  • Mega Ores drop from most post veteran maps.
  • Hilts of weapons and pieces of Ziz are dropped from Poison Yard Chimera, Secret Temple skeleton, and both Vergo's.
  • Snail Shells drop in Bahamar Wetlands, Marsh and AA/SA Bahamar caves and be bought in bahamar base camp.
  • Old Chess pieces drop in Bahamar Deep Swamp, Murky Bayou and AA/SA Bahamar caves and can be bought in bahamar base camp.

Where to get the recipes:

Source: 2ch wiki and wordwood

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Elemental Gate Weapons

Elemental series have been around since the first installment of this game. Mind you because of their low base dmg they aren't even remotely as strong as full physical attack weapons.

Swords and Rifles are both nice ways of landing the shock debuff, which can be quite decimating in pvp or vs raidbosses who aren't immune to it.
The freeze status is nice on swords, rifles and rapiers as well for freeze locking.

Daggers, knuckles and gaiters all have a nice low dmg anyway so having half of it elemental dmg doesn't hurt them to much. (esp lightning knuckles and gaiters on soso are good)

But in most other cases they'll simply be broken for vet chips or for weapon crystals.

There where also gate blunts, javelins and bayonets planned but these got canceled. Their models are finished but they weren't given the usual gate style glowing animations. Some providers do seem to have these, but geo isn't one of them.

One random gate weapon is guaranteed in the non instanced raids, but in the instanced raids they're part of the roulette table.

Weapons drop from:

  • Fire Gate
  • Instanced Fire Gate
  • Lighting Gate
  • Instanced Lightning Gate
  • Ice Wizard Tower
  • Instanced Ice Wizard Tower


source is as usual.

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Ice Wizard Tower Guide

Novia can be found at Novia's Parlor inside the Ice Wizard Tower.

Summoning and respawn time:
There's no actual summoning to be done for this raid, but it does have a 100 - 101 h spawn time and it is on ch1 only.

Hard, while it can be short-manned since we have master as the maximum level it still is a long duration raid with heavy ele dmg hitting mobs and mobs.

Raiding Strategy:
Getting to Novia is the biggest part of this raid, as there are a total of 6 floors you need to traverse.
Entrance to floor 1 can be gotten via glacial forecourt, however to open the warp that lets you in you need to have completed the Kato quests. Once the warp is opened anyone can enter.

Now a bit part of this raid revolves around ice based mobs and black magic stones. All enemies are hostile to lightning dmg here (-100 res) so ele lightning stances and lg weapons work pretty good here.
Black Magic stones drop of the most non Valkyrie mobs here, they're used to open up warps and you'll need xx of them in total for 1 run. However anyone that has a black magic stone in their inventory gets a
-50% atk, atk speed, movement speed, 30% max hp reduction and prevents regeneration debuff.

Floor 1:
The First floor is pretty straight forward, there's 2 sealed crystals on the left and 2 on the right (D6, E3, H3 and I6 respectively)
. Each need 10 black magic stones to activate. Once all 4 are activated the warp in the central part of the map activates and stay open for roughly 5-10 minutes. (after using sealed crystals have a 30m cooldown each)
In the second part of this map is a huge lobby with a stair to floor 2 right in front of you. There will be a lot of mobs here so it could be nice to let some tanks lure them of the stairs.

Floor 2:
The second floor contains 2 large circular rooms, in the first where you spawn you'll need to activate the 6 sealed crystals again (10 bms each) at (B6, B8, B5, E8, E5 and F7). Once all 6 are activated a small warp will activate in the center of the room (glowing ball of light, real easy to miss) which will warp you to the second circular room (supposed to be a elevator)
. In here you'll need to kill 4 mini-bosses called Elbrid. Once these 4 are dead the warp to floor 3 activates. You can get there by using a warp scroll or by using the central warp sphere and walking back to the entrance.

Floor 3:
Again you'll need to activate 6 sealed crystals (A6, C10, C3, J10, J3 and L7). By doing so a miniboss will spawn at the bottom of the spiral in the map (F7). Either kill it there or lure it to a place with less enemies and kill it.
Once it's dead it'll open the warp to floor 4, which again is at the entrance. (walk to it or use a teleport scroll)

Floor 4:
Repeat of floor 2,
activate the 6 sealed crystals again at (B6, B8, B5, E8, E5 and F7). Go to the center to use the warp and in the second room kill the 4 Elminor's to open the warp to floor 5.

Floor 5:
Another Big circular room, but now you cant directly access the center. There will be 8 small rooms each with a mini boss. Drag all 8 to a spot where everyone is and kill them. The last mini boss will spawn a warp where he died to the center of this map.
Kill the Elminor mini boss in this map to activate the last warp, ignore the other bosses.

Novia's Parlor:
Finally you're there, but you aren't quite done yet.
Whenever Novia spawns there will be 2 additional Griffon spawns that gaurd her. You can easilly kill or tank them away though and focus on Novia. Just be wary of the minibosses roaming about as they can easily take down weaker characters. It is recommended to tank novia somewhere where you can get the least amount of mobs and dps her easily.
Lightning dmg is still her weak point so evocation lightning, and possession even work good here.
Once you´ve killed her enjoy the drops of one of the toughest bosses out there.

Boss drops:
  • 84 e armor
  • Le Noir
  • Elite le Blanc
  • Elite le Noir
  • 84e weapon
  • 30 ar weapon
  • Ice Gate weapon
  • Recipe - Glacial Crystal
  • Recipe - Magic Belt
  • lv 100 chips
  • lv 96 chips
  • lv 92 chips

jge wiki novia page / image from jge blog / Wordwood page

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Castilla Tower partial guide

Chaos tower can be entered from Castilla Temple, which can be entered from doing the Castilla Ruins quest or by warping after completing the Castilla episode 2 quests. To reach the tower entrance you'll need 3 golden pieces and 2 golden relics to enter it.

Hard to Insane depending on boss, 12 families is maximum here and you'll want to bring as many as you can each time.

Raiding Strategy:
Like mines and relics, this is a series of bosses and their minis.

Elnugad and Elbrid:
The first 2 bosses are actually quite easy, but need to be killed at roughly the same time to be able to advance.
Their agro is also random, and they easily kill most robe/coat users. Both have 67 AR/DR.

Elnugad, Elbrid and Grief:
They're back already, and gained 1 more ar/dr. After killing both a third similair boss spawns which you also need to kill.

Good old einwind, hugely beefed up with it's 70 ar/dr and unremovable lightning arm.
Just keep ressing and try to tank him away from the majority of the people. Deals lightning dmg as usual.

A quick strong melee boss, who has a high chance of inflicting shock on his attacks. And thus pretty much kills whatever it shocks... Ignore harm is a godsend here, so wizards, recklesses and emilia's bring a rod!
Even though it has 71AR/DR and very strong attacks and skills, it won't often wipe a party because he never hits a lot of targets. As long as you keep rezzing it should be doable.
On his death he'll drop a roulette chest.

Npc room:
Here you can talk to a mysterious npc and decide to:
A) ignore him
B1) stop exploration, after which the npc will ask if you're sure if you reply you'll take his help several npcs apear which give a random buff that goes up to 50% atk, 5 ar, 5 dr max.
B2) stop exploration, and say you're sure. this will stop the raid and count as a completion.
C) say you'll continue, this spawns a new npc which offers to you warp you past the 2 bosses for 10 ancient gold relics. (for 1 person only, and despawns Tesla Coil boss and frees up movement to the Beholder boss)

Random spider robot wannabe with 72 AR/DR, uses a very strong lightning aoe skill he randomly casts somewhere. Mostly Random agro, but occasionly it will try to use a skill on a specific character, if he runs away you can kite this boss.

The grand murderer of families, having 74 DR/AR and often spamming a lightning aoe which pretty much 1hits anything. Just make sure you keep away when he's suddenly slowly moving that means he'll prob use his skill. res up, cast magic barrier to keep as many alive and kill the minions asap when they spawn. (they look exactly like the real one but tiny bit smaller and hit for less dmg) Can be skipped via npc.

The joke boss, even though it has 75 AR/DR it doesn't pose much of a challenge. His normal attacks hurt a bit and can freeze, but skills can't even 1hit masters in 96e/LN's. Atop of that he's fond of using a melee skill with hiss drill but when he's targeting someone for it he can be vergo style kited.
Also drops a roulette chest.

basically a Teslacoil on steroids, it has 77 AR/DR and has a ranged double hitting high dmg attack with a chance to freeze. spams the same high dmg aoe skill like teslacoil and 1hits even more people with it.
He can be tanked, but it wont stop him from randomly using his skills, and the tanks usually don't last very long either. With a combination of Recover spam of scouts and quick ressing you should be able to down him.
He's also able to be kited vergo style, but i'm not sure how to trigger it...

Hydro Bomber:

Light Gemini:

Dark Gemini:

Queen Valkyrie:
Has 3 phases, with more and more strength each phase.
After phase 2 the mysterious npc's return and offer help again or to end the mission.
If you accept their help several mysterious npc's will offer help (1-5 ar/dr/atk buff) for 3 ancient relics.
Queen Valkyrie also drops a roulette chest.

Boss drops:
  • lv 100 enchantment chips
  • Veteran enchantment chips
  • mega ores
  • random rings
  • Pure ores
  • Composite Steel

Roulette drops:

  • 84e weapons
  • 30 ar weapons
  • 32 ar weapons
  • 84e armor
  • 27 dr armor
  • 92e armor
  • 96e armor
  • Le Noir
  • Recipe - 92e armor
  • Recipe - 96e armor
  • Recipe - Le Noir
  • Recipe - Elite le Blanc
  • Recipe - Elite le Noir
  • Recipe - Greek Croma
  • Recipe - Dragon Heart
  • Recipe - Made Necklace
  • Recipe - Cut Necklace
  • Recipe - Crafted Necklace
  • Recipe - Qualified belt
  • Recipe - Artisan Belt
  • Recipe - Magic Belt
  • Recipe - Magic Earrings
  • Recipe - top tier jewel recs
  • Gold Earring
  • Silver Earring
  • Elemental Jewel
  • Promotion Recipe - Veteran
  • skill ring
  • rough ore
  • Random symbol
  • Gold relic piece of ancient
  • Gold ancient relic

sge raid page

Hidden Holy Water Chamber Raid

The entrance to the hwc raid is at the Al Quelt Moreza, Narthex at B8/9.

Summoning and respawn time:
You merely need to have completed the holy water chamber quest to be able to do this raid, and then you can do it only once a day. However having a Vincent is required for completing this raids as well as debuffers.
Every family entering will also need a hwc key. (crafted with 50% at ustiur base camp from 1 al quelt key and great stone) and will
also need to bring 1 of each hq gem and 4 earth stones to use one of the objects inside.

Easy,as long as you know what you're doing. Otherwise it's easy to ruin the raid with 1 wrong click.
4+ master families recommend.

Raiding Strategy:
Themed around al quelt and the bosses you fought here before, so you should remember most of this.
However there are some unique spins to it:

First room:
There will be 3 tombstones here that each need a hq gem and a earth stone. Once activated 3 lights apear for the corresponding side and the tombstone will tell what pose should be struck in that light.
First the west side's lights need to activated in the order of Red, Salmon and Orange.
Then the east side's lights need to activated in the order of Yellow, Dark green and Light green.
And finally the south side's lights need to activated in the order of White, Blue and Pink.When a pose is correctly take success will show up above the characters head, if it doesn't show it means you weren't standing close enough. When all poses are quick enough the lights go sideways, vanish and 2 warps open up.
It's important you split the teams up here and in a equal way so that both rooms can kill the Dios bosses.

Second rooms:
In here both teams will fight of a wave of mobs a Dios mini-boss, once the mini-boss dies he'll spawn a rock tablet which when clicked responds with a number.
The number on the tablet for the team on the left side is the number needed on the right side to open their warp. And the number on the right side is needed on the left side. It's advised you type it out just in case, so there wont be any confusion.
Once that is down both teams can advance to the next part.

Trap Corridor:
both teams will be on a corridor full with blade traps and cannons. The blade traps will usually kill in 1hit so be very careful where you walk. The cannons can be taken down if you find them anoying. Just zigzag through the safe paths and you'll see another warp to the next rooms.

Dios & traps part 1:
Now the 2 teams are in rooms that are very different. the dios room is empty and will soon spawn a dios boss. the trap room has several mobs in it and a tombstone. Wait for both teams to make it into these rooms and then the trap room should click the tombstone and wait at the end of that room.
Once the tombstone is triggered the warps of the previous room vanishes and the Dios and minions spawn. However in the trap room blade traps will slowly spawn several blade traps each time, growing closer and closer the end of that room. However if the dios gets killed he'll again drop a rock with a number on it. If someone in the trap room uses that number a warp will spawn for the next 2 rooms.
Mind you have to be quick with killing dios or the other team will be ripped to shreds by the blade traps.

Dios & traps part 2:
Same as other dios and traps rooms, but now the roles are reversed and people from the previous trap room have to kill dios intime. Don't forgot to wait till all are inside again and get the number asap so you can advance again.

Last rooms:
Now it's time for the first tough boss, Ortega. But first let the Vincent user go down to the corridor with the tombstone and use a earth stone on it, strike the correct pose in the light and defend Vincent with his other 2 characters. This will prevent Ortega from using his rapid hp regen buff.
To spawn Ortega click on the central tombstone. Now start fighting him, without his hp regen buff he should go down smoothly but beware he can also buff a AR/DR/atk boost skill on himself. When that happens just dispel it with Whole cancellation or dispel magic.

When he's dead he'll drop a few items and you can finally engage the last boss, Demonic Jurgen.

Similar to Ortega, he'll be able to buff himself and receive a hp regen buff. However to cancel his hp regen buff you'll need to take down a colony that spawns where Ortega spawned. The Castle Crusher skill from the exp cannon stance will take it down fast, or even some crashers will help.
Just like Ortega he'll also selbuff with ar/dr/atk buff, which again needs to be dispelled with whole cancellation or dispel magic.
Ortega's attacks however can also cause the debuff he used in the quest as well, preventing you from skilling, and moving. Vincent's rythm spellbreak will cancel this effect.

Other then that it's a rather gimpy boss, his attacks won't hurt much without his buff.
And he's easily tanked with provoke or high melee dps.

However if you fight him in his own room, at 50% hp he'll spawn several minions who give you the ar/dr debuff same as in the quest. So someone would need a lorch's potion to cancel this effect and kill the minions.
Or you could lure him back to the previous room where ortega was and none of that will happen...

Overall lenghty, but genuinly easy.

Ortega drops:
  • lv 100 enchantment chips
  • Veteran enchantment chips
  • skill rings
  • 84e items
  • 30 ar weapons / 27 dr armor
  • lvl 96e armor recipes
  • Recipe - Enhanced necklace
  • Key [Land of the dead]

Jurgen drops:
  • lv 100 enchantment chips
  • Veteran enchantment chips
  • skill rings
  • 84e items
  • 30 ar weapons/ 27 dr armors
  • Recipe - le Noir
  • Recipe -96e armor
  • Recipe - Elite Le blanc
  • Recipe - Cut necklace
  • Recipe - Crafted necklace
  • Recipe - Dragon Heart
  • Magic - Spelled Amethyst

sge raid page

Argus Raid

Argus can be found at Titan's remorse in Ceabolian at E/F6.

Summoning and respawn time:
There's no actual summoning to be done for this raid, but it does have a 24-36h spawn time and it is on both channels. (but you cannot switch channel in the boss map.)

Rather easy, while originally quite a hard raid for experts since master is the new top tier level it's become quite easy to do this raid with only a few people or to even solo it.

Raiding Strategy:
To get to Argus' brain you'll need to walk via Interna De Gigante (from Ceabolian) and use 10 amethyst fragments to warp to Corazon De Gigante. In Corazon you'll need to kill the Bribanta's in the center to create a warp (6h respawn time of bribs). After using this you'll need to use another 10 amethyst fragments to warp the boss room.

In here you'll see a neutral Argus Brain and a Argus, You'll need to defeat the Argus Before you can even target the Argus' brain. Argus has rather similar stats to Argus' Brain and should last long vs masters.
Beware of high lightning skills though, and if possible try to debuff his armor buff skill.
Once Argus has been killed you'll be able to fight Argus' Brain, but to make things difficult he's considered flying to melee will not be able to hit him. He'll also spawn 3 Bribanta's to defend himself though these can easily be pulled away if they prove to be anoying.

After a period of time Argus will respawn and you won't be able to fight the brain till he's dead again.
(Though there's often a bug that lets you continue to attack the brain regardless)

Boss drops:
  • 84e weapons
  • 30 ar weapons
  • 84 e armor
  • Le Noir
  • Elite le Blanc
  • Recipe - 92e armor
  • Recipe - Le Noir
  • Recipe - The Hope of Argus
  • Recipe - The Will of Argus
  • Recipe - Crafted necklaces
  • lvl 100 chips

sge mufasa page / image from sge & sword wiki article

vrijdag 8 april 2011


Mufasa can be accessed via Oculta Fortress, and is rather tricky to get to.

Summoning and respawn time:
This raid can be done with 30 families max and is instanced so it could be done as many times as you want. However to get to the lobby you'll need to fulfill some requirements. Mind you this raid needs 1 family to have a Nar currently.

Semi Difficult, boss can hit hard but also dies quickly since we got master levels.

Raiding Strategy:
To get to mufasa's area you'll need to via EL Dorado, Errac (day or Night) and then Oculta Fortress.
To enter Oculta Fortress you'll need either 3 te or 3ti runes, depending on whether it's the night or day map.
Inside Oculta Fortress there's several mobs, traps and immortal shock turrets blocking the way.
Watch out for the traps as they often inflict paralysis and slow the party down a lot. (you can see traps with /camcol off command)
Further Ahead there will be blade traps, that only a Nar can disable by using a an rune though you can run trough them with decent armor and master lvl chars easily.
Past that you should be in a big room where the miniboss Necroshaman spawns. He's rather important as he'll drop keys needed on to enter. There will also be a warp in this room only a Nar can take, in that room are 3 warps if the correct one is chosen the warp to the next part opens for all families but if the wrong one is chosen you need to wait for 30 minutes to try again to open the warp.
After that a pedestal will need 10 of each type of rune to create a warp to the last room in the fortress before Mufasa's room.
In here there's 3 warps, with again 2 wrong ones and 1 correct warp. Here you need to use the key that drops of Necroshaman to try and find the correct warp. If you picked the right one, a lobby opens for a maximum of 30 families, if you picked the wrong one mobs spawn in the area and you'll need to try again with a other key.

When you've made it to the General's Room you'll see a npc ania slowly walking to the center.
After Ania has talked you can start the fight with Mufasa, with 6+ people it shouldn't be to hard.
He will cast several aoe spells that can cause burn, confusion or frost hand along with being able to inflict armor breaker with a melee skill. Because of that Ignore Harm and Redemption are very useful skills here.

When his hp gets around 40-50%, he'll summon a mini boss where he stands.
It deals raw physical atk and uses several skills as well. it's stats are similair to Mufasa but has lower resistances and only 13m hp.

If the team can survive it they should just focus on killing Mufasa as the mini doesnt drop anythig.
However if both the mini and mufasa are to hard to handle you'll need to either let someone tank the mini away or kill the mini first.

Boss drops:
  • 84e weapons
  • 30 ar weapons
  • 84 e armor
  • Le Noir
  • Elite le Blanc
  • Recipe - 84e armor
  • Recipe - 92e armor
  • Recipe - Le Noir
  • Recipe - Elite le Blanc
  • Recipe - Elite le Noir
  • Recipe - Magic Belt (any type)
  • Recipe - Magic Earring

sge mufasa page / image from sge

woensdag 6 april 2011

Accursed Bounty Hunter Raids

New missions of the 5.0 update patch located in Auch:
Most give tokens which you can buy some random stuff with, including keys for basement (3 vet tokens) and basic necklaces (35 vet tokens)along with sort term wings and veteran stance books.

However there's a quite a list of drops that can be gotten from them, i'll list what i could find here.
There's a version for each major dungeon and they are quite challeging. Only advised if you have good gear for the last few levels in the bracket or got a full group.
1-5 families can enter each bounty quest and can select 1 out of 3 payments.
There will be a ton of mobs that don't respawn and have chance to drop some neat loot.
However the bosses are more stable and quicker to farm.
Drops from mobs are rare, bosses always drop the same, and roulettes good drops are a very low chance occurance.

Castilla Relics Raid

Castilla Relics raid can be found at K7 of the Castilla ruins map, keep in mind that in sword the name is wrong and should be relics, but it is Castilla Ruins as well instead.

Entrance Fees:
This raid can be done with 1-8 families, and the first try for the day costs 1 Gold Ancient Relic.You'll need more Gold Ancient Relics for multiple runs on a day, but i don't know how much exactly.
Keep in mind that in order to get to the entrance you'll need to pay 2 Ancient Relic Pieces for the warps on the ruins map, and another relic piece if you warp from garrison 1 to ruins directly.

Semi Difficult, bosses can hit quite hard but they'll rarely ever wipe a team.

Raiding Strategy:
Similar to the mine raids, the purpose is here to kill all bosses in order to advance.
Unlike Mine however it has far less trash mobs, and the trash mobs it does have are either at a trap spot or spawn from the bosses themselves.
The 3 ogre like bosses, Wetis, Arito and Hadeon all cause armor crasher and spawn several ancient knight mobs when their health goes down. There's also 3 trap rooms, that shoot burn, freeze or shock darts but its easy enough just to walk through any of them.

The First Boss is a Diablo, but beware when it's health is around 25% it'll split up in 3 tiny diablo's who cannot be attacked during a small period of time. Once they become red again they can killed, but if a melee gets close they despawn and Diablo returns while killing several family members. This effect gets canceled if all 3 tiny Diablo's are killed from a distance.

The Second Boss is a Lava Leaf, as usual has 400 ish def and large area of effect spells and cant be dispelled this time around.

Third boss is a Wetis, using a large axe he has a larger then usual melee range. Watch out for his armor crasher skills though. Overall he's just a pushover that's easily tanked.

Fourth is a Arito, a big dual blunt using humanoid, has a instant cast melee skill and does high dmg so he'll usually kill robe/coat users with ease.

Fifth is a Hadeon, a cannon using humanoid that has a high chance to inflict shock with his attacks. It works wonder to have the anti debuff buff of val or incantation here. Watch out as he likes constantly shooting the robe/coat wearers.

Seventh is Nana, a human boss which can go invis at times, switches agro alot and has some pretty flashy skills.

Last is Tempest, the end boss of this raid. But while fighting him Wetis, Arito and Hadeon will slowly return to fight you off again along with trash mobs.
Beware of Tempest his area of effect spells, just like deka of mines he'll walk towards a fam before using his skill. so use that time to run away. He can freeze characters on hit, and that is often enough deadly combined with his high atk.

Secret Room:
There's also a secret treasure room with a free roulette chest and several treasure mobs, but you can't always enter it. When you see the "You have discovered the door to the ancient secret room" notice at the start of a mine raid, go to G/h7 of Nana's room up the stairs and to the right and detect/rouse/whole cancelation till a warp pops up.

Mob drops:
  • Ancient relic piece

Boss drops:
  • Veteran Chips
  • Lv. 100 chips
  • Mega Quartz
  • Ancient Relic piece
  • Golden Ancient Relic Piece

Roulette Drops:
  • 84e weapon
  • 30 ar weapon (92e or lvl 100)
  • 32 ar weapon (crafted serp, golden, elite etc)
  • 84e armor
  • 27 dr armor
  • 92e armor
  • La Noir armor
  • 96e armor
  • Elite le Blanc armor
  • random rough stone
  • Constellation Symbol
  • Promotion recipe - veteran
  • Recipe - 92e armor
  • Recipe - La Noir
  • Recipe - 96e armor
  • Recipe - Elite Le Blanc
  • Recipe - Cut necklace
  • Recipe - Made necklace
  • Recipe - Qualified Belt
  • Recipe - Artisan Belt
  • Experience Card B
  • Experience Card G
  • Honor Card A
  • Honor Card B
  • Ancient Gold Relic
  • Pure gold bar
  • Elemental Jewel
  • Recipe - Dragon Heart

jge wiki relics page

zondag 3 april 2011

King Henry

King henry can be found in Castilla Ruins at I6/7. to get there you need to take the central lane and pay 1 ancient relic piece for the first warp and 5 ancient relics to enter the king henry room.

Summoning and respawn time:
King Henry spawns every Tuesday and Saturday at 22:00 server-time.He'll despawn around 30 minutes later if he isn't killed.

Very easy, even though he has tons of hp he has low dr and is easily tanked to prevent him from oneshotting to much. Just watch out for his aoe around him that can usually end up killing a few families.

Raiding Strategy:
This boss is often a huge dps contest on both channels, as he has a fixed spawn and very nice drops.
Only things worth noting is that he deals heavy physical dmg and he summons ogre mages who'll try to debuff. (slower atk speed and prevents skill usage.)
He's not even immune to debuffs, so it's quite common to see him shocked, feared, mortal wounded and stunned. As such a lg rifle or sword is higher recommended to improve dps against him via the shock debuff.

All in all this boss is just very easy, so i can't really think of more advice here.

  • Elite le Blanc
  • Recipe - Elite le Noir
  • lvl 100 chips
  • lvl 92 chips
  • lvl 88 chips
  • random gloves and boots
  • 30 ar weps
  • 84e elites
  • Recipe - magic belt (any type)

Sge Castilla Ruins and Temple guide

zaterdag 2 april 2011

Castilla Treasure Hunt

Heya all, i've decided to post the info i was gathering about castilla treasure hunt, and i hope you all enjoy.
Mind you the nice items on the drop-table list are really low chance!!! Expect to get a lot of 84e's and roughs!!!

Castilla Treasure Hunt:

Fortunately this hunt has both fixed spots and fixed time in Castilla Ruins on both channels,
Time Schedule (in server time):

Sunday till Thursday: | 00:00 | 03:00 | 09:00 | 12:00 | 15:00 | 18:00 | 20:00 | 22:00 |
Friday & Saturday: | 00:00 | 02:00 | 04:00 | 06:00 | 09:00 | 11:00 | 13:00 | 15:00 | 17:00 | 19:00 | 21:00 | 23:00 |

Each treasure hunt lasts 10 minutes, and starts slightly later then 00:00 (aka around 00:00 and 30seconds)

Spots i know off:

Might still be a bit more then these i found so far, but it's a nice start.

To find the chest you need to spam detection, rouse and/or Whole Cancelation but detection has the best range and cooldown of the 3.(and costs no star orbs), The chests will usually be near the centre of the cross in my image but do have a tendancy to move slightly (still same room but just a few steps to the right).

To open it you need a ancient relic or gold ancient relic, either will work but gold should give better chance of a nice item:

(* stands for unverified, most of it is data of jge and havent found such drops here yet.)
-84e weapon / 30 ar weapon / 32 ar weapon*
-ELB / LN* / 27 dr armors / 84e armors
-ELB recipe* / LN recipe* / 92e recipe
-Artisan recipes / Qualified recipes / made necklace recipes
-Rough stones / Elemental Jewel / DHR / top tier jewel recipes

ge_2ch jap wiki
/ Madam's diary, a jp blog

Castilla Relic Exchanger

While this isn't a raid, it can drop some pretty darn good items.
Simply by exchanging relic pieces for random items.

Castilla, Garrison 1 and inside Choas Tower

it costs 3k feso to exchange 3 normal relic pieces
it costs 9k feso to exchange 3 gold ancient relic pieces.

many items can drop from both pieces, but gold pieces have a better chance then normal pieces.

Droplist both relics:

  • Ancient Relic (normal pieces only)
  • Gold Ancient Relic Piece
  • Gold Ancient Relic
  • 84e weapon/armor
  • 30 ar weapon (92e & 100)
  • Le Noir
  • 96e armor
  • 92e armor
  • Recipe - Dragon Heart
  • Recipe - Elite le Blanc
  • Recipe - Le Noir
  • Recipe - 96e armor
  • Recipe - 92e armor
  • Recipe - Qualified belt (any type)
  • Recipe - Artisan belt (any type)
  • Recipe - Magic belt (any type)
  • Promotion Recipe - veteran
  • Random below veteran skill ring
  • Random rough ore
  • Jewel Recipe
  • Elemental Jewel
  • Pure gold bar
  • Random Symbol

Exclusive drops of golden relics:

  • Skill ring
  • Stance Ring

jge exchanger list

Castilla Mine

Castilla Mine can be entered at the new location Castilla, Garrison 1 at H3. To get to garrison 1 talk to the castilla npc at Port of Coimbra E7.

Entrance Fees:
This raid can be done with 1-8 families, and the first try for the day is always free.
Second and third tries need a ancient relic to enter, and for the fourth and fifth times you need 2 ancient relics to enter. (not sure what the maximum is, as i've never done it more then 5 times a day)

Easy with a twist or two, most of it is often auto attacked to death with master teams. (especially since most skills kd the mobs here) but only 2 bosses should give a bit of a problem.

Raiding Strategy:
This is a very straightforward raid, just kill the mobs and bosses to advance.
There's several easy mobs before a boss, and almost every boss summons mini's after his hp gets low.

First boss is a steel arrarat, who won't be much of a problem even though he likes to spam fear skills along with his mini's.
Second is Phobitian General, who uses that martial elements wind stance still so he'll jump around a few times.
Third is a Basilisk, which at 5% hp buffs himself up with a insane atk buff. Watch out here as he can 1hit eln's but you still be able to down him quickly or kite him.
After the Basilisk dies a Roulette chest will spawn, which gives loot to everyone nearby.
Fourth boss is Blink Dog, just a oversizes dog with normal mob drops.
Fifth is Golden Spider, just like blink dog it's a pushover.
Sixth is Chimera, he can land freeze,shock,lightning and deals elemental dmg. Just spread your team around and it should go down smooth.
Seventh is Argus, who deals high lightning dmg and gets back up off 3 bribantra's. Argus also drops a roulette chest.
Eight is Skeleton, the headless ele spell spamming skull and he doesn't even get extra minions to spawn for him.
Last is deka, this is the second point where it can get hard.
He'll use curse (debuff, chars take 3x dmg) and several elemental aoe's. However his agro is random for the spells and if you see him suddenly walk towards someone else it means he'll try to cast a spell at that area.
When his hp gets lower his skeleton minions awaken and attack, and skeleton mages spawn atop the pillars.

Secret Room:
There's also a secret treasure room with a free roulette chest and several treasure mobs, but you can't always enter it. When you see the "You have discovered the door to the ancient secret room" notice at the start of a mine raid, go to F2 of deka's room and detect/rouse/whole cancelation till a warp pops up.

Mob drops:
  • Ancient relic piece

Boss drops:
  • Veteran Chips
  • Lv. 100 chips
  • Mega Quartz
  • Ancient Relic piece
  • Golden Ancient Relic Piece

Roulette Drops:
  • 84e weapon
  • 30 ar weapon (92e or lvl 100)
  • 84e armor
  • 27 dr armor
  • 92e armor
  • random rough stone
  • Constellation Symbol
  • Pure gold bar
  • Promotion recipe - veteran
  • Recipe - 92e armor
  • Ancient relic piece
  • Gold ancient relic piece
  • Experience Card B
  • Experience Card G
  • Honor Card A
  • Honor Card B
  • Elemental Jewel
  • Recipe - Dragon Heart

jge wiki mines page

vrijdag 1 april 2011

Arsene's Secret Vault

The entrance Arsene's Secret Vault is at D/E2 of Reboldeux, talk to the secret basement guard to gain access to the lobby room.

Summoning and respawn time:
To enter this raid someone you'll need someone with a high lvl helena in their family. Master is recommended.
However bear in mind that every fam needs to pay 500 family reputation to be able to do this raid and you can only do this raid or circus raid once a day.

Slightly challenging raid, the enemies don't hurt a lot but some bosses can cause armor breaker or apathy and mobs can spam skills way to much. Only thing really worth noting is the 30 minute time limit, which can make it challenging at times.

Raiding Strategy:
Once inside you'll need to pay 500 family reputation to advance the raid, and the family with Helena goes in first.
It's pretty straight forward, the family who has Helena needs to keep her alive at all costs while circus mobs constantly spawn and attack her. (same card themed mobs as of circus raid, though they seem somewhat stronger ).
In each room there's a portal that allows 1 family to take down the boss to advance (cannot be the family with Helena).
In the first boss room there's only Celine, after she's taken down to 30% she'll escape and both can advance to the next defending room and next mini boss fight.
In the second boss room you'll fight Celine with some mobs and then Prost after she's escaped again.
Third boss room has Celine with 6 or so mobs and after she escaped Emily
Last mini-boss room has Celine with 9 or so mobs and once she's escaped Mario will spawn.
In the Last room all families will team up for the last fight, here another wave of mobs will continue to spawn till a mini boss is dead. (Mario despawned all for us.)

Once you kill Celine the raid ends, but the mini bosses also drop items when killed (both times)

Prost,Mario & Emily Drops:
  • Liquid Gas
  • Magic-spelled Amethyst
  • Trump Card Pieces
  • Honour Cards

Celina Drops:
  • Portable Star Orb Box
  • Honor Card B (500 fam rep)
  • Arsene Secret Key
  • Buckle
  • Chain
  • Tough leather
  • Recipe - Elite Trump Armor

Jge Secret Vault Page

dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Mission: Torsche Mansion's Basement

The entrance to the torsche basement raid can be found in Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Savage garden at E/D2.

Summoning and respawn time:
To enter this raid you need to pay 1 white gold bar or 100 otite pieces, and can only be tried once a day with minimal 2 people and maximal 4.
(You need to have completed torshe catherine's quest before you can enter as well)

Semi difficult raid, the end boss is so easy he shouldn't ever be able to kill your chars but the mobs themselfe know how make your live hell. Easiest with high elemental and mental resistance characters.
Only Masters recommended.
Recommended to bring:
  • 250+ otite pieces for magic crystals
  • Treasure chest key from bounty hunter guild exchange (or no super roullette loot)


Raiding Strategy:
A new raid with a semi puzzle built in. As soon as you start moving in here you'll see a message from Dr. Torsche saying there are x number of traps.

From there on the path splits and you'll need to sent someone to both sides to disable the magical traps in the room.
Now it's not entirely sure what traps he's talking about, as you never get to see it but every room has a unique type of mobs who drop stones with a number 1-7 on it.
If 2 stones in the corresponding rooms on the north and south side have the correct number on them that room's trap will be disabled and when all are disabled you can warp to the semi end boss. (last stone you clicked counts)

However to make things more complicated you'll receive a debuff in all rooms (which prevents using skills, and some atk, def and movement decrease along with a hp drain). You can cancel this effect by clicking the Magic Crystals (costs 10 otite piece per 2 min buff)

For the First Room the number will be the amount of traps named by torshe devided by 7.
The rooms magic numbers after that are 1 number higher then the last room and if the last room was a 7 it goes back to 1.

Room 1 is filled with Walters, dealing low fire dmg and gathering around just to get killed.
Room 2 is filled with Helena's, dealing physical dmg and like the walters aren't much of a threat.
Room 3 is filled with Sasha's, dealing fast lightning dmg so watch out when running through as they can be surprisingly deadly if you agro to much.
Room 4 is filled with Lloyd's, the all so familiar rifle user who has a wacky melee skill.
Room 5 is filled with Pyg's, one of the new weird puppets who love to spam some wacky skill for the knockback.
Room 6 is filled with Wight's, the tall new puppet who deals mental dmg and also loves spamming a aoe skill. Watch out for these as they make quick work of chars with low mental res.
Room 7 is filled with Gwraig's, and these are again very easy melee physical mobs who shouldn't pose a problem.

Once all 7 rooms magic numbers have been set in place the mobs will despawn and 2 warps to the 2 Victors spawn in every room.
These Victors are total pushovers, no need to worry about them at all really.
In the Victor room there's a chance for some treasure mobs to spawn who will drop a sun stone each.
Victor does have a bit of hp and spawns some mobs when he's around 75% health but again it's nothing to worry about.
ps he does drop some pretty decent loot.

Once both victors are dead warps will spawn to the final room, where a family can use a treasure chest key (gotten from bounty hunter guild exchange npc for 3 vet tokens) to start the roulette.

Victor Drops:
  • 5 Veteran Chips
  • 5 Pure gold bars
  • Honour Cards

Roulette Chest, 2 items:
  • Portable Star Orb Box
  • Honor Card B (500 fam rep)
  • 30 ar weapons (including 92e's)
  • 92e Armors
  • Cut Necklace (any type)
  • Qualified Earrings
  • Gold Earrings
  • Silver Earrings
  • Qualified Belt
  • Recipe - Artisan belt (any type)
  • Recipe - Artisan gloves (any type)
  • Recipe - Artisan boots (any type)
  • Recipe - Dragon heart
  • Recipe - Elite le Noir
  • White gold bar
  • Elemental Jewel

Jge wiki prison page

woensdag 23 maart 2011

Mission: Prison de Joaquin raid guide

The entrance to this raid is in Prison de Joaquin, Torture Chamber at C4 on both channels.

Summoning and respawn time:
To do the prison raid you only need to have completed Valeria's quest. However you can only do it once a day and with 5 people maximal per try.

Not super hard, but rather unforgiving at the same time. 3-5 will do but loot is roulette based so going with 5 is the optimal number. Watch out for the trash mobs, as they have no problem 1hitting robe users and making metal armor wearers afraid of poison.

Raiding strategy:
Upon entering the team will be in a prison styled room, similar to the Valeria quest. In here you'll need to kill all mobs to activate the warp and get to the next part, but first let's discuss mobs:

Death Marcia, this light armored undead enemy has a instant melee skill that can hit several chars and possibly stun make sure you're squishies are out of their range and use levitators, melees or scouts to get their agro.

Veilants, the hard armored slow moving golems with a skill that 1hits most robe wearers again. Mind you he's so slow he rarely ever gets in range of a robe user, so they aren't to much of a hassle.

Bio Man, the small human though it looks like a imp with a cannister of poison, They deal mental dmg and have a ranged skill which deals alot of aoe mental dmg and a melee skill which often 1hits anything with low mental resist. They also die the easiest so be sure to take em out asap.

Once all these mobs are dead you can use the warp to get to the second large room, which has 3 paths to choose. However you'll need to go and kill the elite that is in the round room of each of these paths along with a Elite Bio Man to activate the next warp. And to make things harder the mobs here respawn, are coupled with some easy to kill high lvl prison mobs and there's a surprise spawn at the start of each circular room.
The order of the elites doesn't matter as both the right and left path have a warp that sends you to the forward path. Once the 3 Elite Veilants of the paths are dead it's time to follow the forward path to the warp gate.
Around this warp gate walks the last elite you need to kill, the Elite Bio Man.

Once you're ready to enter the second area warp, buff up first as every family gets thrown in a random room out of 12 possible rooms, with 10 of having a Kingdom Ogre mini-boss, 1 room has a chest and the last room has a warp to the Boss area.
The Kingdom Ogre mini-boss is stronger then he was in the valleria quest, but he's still quite doable to solo.
Make sure you have 1 character that can tank him as he deals heavy physical dmg and kills robe users and usually scouts. He will spam a decent sized area skill with his mace, so don't get to close to your other chars.
He has a 74 AR/DR but does not regen hp very fast and he doesn't have allot of health to begin with.
It's recommended to use asoka's, tronada cruz users, elementalists or crazy Emilia's as dmg vs them.
After killing a Ogre a warp will spawn and will take you to one of the other random Ogre rooms, chest room or gate room to area boss.

Once you've reached the Boss room, there will be a Elite Kingdom Ogre and some beefed up mobs blocking the way. Killing the Elite Kingdom Ogre despawns the mobs near him.
After that you've finally reached the end-boss Testormento.

He's a quite unique boss with 74 ar/dr and 75 when buffed up, relatively low hp and no hp regen.
Most of skills will 1hit all those but tanks with high def or melees with protection field.
Tanking him can be done in several ways, either a 35k+hp tank in a esa, 2dr shield and nice belt/earring/necklace/stance rings to get as much hp as possible could tank him outright without having to run.
A other method is for the tank to run during the testos shock skill so the boss will cancel it and then go back to tanking. (he can still target others close by so beware)
Third is to tank him with prot fielded melees, who will need to run out to rebuff prot field but will barely take dmg at all. (use the new intensified mana regen potions to keep their mana up).
Below 40% of the boss's hp he will receive a buff, giving him more atk, def and 1 more AR/DR, at 30% he spawns a wave of tougher mobs of those in the first room. Just take them out and continue the fight.
And finally at 10% he'll spawn 2 elite kingdom ogres, but since his hp is already mega low by then either the tank tanks the 2 of them and the boss or someone lures the 2 ogres away.

After killing him he'll spawn a roulette chest, make sure everyone is in the boss room before opening as anyone still in the random rooms will not get loot!!!

Roulette Chest, 2 items:

  • Portable Star Orb Box
  • Honor Card B (500 fam rep)
  • Veteran Glove/Boot
  • 30 ar weapons (including 92e's)
  • 32 ar weapons (chess/golden/snail/elite)
  • Le Noir / 96e armor
  • Qualified Earrings
  • Gold Earrings
  • Silver Earrings
  • Qualified Belt
  • Made Necklaces
  • Recipe - 32 ar prison exclusive weapons (Tormento, Marcia's Poleax, Eye of Veillant)
  • Recipe - Crafted Necklace
  • Recipe - Artisan Earrings
  • Recipe - Magic Earrings
  • Recipe - Artisan Belts (any type)
  • Recipe - Artisan gloves (any type)
  • Recipe - Artisan boots (any type)
  • Recipe - Elite Le Blanc
  • Recipe - Elite Le Noir
  • Innocentio Stancebook
  • Elemental Jewel
  • Random Innocentio stance skill ring

Chest Room box:
  • Lots of Bellum Boxes
  • a 30 ar weapon
  • several Ancient Star Orb Boxes
  • Veteran Chips
Team setup tips:

-Scout/Emi/Viki/Val (ideally a char for rezzing and buffs)
-Tanker/TC/HG/Asoka/Nar (as tank or tank and dps)
-Elementalist/Crazy emilia/Vincent (only viable type of ranged dmg here)

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