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Rafflesia guide

From zona una there's a warp near the huge central tree (G6) , this warp will take you to the empty part of rafflesia. In here there will be another gate which you need to open to allow access to the raid boss her room.

To get access to rafflesia someone needs to open the warp gate in Rafflesia. This gate can be opened with 1 red leaf, 1 green leaf and 1 yellow leaf of rafflesia (Dropped of mobs in zona Uno and Dos).

Rafflesia isn't the hardest of raids but it can be tricky, especially to veteran families.
Tough good geared experts/master family can solo it, it's recommended to bring 5+ veteran families.

Raiding strategy:
Inside the room where the Queen-Eater resides are a lot of random mobs, these mobs can pose a danger to poor equipped veterans. When one of these mobs is killed they can drop a Raflesia Petal which you can click on to get a buff which drastically reduces the dmg Queen-Eater deals.

In the middle of the map you'll see Queen-Eater with her 3 body parts, each body part can be separately attacked and have their own set of stats.

None of the Queen-Eater body parts will attack directly, but they can use skills. The torso uses a skill which damages and draws you under the body. The Legs use a similar skill which knocks you back away from the body. And finally the Egg will use a skill which gives can cause confusion.
When fighting Rafflesia it's important to keep using the Rafflesia petals to prevent yourself from getting onehitted by the skills. If your team has a hard time taking it down you can let some members kill the normal mobs so the top dps team can use petals easily. It is advised to take down the Legs and Torso first so it can no longer use it's dmg skills. However do remember that Torso is considered a flying enemy.

  • lvl 84 elite armors
  • lvl 92 elite armor recipes
  • lvl 100 (27 dr) armors
  • lvl 100 (30 ar) rod and staffs
  • Grand valkyrie crashers
  • Enhanced Shooting resistance necklace (rare)

jge wiki and raid guide list.

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