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Instanced Vergo guide

Instanced Vergo is the first and easiest instanced raid of the 4.1 update. To get to instanced vergo you can open the mission lobby by using a platinum maul at I4 in Desolate Cliff.

Summoning and respawn time:
To get the area vergo and his minnions are in you´ll need a platinum maul and a vergo lobby key. To get these talk to Federigo (I9 in City of Auch) to craft these items.
To craft a platinum maul you need 1 silver hammer (drop of bellboy , miniboss of cliff), a white gold bar
(bought from item merchants) and 150 shiny crystals.
To buy the lobby key you need 50 shiny crystals
, the boy in the tunnel in auch sells them.
Do not that every participating family needs a Lobbey key.

Intsanced Vergo has the same stats as normal Vergo, but since it's released in 4.1 many families will be geared better and have less problems with it, 2 expert fams or 1 master fam can most likely kill it without to much hassle.

Vergo has 57AR/DR and can hit decently hard, however she deals phsysical dmg so a tanker still works wonders to keep the group alive. Tough it is no longer needed at expert. Vergo has 4 mini bosses around him wich you can dispose of before the fight or simply lure vergo away from them.

There's basically 3 strategies for vergo:

first is the zerg where the raid group storms at vergo and ignores all other minions, and tries to kill her asap (her minions despawn when she dies).

And the Normal way, where you take down the mini bosses first and then lure Vergo to a calm spot and let the tanker tank vergo with her normal atk's into the opposite direction of the dps group, reccomended for the first timers.

Thirdly is the circle or running around, with this variant you also lure the mini bosses away from vergo and kill them, then lure vergo with a wizard after having despelled vergo. Vergo will endlessly run after the wizard to hit it with a normal atk, but as a wizard you can easily outrun/levitate Vergo. The wizard then runs or flies circls around the dps group to let Vergo walk constantly in the dps group's range. But not nearly as needed since the 4.1 update tough it makes it possible for weaker fams to kill it. (make sure you clear the normal mobs before doing this tough.)

  • Key of Vergo (Use on chest of mein in Deserted quay for a lvl 100 e wep, 84 elites and rings)
  • Lvl 100 Armor
  • Lvl 92 armor recipe
  • Lvl 84 elite weapon
  • Lvl 84 elite armor
  • Piece of a ....(32 ar recipes or esa recipe items)
  • Recipe - Enhanced Shot RES Necklace
reward box:
  • Mega talt or
  • Constellation box (drops random constellation symbol)

raid boss list
SGE official site

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