maandag 22 december 2008

Constellation serie!

One of the better weapon series, due to still being able to chip ar unlike the newer series.

Where to get Materials and recipe:

  • Veteran Enchantment chips drop in several places, for example Basement raid and Castilla Raids. They can also be gotten by breaking a damaged polish weapon or tossing 3x lv 100 chips into the chip exchanger.
  • Lv 33 weapon crystals are gotten from breaking +5 32 ar series, +6 31 ar series, or from +7 30 ar weapons. (Ele gate weps can be used here too)
  • Ancient Runes Ti and Ar drop in Errac, Dias from the werebears.
  • Ancient Runes Te and Ar drop in Errac, Noche from the werebears.
  • Recipes can be chosen when turning in a symbol set (12 symbols, 1 of each) at Chief Haman in El Dorado (after completing her questline)

screenshots: click here

Source: 2ch wiki and wordwood

Dullahan/Werebear/Kobold weapon serie

The Kobold, Werebear and Dullahan series introduced since v3.0.
This is a rather unusual 31 ar weapon series with high chipping costs.
In recent patches they've become far easier to aquire and craft but still lost out versus many other series. Now a days they need vet chips for enchanting, 200 shiny crystals per upgrade attempt and need veteran tier lacquer. Since v10.6 they drop in large numbers from the party raids, but still only serve as relatively cheap weapon crystals to be.

Where to get whole drops:

  • Bounty Hunter Secret Tower
  • Party missions

Where to get Materials:

  • An and Te Runes drop in Errac Tierra, Noche
  • Ar and Ti Runes drop in Errac Tierra, Dias
  • Grade 31 crystals are gotten from breaking +5 30 ar weapons at El Dorado.
  • Solvents are sold cheaply at every item merchant.

Where to get the recipes:

  • Errac Tierra, Dias (Werebear's Mace and Morningstar recs)
  • Errac Tierra, Noche (Werebear's Cannon and Poleaxe recs)
  • Oculta Fortress (Dullahan and Kobold series)
  • Party Missions.

source is as usual.

Trump and Elite Trump Weapon Series

Trump weapons got added at v 3.3, a unique and a elite weapons serie.
Both inspired by the Major Arcana of Tarot Cards, these weapons are 30/31 ar equivalents.
The normal trump are considered unique and always come with the same stats, Elite Trump can be chipped with lvl 96 chips.

To get a normal trump you need to craft a red, green or blue circus ticket with a karjalein and trade it vs the reboldeux gaurd in Queen's Gate.
Crafting a ticket costs:
  • 200 Mega Talt
  • 15 Mysterious Powder
  • 600 Shiny Crystals
To get a Elite trump weapon you'll need to exchange a trump ticket and 1 of each top tier gem, aka 1 Archangel Heart, Seeds of rafflesia and a Siren's Scale.

Watch out though as the trump weapons drop to the ground reserved in your name.

Where to get Materials:

  • Mega Talts drop of any boss
  • Mysterious powders are a tradable cash shop item.
  • Shiny Crystals drop in most pre lvl 100 maps.
  • High grade jewels are made from recipes or gotten of cash shop promo boxes.
Where to get the recipes:

Where to get as drops:

Source is of course.