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King Henry

King henry can be found in Castilla Ruins at I6/7. to get there you need to take the central lane and pay 1 ancient relic piece for the first warp and 5 ancient relics to enter the king henry room.

Summoning and respawn time:
King Henry spawns every Tuesday and Saturday at 22:00 server-time.He'll despawn around 30 minutes later if he isn't killed.

Very easy, even though he has tons of hp he has low dr and is easily tanked to prevent him from oneshotting to much. Just watch out for his aoe around him that can usually end up killing a few families.

Raiding Strategy:
This boss is often a huge dps contest on both channels, as he has a fixed spawn and very nice drops.
Only things worth noting is that he deals heavy physical dmg and he summons ogre mages who'll try to debuff. (slower atk speed and prevents skill usage.)
He's not even immune to debuffs, so it's quite common to see him shocked, feared, mortal wounded and stunned. As such a lg rifle or sword is higher recommended to improve dps against him via the shock debuff.

All in all this boss is just very easy, so i can't really think of more advice here.

  • Elite le Blanc
  • Recipe - Elite le Noir
  • lvl 100 chips
  • lvl 92 chips
  • lvl 88 chips
  • random gloves and boots
  • 30 ar weps
  • 84e elites
  • Recipe - magic belt (any type)

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