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Chateau de Bourgogne guide

Screenie made by Cheewalie of Illier server, thanks mate

Chateau de Bourgogne or commonly called circus, starts from reboldeux sewers near the middle where there is a passage without mobs, you should see a green arrow pointing at the wall, this is the lobby room for this raid.

Summoning and respawn time:
To start this raid you need 3 families with each 1 character in play as minimum, then start the mission and you´re off. Mind you every account can only do this raid once a day!

Easy for master families, and quite doable as long as the tanker or whoever takes the agro is master. The other chars are usually dps or buffs/res chars, anything goes really.

Map: (made by IAH)

Raiding strategy:
It´s quite straight forward, just march past the halls to the right, at least 1 person needs to trigger the conversation with helena and walk to the last room which contains the first miniboss: Prost.
Watch out if you got low mind res, he can afflict apathy with his attacks which can mean you die fast.
Other then that he's nothing special, kill him fast. (can use spiritual resistance potions to increase mind res)

Go back to where you've started from and you will see new mobs along the way (though this is buggy since they spawn only half the time). Watch out for these mobs if you got low def/dr they love to spam skills which knockback and deal pretty nasty dmg as well. Let the toughest family grab their agro and kill em asap, once you've done that you can walk to the next rooms, it doesn't matter which room you go for atm but i'd suggest going to the right room 4 first, so you don't need to backtrack. Kill more of the normal mobs and walk up to the next miniboss: Emily. She´s still easy as hell but just be carefull not to get agro if you got bad armor and she can freeze you and kill you with ease.

Nothing to different with the mobs here, do note that some got more hp def then the normal ones, but they´re still easy. Walk up to room 5 to start a fight with Celine, she's quite easy but once again dangerous to frail dps chars. She doesn't cause any conditions tough so no need for spiritual res pots.
Follow the path to the next hall to meet Mario, he is the easiest yet lamest mini-boss around here. His attacks won't do much damage, he'll just charge like a brain dead boss around the map and sometimes cause burn. However if he's about to die he kills anyone around himself with a surprise bomb, so make sure you keep your distance from him when his hp is low. (telltale sign is when he suddenly talks during the fight, then he'll use the bomb.)

If you've killed all the mini bosses and caused helena to talk then you can advance past the locked door, here you'll find a row of mobs slowing you down from reaching the boss. Kill them to advance, you should know how to about now. Once all families stand inside the final room, a wounded Mario and wounded Prost apear.
Do note that if anyone tries to leave this room a lot of mobs spawn to stop you, so it's easier to stay fighting in this room. killing 1 of the wounded bosses causes a wounded Emily to spawn, and once another dies a wounded Celine joins the fight.
They're still easy to take care of, just focus on Prost first and usually keep Mario for last since he deals the least dmg anyway. After the wounded mini-bosses have been killed Louis will turn hostile and you can dps him finally. He deals mental dmg btw so using a spiritual resistance potion is advised. At third part of the fight he won't deal to much damage yet, his only surprise atm is the skill Joker which prevents items usage. (but you can still run away)

When his hp falls around 25% he'll call for help from Helena, and watch out as this part is easily the hardest part of the raid.
Helena can use 3 different elemental skills which still do high dmg, and Louis will still be attacking as well.
However Louis now will also start using his sellfbuff to increase dmg a lot. Take down Helena as fast as you can and focus on Louis again.
When he's alone he'll be easy to deal with, but he can still summon help of 2 straw dolls. I'm not to sure how strong these are as he usually dies before he can spawn them but i've seen the straw dolls killing the last player alive so be careful!.

After all that he'll drop his loot and if lucky a key, i'm afraid i am not sure what can drop of the chest this key opens however rumors indicate it can drop elite shivarlier armor recipes.


from mobs:

  • rough stones, any colour

from mini bosses:
  • lv 100 enchantment chip
  • enchantment chip veteran
  • Arsene Circus Ticket recipe

from Loius:

  • lv 100 enchantment chip
  • enchantment chip veteran
  • Ringmaster's Secret Key
  • lvl 100, 30 ar weapons
  • 32 ar weapon recipes
  • lvl 100, 27 dr armors
  • lvl 92e armor recipes
  • lvl 96e armor recipes
  • veteran gloves/boots
  • Arsene Circus Ticket recipe

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  1. Mobs won't spawn in the first hall if you kill Prost (Depleting all of his life before he disappears), Mario won't drop the bomb if you kill him (Same as Prost, depleting all of his life. Usually by skilling at the last part of his lifebar)