zondag 15 februari 2009

Sekhmet guide

Sekhmet is the top tier raid boss in granado espada, being the toughest and hardest to kill and reach for a long while. Sekhmet is located in Fire isle, caldera of doom (simply walk to here from fi 800k)

Summoning and respawn time:
Respawn is still unknown to me so far, summoning Sekhmet is one hell of a jub to start with, first you will need 1 crest of all 4 fire isle cerebrus bosses (Dark crest, Fire crest, Lightning crest & ice crest) and you will need to guess the correct number at the ferucio tombstone, it's a number between 1 and a random 4 digit number.
You get 11 tries to guess the correct number and the ferucio tombstone will tell if your guess was higher or lower then the correct number. (best way is to keep guessing half of min and max possibility) To guess you need drag that x amount of vis on the tombstone. If you succeed the tombstone will transform into a warp and anyone stepping close to it gets trown in Sehkmet's spawn area.

Strategy and boss stats:
Since master levels came out this raid is actually doable. however it will need several tanks just to keep the minis away. Then another heavy duty high mental res tank to keep sehkmet (who will still die if she crits). And lots of pimped eles with 69 ar ideally and high golem dmg. Due to her somewhat low mental and ele ress they deal rather high dmg and arent to affected by the debuff.
Vince and builders are a huge asset in this raid.
And atm when she gets down to 10% the 5 Diablo's awaken though she still drops items if these aren't killed.


  • Elite le noir
  • Elite le blance
  • Recipe - la rouge
  • 32 ar weapon recipes
  • 30 ar weapons
  • 3 constellation symbols
sources: jge blog

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