zondag 28 september 2008

Ogre and Wherewolf weapons

Here some info on one of the new weapon series released in v.3.0, the Ogre and Werewolf series.
It's a 30 ar series like several others, however most of them have some innate bonus.
Werewolf serie have 15% bonus dmg to humans and the shield reduces dmg from humans. It's quite possible these effects are halfed for pvp like the modded human stats are. Rifle and sword stick out here.
Ogre weapons have high atk, but due to the steel 92e series not all are as good. Greatsword, shotgun and staff all have higher base atk then 32 ar weps which makes them excellent, but polearm has 92e versions with more atk.

Where to get Materials:

  • Seals are gotten from the hunting quest in reboldeux sewers, only 1 ogre and 1 werewolf quest are repeatable.
  • Pure ores drop in all veteran and higher lvl maps
  • Cast Iron and Composite Steel are sold by the metal npc in Reboldeux
  • Solvent are sold cheaply by every item merchant

Where to get the recipes:

  • Reboldeux Sewers
  • Errac Tierra, Noche
  • Errac Tierra, Dias

Doratomo, another doratomo link and 2ch wiki

Background info

Welcome to my blog, i'll start of with a rough intro of myself:
I'm martijn marinus nijkeuter a 20 year old dutch student following a course of envorimental science. I've been playing this game (sword of the new world) for about a year now.
In game family name is Wurmheart, since you can select a family name and give a personal name to each character making up for a sort of more realistic name giving in theory.
I've been in 2 clans so far, and didn't take to much trouble for me to adapt, first one was Outcast (former Acheron) which i'm not allowed back in since one of their other members promised to leave if i stayed in the same clan and well you can guess what happened since i'm not in it anymore.
After that i switched to Unforgiven one of the leading clans and allied clan of my previous clan, it took me a while to get used but i definitely feel more at home here now then i ever felt in outcast.