zondag 5 oktober 2008

Pets the turnaround of 3.0

Ok so since i got into the test server i wanted to see how certain update features work:

Biggest of course being the pets;

there only 2 kinds of pets atm, the moppets and poppets.

for the quest you have to talk to a new npc in gigante beach and he will ask you to retrieve a egge so he can make into a omelet jummy!
So you go to fire isle free zone and click on the stone on the left side, you get the option to go inside or stay out :o, once you went inside you will see 3 poppets running around, kill em or at least make em despawn.
then to the right the pet keeper and 3 poppets and a moppet spawn, once you killed off all but the pet keeper it will say "kawww" at some point, now run to the egg and click on it. if everything went good you got a egg, if not you can retry as often as you want. (timing needs to be in a few seconds so it's easy to click to late.) you can get as much eggs as you want btw, not sure yet if you can breed more then 2 pets, 1 of each kind.

once you got your eg you bring it back to the upc, of course you will say you don't want to eat it but hatch it instead.
the pet tamer npc then puts the egg in that greenhouse you probaly know, wich is now called a hatchery.

you get 3 days to take care of the egg and a poppet will be born, if you feed it a nutrition on the second day (just drag it from inv) you will get a moppet.


little flying pets wich heal and buff, they buff lvl 11 Insistendo lvl 10 Accelerando and lvl 10 Meditativo on your family members only.
they always buff your first character first with all 3 buffs then second then third, with buffs in this order: Insistendo / Accelerando / Meditativo. (they don't buff if you already had buff on you tough)

and they heal for 1k hp each time tough they are slower with using skills then scouts.


little fuzy bear like things wich pick up items, it doesn't matter what item as long as your inventory has place and it isn't reserved for someone else.
these seems to be very imba and will probaly change our game when they come out, even tough test server has increased droprate, it seems each time someone goes afk for the night with a poppet in bahamar they get at least a 30 ar weapon and/or a chess piece/snail skin

pet food:
each pet starts with 25% energy and 1 pet food gives 5% energy back.
in 1 hour they use up 5% energy roughly, and you cannot get their energy over 99%, wich means it can stay active for up to 19 hours.