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Chateau de Bourgogne guide

Screenie made by Cheewalie of Illier server, thanks mate

Chateau de Bourgogne or commonly called circus, starts from reboldeux sewers near the middle where there is a passage without mobs, you should see a green arrow pointing at the wall, this is the lobby room for this raid.

Summoning and respawn time:
To start this raid you need 3 families with each 1 character in play as minimum, then start the mission and you´re off. Mind you every account can only do this raid once a day!

Easy for master families, and quite doable as long as the tanker or whoever takes the agro is master. The other chars are usually dps or buffs/res chars, anything goes really.

Map: (made by IAH)

Raiding strategy:
It´s quite straight forward, just march past the halls to the right, at least 1 person needs to trigger the conversation with helena and walk to the last room which contains the first miniboss: Prost.
Watch out if you got low mind res, he can afflict apathy with his attacks which can mean you die fast.
Other then that he's nothing special, kill him fast. (can use spiritual resistance potions to increase mind res)

Go back to where you've started from and you will see new mobs along the way (though this is buggy since they spawn only half the time). Watch out for these mobs if you got low def/dr they love to spam skills which knockback and deal pretty nasty dmg as well. Let the toughest family grab their agro and kill em asap, once you've done that you can walk to the next rooms, it doesn't matter which room you go for atm but i'd suggest going to the right room 4 first, so you don't need to backtrack. Kill more of the normal mobs and walk up to the next miniboss: Emily. She´s still easy as hell but just be carefull not to get agro if you got bad armor and she can freeze you and kill you with ease.

Nothing to different with the mobs here, do note that some got more hp def then the normal ones, but they´re still easy. Walk up to room 5 to start a fight with Celine, she's quite easy but once again dangerous to frail dps chars. She doesn't cause any conditions tough so no need for spiritual res pots.
Follow the path to the next hall to meet Mario, he is the easiest yet lamest mini-boss around here. His attacks won't do much damage, he'll just charge like a brain dead boss around the map and sometimes cause burn. However if he's about to die he kills anyone around himself with a surprise bomb, so make sure you keep your distance from him when his hp is low. (telltale sign is when he suddenly talks during the fight, then he'll use the bomb.)

If you've killed all the mini bosses and caused helena to talk then you can advance past the locked door, here you'll find a row of mobs slowing you down from reaching the boss. Kill them to advance, you should know how to about now. Once all families stand inside the final room, a wounded Mario and wounded Prost apear.
Do note that if anyone tries to leave this room a lot of mobs spawn to stop you, so it's easier to stay fighting in this room. killing 1 of the wounded bosses causes a wounded Emily to spawn, and once another dies a wounded Celine joins the fight.
They're still easy to take care of, just focus on Prost first and usually keep Mario for last since he deals the least dmg anyway. After the wounded mini-bosses have been killed Louis will turn hostile and you can dps him finally. He deals mental dmg btw so using a spiritual resistance potion is advised. At third part of the fight he won't deal to much damage yet, his only surprise atm is the skill Joker which prevents items usage. (but you can still run away)

When his hp falls around 25% he'll call for help from Helena, and watch out as this part is easily the hardest part of the raid.
Helena can use 3 different elemental skills which still do high dmg, and Louis will still be attacking as well.
However Louis now will also start using his sellfbuff to increase dmg a lot. Take down Helena as fast as you can and focus on Louis again.
When he's alone he'll be easy to deal with, but he can still summon help of 2 straw dolls. I'm not to sure how strong these are as he usually dies before he can spawn them but i've seen the straw dolls killing the last player alive so be careful!.

After all that he'll drop his loot and if lucky a key, i'm afraid i am not sure what can drop of the chest this key opens however rumors indicate it can drop elite shivarlier armor recipes.


from mobs:

  • rough stones, any colour

from mini bosses:
  • lv 100 enchantment chip
  • enchantment chip veteran
  • Arsene Circus Ticket recipe

from Loius:

  • lv 100 enchantment chip
  • enchantment chip veteran
  • Ringmaster's Secret Key
  • lvl 100, 30 ar weapons
  • 32 ar weapon recipes
  • lvl 100, 27 dr armors
  • lvl 92e armor recipes
  • lvl 96e armor recipes
  • veteran gloves/boots
  • Arsene Circus Ticket recipe

SGE article

Colony bosses

These raids are gone since the v5.0 update patch!!!

Colony bosses are inside the colony area's in the center of each of those maps, talk to the colony manager object to be warped into those maps.

Summoning and respawn time:
Colony bosses can be done once per day per colony, to summon them the clan leader of the clan that controls said colony needs to talk to the colony npc in the center.

Relatively easy depending on the map, most can be done with 3 master familiess but some might need 5 or more. for example Kato, murky are somewhat tough ones.

Raiding strategy:
Most don't even hit that hard, so most can be tanked by master musketeers in 92e's or up.
For the last few maps you might want to use a master fighter to draw agro but it's not really needed to be honest.


  • lvl 84 elites
  • lvl 84 elite recipes
  • mega talt
  • lvl 100 chips
  • lvl 92 chips
  • veteran chips
  • unique drop depending on area (2% droprate)

There's a bit of uncertainty about 5 colonies, which most of it seems to be rumors so i cannot guarantee those items do in fact drop there:
Rion and Bonavista have elite lightning cockatrices which should count for the claire quest.
El Cannon has a gerrero boss which should drop a auqarius symbol in theory, but wordwood doesn't list it.
Murky's bosses SA and KoC seems to indicate that they can also drop a DHr, but none found yet.
Ustiur zona dos is said to be able to drop the ring of viscount, but again no confirmation.


woensdag 14 juli 2010

Instanced Griffon guide

Instanced Griffon is located on Vegas Javier D6 on both channels.

Summoning and respawn time:
To get to the instance where Instanced Griffon is in you´ll need a Griffin Tear and every participant needs a Griffon lobby key. To craft these items talk to Federigo in I9 City of Auch.
Griffon tears need 6 griffon egg shells (item in vegas javier, 1 per channel 20-30 min cooldown) and 250 shiny crystals.
To buy the lobby key you need 80 shiny crystals, the boy in the tunnel in auch sells them.

Griffon used to be one of the tougher raids, tough it still kinda is. A well equipped master can solo it, but expect around 5-6 expert fams needed to take it down.

Raiding strategy:
He spawns at the H9 hill and it's quite a easy raid with masters, life racials works wonders here esp with bloody feast/rapiere or tronada cruz. Be warned though as he can randomly freeze chars with his new skills, but it wont be to dangerous.


  • 30 ar lvl 100 weapon
  • lvl 92e armor recipe
  • lvl 96e armor recipe
  • Recipe - le Noir
  • Recipe - Elite le blanc
  • Recipe - Dragon Heart
  • Rings
  • Lv 100 enchantment chip
  • Bellum Boxes
  • Diamond Coupons
  • Grand Crasher
Reward box (x3):
  • Constellation Box or
  • Mega talt

playge wiki griffon article and sge raid bosses info

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Instanced Fire Gate guide

Fire gate or gate of fire can be accessed from topolo durga channel 1, open the mini map and go to the place where gate of fire is written on the map (D5).

Summoning and respawn time:

Like the other instanced raids you will need Fire crystal and 1 Fire gate lobby key on every participant. The instanced warp portal is still inside the temple, but it is not the normal gate just head to D5 and you'll see it soon. Fire Crystal needs 1 fire orb, 5 fire stones and 200 shiny crystals. As usual Federigo in Auch crafts it.
To buy the lobby key you need 60 shiny crystals, the boy in the tunnel in auch sells them.
Once inside you'll still need to summon Lava Leaf, he'll be summoned once you activated all 10 summoning stations in the map. To activate a station drag a fire orb from inventory atop the station and select 1.
Unlike the normal Fire Gate the last summoning station attacked will become hostile to the mobs, if one of the summoning stations is destroyed lava leaf will despawn and all summoning stations will be reset.

This is easily one of the harder and suprising instanced raids, especially with the 5 ar/dr increase of Lava Leaf.
You'll need several strong elementalists vs him with ice dmg stances, so i'd bet you'll need 3+ master fams or 5+ expert fams + 1 family to defend the last station.

Strategy for the raid is pretty straightforward, use the orbs on the summoning stations and spawn a lava leaf, drag him to a corner with a low spawnrate of mobs, get char to tank him and let rest dps and buff.
However unlike the normal variant, the last summoning station will turn hostile to mobs! so be extremely carefull as it has little hp. Keep lava leaf away from it so his aoes can't hit it.
Buffs are still very important vs this boss fight, be it to survive or to deal dmg. Lava plasma is best used if you can't survive his attacks/aoe's to well, ice plasma is ideal for dealing more dmg since he's weak to ice, but he'll deal more dmg then with fire plasma on. Antimagic boosts resistances and jarring tune help survive even more but jarring tune comes at the cost of -10% atk. All depends on what you prefer.
Again he's weak to ice so expert eles with ice bracelets deal most dmg to him, outrage musks are also good for dps of course. He can also use his selffbuff skill Aurora to gain 200 def, which makes wiz dispell also very useful here. Unlike his weaker normal version he won't just give up and you can expect quite a fight from him.

  • 32 AR Fire Gate weapon or shield (100% chance of 1 to drop)
  • 30 AR lvl 100 weapon
  • lvl 84 elite armors
  • lvl 92 elite armor recipe
  • lvl 96 elite armor recipe
  • lvl 100 armor (27dr)
  • recipe - le noir
  • Recipe - Enhanced Fire resistance necklace
  • 32 ar weapon recipe or elite shivarilier armor recipe
Reward Box (2x):
  • Constellation Box or
  • Mega Talt

jGE wiki and sge official site instanced raid info

Instanced Uranus guide

The lobby leading to Instanced Uranus can be found in Bahamar, Underground cave 1st floor in I9 on the Murky side.

Summoning and respawn time:
To get to this version of the raid you'll need a Uranus scale and every participant needs a Uranus lobby key.
The Scale can be gotten from Federigo in auch and needs 2 scale pieces and 200 shiny crystals. (scale pieces are gotten in New Opuluto in exchange for 200 Explorer team Memo's at the vagabond).
To buy the lobby key you need 60 shiny crystals, the boy in the tunnel in auch sells them.

Uranus isn't the hardest raid, but it can be annoying mostly due to the tons of minnions and poisoning effect which lowers defense. Do note that whoever kills the minions gets poisoned, you can break the eggs without a worry of getting poisoned. If your gear is good enough you could solo it without killing minnions at all.
1 Master family can solo it usually, tough it's recommended to bring 2+ expert fams if you're not as well prepared.

Uranus has 4 stages in wich you fight him, before each stage you'll need to kill all the uranus eggs to be able to attack Uranus. During the first 3 stages when his hp is low he'll hide underwater to recover. When that happens all the eggs respawn. In total you need to kill all the eggs 4 times and kill Uranus 4 times.
When fighting the eggs, keep in mind that every egg killed spawns around 10 minions which can be a problem if there are to much of them. Whoever kills a minion also gets a 5 minute AR, atk and def debuff wich is a royal pain in the ass. When finally facing Uranus, do remember that his attacks are physical of type so prot field will greatly reduce the dmg. Outrage musks are best given a protection field to make sure they survive the attacks. A other way to save the dps group is by letting a tanker provoke away from the main dps group and lure Uranus his attacks on him. Do note that who ever has top dmg on Uranus with a single char in the last form will get all the drops!!! so it's advises to keep the top dps free of the minion's poison.


  • Lv 100 Weapon (30 ar)
  • Lv 92 Elite Armor Recipe
  • Lv 96 Elite Armor Recipe
  • Lv 100 Elite Weapon recipe
  • Recipe - Elite Schivarlier Armor
  • Recipe - Le Noir
  • Recipe - Dragon Heart

Reward box (2 drops):
  • Constellation box or
  • Mega Talt

jGE wiki and raid list guide

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Instanced Rafflesia guide

From zona una there's a warp near the huge central tree (G6) , this warp will take you to the empty part of rafflesia. In here there will be another gate wich you need to open to allow acces to the raid boss her room.

To get access to rafflesia every family needs a rafflesia lobby key and 1 rafflesia petal is also needed.
The person that has the petal can use it to summon a lobby portal, then others can join with the lobby key. Do note that this raid has 1 day cooldown, regardless of wether you beat it or not. To Craft the petal you need to talk to Federigo in auch and give him a yellow,red and green leaf of rafflesia along with 150 shiny crystals.

To buy the lobby key you need 50 shiny crystals, the boy in the tunnel in auch sells them.

Instanced rafflesia might actually be tougher then instanced Uranus thanks to it's high hp regen and the need to keep the buff up, tough 1 master fam should be able to solo it it's recommended to bring 2-3 expert families for non solo attempts.

Raiding strategy:
Inside the room where the Queen-Eater resides are alot of random mobs, these mobs can be quite anoying to chars with low dr as they love to spam knockbacks. However they drop a rafflesia petal on death, wich is used to give 1 fam a buff which prevents rafflesia's skill of 1hitting your team.
In the middle of the map you'll see Queen-Eater with her 3 bodyparts, each bodypart can be seperetaly attacked,each part got 1 unique attack and their stats.

None of the Queen-Eater bodyparts will attack normally, but they can each use a skill. The torso uses a skill wich damages and draws you under the body with chance to poison. The Legs use a similiar skill wich knocks you back away from the body. And finally the Egg will use a skill wich causes confusion.
When fighting Rafflesia it's important to keep using the Rafflesia petals to prevent yourself from getting onehitted by the skills. It's suggested to kill the torso first as the poison skill is seen as the most anoying skill to deal with, however torso is classified as flying. After you've dealt with the torso kill the legs while keeping the petal buff active. It isn't as dangerous as the torso but can still 1hit if you are unbuffed. For the egg the buff isn't needed as it can only cause a status and can't kill, tough beware as the hp regen of the egg is quite high.

  • lvl 84 elite armor
  • lvl 92 elite armor recipe
  • lvl 96 elite armor recipe
  • lvl 100 (27 dr) armor
  • lvl 84 elite weapons
  • lvl 100 (30 ar) rod or staff
  • Grand valyrie crashers
  • Recipe -Enhanced Mental resistance necklace (rare)
Reward Box:
  • Constellation box or
  • Mega Talt

jge wiki and sge new raid info

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Instanced Vergo guide

Instanced Vergo is the first and easiest instanced raid of the 4.1 update. To get to instanced vergo you can open the mission lobby by using a platinum maul at I4 in Desolate Cliff.

Summoning and respawn time:
To get the area vergo and his minnions are in you´ll need a platinum maul and a vergo lobby key. To get these talk to Federigo (I9 in City of Auch) to craft these items.
To craft a platinum maul you need 1 silver hammer (drop of bellboy , miniboss of cliff), a white gold bar
(bought from item merchants) and 150 shiny crystals.
To buy the lobby key you need 50 shiny crystals
, the boy in the tunnel in auch sells them.
Do not that every participating family needs a Lobbey key.

Intsanced Vergo has the same stats as normal Vergo, but since it's released in 4.1 many families will be geared better and have less problems with it, 2 expert fams or 1 master fam can most likely kill it without to much hassle.

Vergo has 57AR/DR and can hit decently hard, however she deals phsysical dmg so a tanker still works wonders to keep the group alive. Tough it is no longer needed at expert. Vergo has 4 mini bosses around him wich you can dispose of before the fight or simply lure vergo away from them.

There's basically 3 strategies for vergo:

first is the zerg where the raid group storms at vergo and ignores all other minions, and tries to kill her asap (her minions despawn when she dies).

And the Normal way, where you take down the mini bosses first and then lure Vergo to a calm spot and let the tanker tank vergo with her normal atk's into the opposite direction of the dps group, reccomended for the first timers.

Thirdly is the circle or running around, with this variant you also lure the mini bosses away from vergo and kill them, then lure vergo with a wizard after having despelled vergo. Vergo will endlessly run after the wizard to hit it with a normal atk, but as a wizard you can easily outrun/levitate Vergo. The wizard then runs or flies circls around the dps group to let Vergo walk constantly in the dps group's range. But not nearly as needed since the 4.1 update tough it makes it possible for weaker fams to kill it. (make sure you clear the normal mobs before doing this tough.)

  • Key of Vergo (Use on chest of mein in Deserted quay for a lvl 100 e wep, 84 elites and rings)
  • Lvl 100 Armor
  • Lvl 92 armor recipe
  • Lvl 84 elite weapon
  • Lvl 84 elite armor
  • Piece of a ....(32 ar recipes or esa recipe items)
  • Recipe - Enhanced Shot RES Necklace
reward box:
  • Mega talt or
  • Constellation box (drops random constellation symbol)

raid boss list
SGE official site

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Belt series

And finally the guide on belts:

There's 6 different types of belts:

Crude belts:
Only give defense, a poor mans belt really. Recipe drops only in Team Arena.

Basic belts:
Offers def and 5 absorb, recipes drop in Ceabolian.

Qualified belts:
Offers 6 absorb, some def and are chippable, Recipes drop in allot of places for example fire isle, Kato region, Castilla Treasure hunt, Bounty Hunters and the list goes on.

Artisan belts:
Offer 8 absorb, def and are chippable, Recipes drop mostly of Bounty hunters, prison raid, Castilla Treasure hunt and a few other locations.

Magic belts:
The top tier belts, offer 10 absorb, def and can be chipped with even higher stats. Drops of most high end raids, aka sehkmet, novia, Mufasa, Prison raid and Castilla Tower of Choas.

Garim belt:
Just 1 belt recipe of a different series from garim's chest, the dream belt for any tank or scout. As you might have expected the belt only drops with a low chance at Garim's Nest.

Wordwood / JGE wiki

Earrings series

There aren't to much earrings yet, but with 10.18 the choices expand nicely with the enhanced argus recipes, strata recipes and the new agi, dex, cha earrings.
There seems to be plans for enhanced agi/dex/cha earrings soon as well.

Though each serie chips stats differently:


  • Strata Devil recipes can be gotten from the warped space time room raid.
  • Argus recipes are dropped of the argus raid.
  • Abyss & Lich King recipes drop from the 5k family rep raids of 10.18.
  • Enhanced Argus recipes can be bought from magic & melee reputation vendors at rank A.
  • Qualified earring recipes can be bought from the bounty hunters token exchange npc's.
  • Artisan earring recipes drop of most 8.6 raids and up. (bounty hunter, prison & torshe basement)
  • Magic earring recipes drop of  bounty hunters, tower of chaos and clock tower.
  • Gold & Silver recipes drop in the ceabolian maps of normal enemies.
  • Qualified Earrings are the only ones can drop whole of prison, basement, bounty hunter raids and Castilla Ruins/Chaos Tower.

jge earring page / wordwood

Accessory series

Because gearing up is always about armor and weapons,
here's a list of where to get belts, earrings, necklaces and vet gloves/boots:

Necklace series

Since we got some new necklaces recipes i'll make a list of wich there all are.
Necklaces give resistance to a certain element, physical melee or ranged dmg.
The new necklaces in 4.1 can be chipped for + hp, + sp and +stats.

Basic serie:
While these arent to great, they are needed to craft the made series.
They can also be gotten entirely by exchanging 35 vet tokens at bounty hunters since 5.0.

Enhanced serie:
Second series to hit the games was enhanced series, providing 10% dmg reduction of a single stype makes them quite usuable. and are also needed to craft some of the later series necklaces. see below for notes on droprate of the rec.
Enhanced recipes drop of Ortega, Griffon and many other raid bosses, most others seem to be only able to drop 1 kind of the enhanced series tough.

Made serie:
The first chippable series with only 5% dmg reduction. quite good quality. Some drop crafted of the new raids as Prison, Basement and Bounties.

Cut serie:
Good quality necklaces, with crazy list of mats by now, but chippable with better stats then made and 2% more dmg reduction. ps crystal of made necklace is merely a made necklace destroyed on the el dorado furnace/oven thingy.
Cut recipes drops from many zones, fi 800k, reb sewers, Capybara plantation, Bahamar caves flr 2, as well as possible drops of Uranus, Rafflesia and Bribantra's and Castilla Relics.

Crafted serie:
the best of the best till 5.o at minimum. 10% res and nice chippable stats, a must have for the rich people :P odd bunch in the series tough since all others need at least 1 necklace of the same type, for this it doesnt seem to matter, just need 1 cut necklace anviled again.
Crafted recipes drop from Garim, HWC, Chaos Tower and Prison Raid.

That where the stats of the necklaces when crafted, but they can be chipped so here we go again:
Chip stats:

GE wiki / Wordwood