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Instanced Rafflesia guide

From zona una there's a warp near the huge central tree (G6) , this warp will take you to the empty part of rafflesia. In here there will be another gate wich you need to open to allow acces to the raid boss her room.

To get access to rafflesia every family needs a rafflesia lobby key and 1 rafflesia petal is also needed.
The person that has the petal can use it to summon a lobby portal, then others can join with the lobby key. Do note that this raid has 1 day cooldown, regardless of wether you beat it or not. To Craft the petal you need to talk to Federigo in auch and give him a yellow,red and green leaf of rafflesia along with 150 shiny crystals.

To buy the lobby key you need 50 shiny crystals, the boy in the tunnel in auch sells them.

Instanced rafflesia might actually be tougher then instanced Uranus thanks to it's high hp regen and the need to keep the buff up, tough 1 master fam should be able to solo it it's recommended to bring 2-3 expert families for non solo attempts.

Raiding strategy:
Inside the room where the Queen-Eater resides are alot of random mobs, these mobs can be quite anoying to chars with low dr as they love to spam knockbacks. However they drop a rafflesia petal on death, wich is used to give 1 fam a buff which prevents rafflesia's skill of 1hitting your team.
In the middle of the map you'll see Queen-Eater with her 3 bodyparts, each bodypart can be seperetaly attacked,each part got 1 unique attack and their stats.

None of the Queen-Eater bodyparts will attack normally, but they can each use a skill. The torso uses a skill wich damages and draws you under the body with chance to poison. The Legs use a similiar skill wich knocks you back away from the body. And finally the Egg will use a skill wich causes confusion.
When fighting Rafflesia it's important to keep using the Rafflesia petals to prevent yourself from getting onehitted by the skills. It's suggested to kill the torso first as the poison skill is seen as the most anoying skill to deal with, however torso is classified as flying. After you've dealt with the torso kill the legs while keeping the petal buff active. It isn't as dangerous as the torso but can still 1hit if you are unbuffed. For the egg the buff isn't needed as it can only cause a status and can't kill, tough beware as the hp regen of the egg is quite high.

  • lvl 84 elite armor
  • lvl 92 elite armor recipe
  • lvl 96 elite armor recipe
  • lvl 100 (27 dr) armor
  • lvl 84 elite weapons
  • lvl 100 (30 ar) rod or staff
  • Grand valyrie crashers
  • Recipe -Enhanced Mental resistance necklace (rare)
Reward Box:
  • Constellation box or
  • Mega Talt

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