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Vergo guide

Vergo is one of the easier to access raids, it's on Porto Bello Desolate Cliff , H5 for all channels.

Summoning and re spawn time:
To summon Vergo and his minions you need to use a silver hammer on his tombstone (Silver hammers drop of Bellboy mini boss in desolate cliff which respawns each 4hours). Vergo herself re-spawns after a maintenance or 12 hours after she was killed last.

Vergo has 57AR/DR and can hit quite hard, however there is a way to lure him without letting him attack and since the updates he is rather easy thanks to higher ar/dr. now a days a expert family can solo him, but on average 2 expert families are recommended.

Vergo has 57AR/DR and can hit quite hard, however she deals physical dmg so a tanker still works wonders to keep the group alive. When Vergo spawns her minions spawn with her, alot of lvl 100 mobs and some mini bosses (Pasiar, Skeleton, Gavi and Anchor bosses).
There's basically 3 strategies for vergo:

first is the zerg where the raid group storms at vergo and ignores all other minions, and tries to kill her asap (her minions despawn when she dies).

And the Normal way, where you take down the mini bosses first and then lure Vergo to a calm spot and let the tanker tank vergo with her normal atk's into the opposite direction of the dps group.

Thirdly is the circle or running around, with this variant you also lure the mini bosses away from Vergo and kill them, then lure Vergo with a wizard after having dispelled Vergo. Vergo will endlessly run after the wizard to hit it with a normal atk, but as a wizard you can easily outrun/levitate Vergo. The wizard then runs or flies circles around the dps group to let Vergo walk constantly in the dps group's range.

  • Key of Vergo (Use on chest of mein in Deserted quay for a lvl 100 e wep, 84 elites and rings)
  • Diamond Coupon
  • Grand Level Valkyrie Crasher
  • Bellem Box
  • Random Ring
  • Random Glove
  • Level 84 Elite Weapon
  • Level 92 Weapon/Armor
  • Level 92 Unique Weapon/Armor
  • Level 96 Weapon/Armor
  • Level 100 Weapon
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Piece of a 32 ar recipe (item needed for them)
  • Piece of Elite Schvarlier Armor (Rare)
  • Recipe - Enhanced shooting resistance necklace (Rare)

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