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Castilla Relics Raid

Castilla Relics raid can be found at K7 of the Castilla ruins map, keep in mind that in sword the name is wrong and should be relics, but it is Castilla Ruins as well instead.

Entrance Fees:
This raid can be done with 1-8 families, and the first try for the day costs 1 Gold Ancient Relic.You'll need more Gold Ancient Relics for multiple runs on a day, but i don't know how much exactly.
Keep in mind that in order to get to the entrance you'll need to pay 2 Ancient Relic Pieces for the warps on the ruins map, and another relic piece if you warp from garrison 1 to ruins directly.

Semi Difficult, bosses can hit quite hard but they'll rarely ever wipe a team.

Raiding Strategy:
Similar to the mine raids, the purpose is here to kill all bosses in order to advance.
Unlike Mine however it has far less trash mobs, and the trash mobs it does have are either at a trap spot or spawn from the bosses themselves.
The 3 ogre like bosses, Wetis, Arito and Hadeon all cause armor crasher and spawn several ancient knight mobs when their health goes down. There's also 3 trap rooms, that shoot burn, freeze or shock darts but its easy enough just to walk through any of them.

The First Boss is a Diablo, but beware when it's health is around 25% it'll split up in 3 tiny diablo's who cannot be attacked during a small period of time. Once they become red again they can killed, but if a melee gets close they despawn and Diablo returns while killing several family members. This effect gets canceled if all 3 tiny Diablo's are killed from a distance.

The Second Boss is a Lava Leaf, as usual has 400 ish def and large area of effect spells and cant be dispelled this time around.

Third boss is a Wetis, using a large axe he has a larger then usual melee range. Watch out for his armor crasher skills though. Overall he's just a pushover that's easily tanked.

Fourth is a Arito, a big dual blunt using humanoid, has a instant cast melee skill and does high dmg so he'll usually kill robe/coat users with ease.

Fifth is a Hadeon, a cannon using humanoid that has a high chance to inflict shock with his attacks. It works wonder to have the anti debuff buff of val or incantation here. Watch out as he likes constantly shooting the robe/coat wearers.

Seventh is Nana, a human boss which can go invis at times, switches agro alot and has some pretty flashy skills.

Last is Tempest, the end boss of this raid. But while fighting him Wetis, Arito and Hadeon will slowly return to fight you off again along with trash mobs.
Beware of Tempest his area of effect spells, just like deka of mines he'll walk towards a fam before using his skill. so use that time to run away. He can freeze characters on hit, and that is often enough deadly combined with his high atk.

Secret Room:
There's also a secret treasure room with a free roulette chest and several treasure mobs, but you can't always enter it. When you see the "You have discovered the door to the ancient secret room" notice at the start of a mine raid, go to G/h7 of Nana's room up the stairs and to the right and detect/rouse/whole cancelation till a warp pops up.

Mob drops:
  • Ancient relic piece

Boss drops:
  • Veteran Chips
  • Lv. 100 chips
  • Mega Quartz
  • Ancient Relic piece
  • Golden Ancient Relic Piece

Roulette Drops:
  • 84e weapon
  • 30 ar weapon (92e or lvl 100)
  • 32 ar weapon (crafted serp, golden, elite etc)
  • 84e armor
  • 27 dr armor
  • 92e armor
  • La Noir armor
  • 96e armor
  • Elite le Blanc armor
  • random rough stone
  • Constellation Symbol
  • Promotion recipe - veteran
  • Recipe - 92e armor
  • Recipe - La Noir
  • Recipe - 96e armor
  • Recipe - Elite Le Blanc
  • Recipe - Cut necklace
  • Recipe - Made necklace
  • Recipe - Qualified Belt
  • Recipe - Artisan Belt
  • Experience Card B
  • Experience Card G
  • Honor Card A
  • Honor Card B
  • Ancient Gold Relic
  • Pure gold bar
  • Elemental Jewel
  • Recipe - Dragon Heart

jge wiki relics page

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