zaterdag 18 juli 2009


Undertaker is a relatively easy raid boss introduced in the v2.9 update, he can be found in Reboldeux underground in the round mob less room near the end on both channels.

Undertaker isn't to tough, but he has pretty fast hp recovery and uses a skill which increases your ar, but decreases dr so watch out with low dr chars. 4 decent expert families should be able to down him.

Summoning and respawn time:
He will re-spawn every 8-9 hours and when he does everyone in his room is teleported to the entrance. It is also said that all mobs in underground get stronger when he is alive.

He doesn't hold agro well, and loves to switch targets so simply going all out is best. It's recommended to bring at least 60 dr chars. Flintlock, HG and Mighty Cruz all seem to work well as dps. Outrage isn't as good for this boss due to his high def and hard armor class.


  • 30 ar weapon
  • 32 ar weapon recipe
  • 92e armor recipe
  • le noir recipe
  • jewel recipe

undertaker guide, sge update info

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