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Fire Gate guide

Fire gate or gate of fire can be accessed from topolo durga channel 1, open the mini map and go to the place where gate of fire is written on the map (D6).

Summoning and respawn time:
When you arrive at D6 in Topolu Durga you'll see the gate leading to this raid. When someone drags a fire orb into it from their inventory the warp to Fire gate will activate and for around 5-10 minutes anyone can enter.
In addition to that there's a notice to all players in topolo durga channel 1 when it opens (saying that it has opened). So make sure no one that dislikes you is active on the map.
Once inside you'll see tons of monsters and 10 summoning towers scattered all over the map.
You'll need to use a total of 10 fire orbs on the 10 summoning stations to spawn Lava Leaf in the center. To get the towers on the platforms wait till a gate has apeared and use it to warp onto those platforms. Watch out with the summoning stations because once used they can be attacked by any players. If a summoning station is destroyed all stations will deactivate and Lava Leaf will despawn. Do note that after killing Lava leaf everyone will be kicked out in 90 seconds. Fire Gate can be done as many times as you have the orbs to fund it as Lava Leaf respawns each time all 10 towers are activated.

Raiding strategy and boss stats:

Strategy for the raid is pretty straightforward, use the orbs to open the portal and spawn a lava leaf, drag him to a corner with a low spawnrate of mobs, get char to tank him and let rest dps and buff.
Important buffs here are lava plasma, ice plasma, antimagic shield and jarring tune. Till v4.5 jarring tune and antimagic shield won't stack tough. Lava plasma is best used if you can't survive his attacks/aoe's to well, ice plasma is ideal for dealing more dmg since he's weak to ice, but he'll deal more dmg then with fire plasma on. Antimagic boosts resistances and jarring tune help survive even more but jarring tune comes at the cost of -10% atk. All depends on what you prefer.
Again he's weak to ice so expert eles with ice bracelets deal most dmg to him, outrage musks are also good for dps of course. He can also use his selffbuff skill Aurora to gain 200 def, which makes wiz dispell also very useful here. After all that trouble he should die pretty easy and give you some cruddy gear.

  • 32 AR Fire Gate weapon or shield (100% chance of 1 to drop)
  • 30 AR lvl 100 weapons
  • lvl 84 elite armors
  • Le Noirs
  • Recipe - 92e armor
  • Recipe - 96e armor
  • Fire Elemental Key
  • Belt
  • Enhanced Lightning resistance necklace recipe (rare)

Loot improved since v5.0, might be more new drops

jGE wiki and raid boss list

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