zaterdag 21 februari 2009

Diablo Guide

Diablo is a raid found only in channel 1 pradera de ceniza at the demon's well (named on mini map)

Summoning and respawn time:
To summon Diablo the Demon well needs to be filled with 99 mega talts and Diablo will appear. However you can only ad up to 10 mega talt per time and it often gives a message as if the well is blocked. There is a 3.5 hour timer till you can use the well again.

Diablo is also one of the easiest rad bosses with 54 AR/DR and usually 2 vet families are enough to take him out.

As long as you got a melee char acting as tank and soaking up the damage, you should be fine.
High dr fams can kill it easily witout a tank.

  • Random Rings
  • Diamond Coupon
  • Grand Level Valkyrie Crasher
  • Level 84 Elite Item
  • Level 96 Enchantment Chip
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  1. With 2 expert musks and 1 expert fighter is not to hard to solo it ^^