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Hellbreaker guide

Hell Breaker can be found in Toukbal Mine. To get there you need to go from Abertal to capybara mine and go to the third lvl of the mine. There is only a channel 1 of this location so HB can also only spawn on channel 1.

Summoning and respawn time:
To get to Hell breaker you'll need to get a total of 12 capybara keys who are dropped by golden bats or follow someone else that opens the portals. There is a marker stone at capybara plantation wich needs 4 capy keys to open (drag them on it) and there's also a similar marker stone at the second floor (only at ch1) to go to the last area where HB resides.
When you're on the wooden part of that map which looks somewhat like a ship you'll be in Hell Breaker's spawn area. If you are close enough to the small devices they'll tell how much time is left till you can summon Hell Breaker. When the timer hits 0 you can drag 2 capybara keys on each beacon to summon Hell Breaker. Once summoned his respawn timer resets and for the duration of the fight there will be rotating blades around the area that prevent others from coming there. (Can still enter with protection field, Levitation or simply going trough the corners tough..)

Hellbreaker is fairly easy, but if you take to much time killing him the capybara cannons in the area can pack a deadly surprise to low dr chars. HB however doesn't regen much hp at all unlike most bosses, so he can be solo'd quite easily at expert albit somewhat slow.

Hell Breaker is a fairly easy boss with 54 AR/DR. Most of it's attacks alone won't kill but a lucky stun can still send one of your chars to a early grave. Having a provoker doesn't seem to work to well with HB as he wanders around a lot, best strategy is to spread out the characters or simply zerg him. Do keep in mind that Hell Breaker is flying, so almost all melee characters won't be able to hit him.


  • Mysterious Steel piece (90% chance or so)
  • Old Journal nr 10
  • lvl 84 elite(s)
  • Composite steel
  • Pure gold bars
  • Steel weapon recipe (Rare)
  • lvl 84 elite weapon recipe (Rare, doesn't count as steel)

jGE wiki and raid boss list

Faction Fight guide

Faction Fight is a sort of challenge/raid for alliances or just strong big clans located outside Reboldeux for the Royalists and outside City of Auch for the republicans.

Summoning and respawn time:
Faction Fight only opens once a day at 20:00 gmt +1 and the portal stays open till 20:30 gmt +1, everyone inside is kicked out at 21:30 gmt+1 and it's a daily event.

Strategy and Boss stats:
Faction Fight costs 20 family reputation to enter per time, and there's a total of 3 big bosses inside and quite a few mini bosses, Ancient Vergo, Ancient Diablo and Ancient Hellbreaker. Each of them are upgraded versions of the original raid bosses and with different loot. Everyone who enters is teleported to F/G 6, in the first ten minutes nothing will happen in Faction Fight but after that Ancient Gerrero's spawn at the starter area and when you kill one it opens the correspondent warp to a raid boss. G7 leads to Ancient Hellbreaker, E 6/7 leads to Ancient Diablo and G5 leads to Ancient Vergo, it's best to leave Ancient vergo for last if there's not a huge amount of ppl.
For Diablo you'll need to lure his attacks away from the main dps group and kill it as usual raid, nothing to hard really.
For Hellbreaker tanks usually provoke right under him while the rest of the dps group attacks this flying boss with ranged dps and takes him down, he does spawn some small mobs a few times but these are easy to get rid of.
For Vergo you'll need to tank him away fromt he main dps group again, in here you can also choose to zerg vergo or kill his minnions first and then go after vergo, either way the tank will need to keep him away fromt he main dps again.
When one of the bosses is killed it does spawn a warp to the next zone, but the teleport there only spawns if all raid bosses are killed and it takes you back to the entrance zone. After all the 3 Ancient bosses are dead a warp spawns in the entrance zone as well and takes you to the colony, here there will be some enemy npc's defending it but they die real easy, after killing the colony each family can take a 24 hours 1 AR/DR buff. (lasts 24 hours of playtime on those chars, buff don't go away without using the chars)

  • 5 lvl 100 chips per Ancient boss (drops free for all)

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