woensdag 6 april 2011

Accursed Bounty Hunter Raids

New missions of the 5.0 update patch located in Auch:
Most give tokens which you can buy some random stuff with, including keys for basement (3 vet tokens) and basic necklaces (35 vet tokens)along with sort term wings and veteran stance books.

However there's a quite a list of drops that can be gotten from them, i'll list what i could find here.
There's a version for each major dungeon and they are quite challeging. Only advised if you have good gear for the last few levels in the bracket or got a full group.
1-5 families can enter each bounty quest and can select 1 out of 3 payments.
There will be a ton of mobs that don't respawn and have chance to drop some neat loot.
However the bosses are more stable and quicker to farm.
Drops from mobs are rare, bosses always drop the same, and roulettes good drops are a very low chance occurance.

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