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Arsene's Secret Vault

The entrance Arsene's Secret Vault is at D/E2 of Reboldeux, talk to the secret basement guard to gain access to the lobby room.

Summoning and respawn time:
To enter this raid someone you'll need someone with a high lvl helena in their family. Master is recommended.
However bear in mind that every fam needs to pay 500 family reputation to be able to do this raid and you can only do this raid or circus raid once a day.

Slightly challenging raid, the enemies don't hurt a lot but some bosses can cause armor breaker or apathy and mobs can spam skills way to much. Only thing really worth noting is the 30 minute time limit, which can make it challenging at times.

Raiding Strategy:
Once inside you'll need to pay 500 family reputation to advance the raid, and the family with Helena goes in first.
It's pretty straight forward, the family who has Helena needs to keep her alive at all costs while circus mobs constantly spawn and attack her. (same card themed mobs as of circus raid, though they seem somewhat stronger ).
In each room there's a portal that allows 1 family to take down the boss to advance (cannot be the family with Helena).
In the first boss room there's only Celine, after she's taken down to 30% she'll escape and both can advance to the next defending room and next mini boss fight.
In the second boss room you'll fight Celine with some mobs and then Prost after she's escaped again.
Third boss room has Celine with 6 or so mobs and after she escaped Emily
Last mini-boss room has Celine with 9 or so mobs and once she's escaped Mario will spawn.
In the Last room all families will team up for the last fight, here another wave of mobs will continue to spawn till a mini boss is dead. (Mario despawned all for us.)

Once you kill Celine the raid ends, but the mini bosses also drop items when killed (both times)

Prost,Mario & Emily Drops:
  • Liquid Gas
  • Magic-spelled Amethyst
  • Trump Card Pieces
  • Honour Cards

Celina Drops:
  • Portable Star Orb Box
  • Honor Card B (500 fam rep)
  • Arsene Secret Key
  • Buckle
  • Chain
  • Tough leather
  • Recipe - Elite Trump Armor

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