woensdag 31 december 2008

Socketing and Co.

Here us a little guide on socketing since i keep checking different posts for when i forget the info:

rough ores:

Rough ores drop of (Area) bosses, treasure mobs, superfight mobs and rocks with a low chance.
There are 4 different colour ores: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow


To get a jewel you need to refine a rough ore, there's 4 way to doing this:
always drag the ore into the machine next to claire to start the refinement.

1) General refinement:
Refinement without any items, has lowest chance of getting decent quality jewels and has highest chance to break item.

2) Catalyzer refinement:
Uses a jewel Catalyzer to give a better chance as general refinement for a quality or high quality jewel, however there is still a chance to fail and thus loose the ore and catalyzer

3) Mystery Powder refinement:
Uses 1 mysterious powder to give a even better chance of getting a high quality jewel and gives no chance to loose the ore.

4) Fame refinement:
Uses 200 fame to refine a ore and has same chance of high quality ore as mysterious powder refinement also gives 0% chance to loose the ore.

now that you'll have a jewel we need to make socket slots on your weapons/armors first tough.


Claire in auch offers the ability to add sockets as well, talk to her and open socketing tab.
Socketing allows you to add various stats gained from yewels into armors and weapons, a armor has 2 slots for sockets, normal weapons got 3 slots and pendants and other summoning items got 1 slot maximum.

to add a slot you need to pay some vis ranging from 10k-300k depending on the item per try, but do pay attention there's a high chance of failing to add a socket and even to destroy the armor/weapon you are trying to socket!!!:

The first socket has no chance to break your armor/weapon, however the second and third socket attempts will destroy your armor if you fail!!!
Therefore you need to use a socket tranquilizer to increase the chances and to make sure your item stays complete.

Nr. socket
Chance to add socket
Chance to fail
Second with socket tranq
Third with socket tranq

Now that you finally know how to add socket we'll skip into the last part;

Adding jewels into sockets:

Claire also offers this service go talk to her again.
adding jewels also costs vis but same as last time not to much.

each jewel gives a different bonus and normal gime lowest bonus, good quality are medium and high quality are best:
the quality affects how much the bonus it adds, aka high quality is +21 and normal is +7 fire dmg for example.

Summoning weapons always get +4% max sp from normal jewel, +8% sp from good quality jewel and +12% from high quality jewel so not gonna list those here below.

Offensive bonuses only on weapons and defensive only on armors of course :D

Red jewels:

Fire attack + 7 / +14 / +21

Fire rez +4 / + 8 / +12

Critucal rate + 3 / +5 / +7

Max hp + 3% / +5% / +7%

Penetration + 2 / +4 / +6

Immunity + 2 / +4 / +6

Blue jewels:

Ice attack + 7 / +14 / +21

Ice rez +4 / +8 / +12

Accuracy + 3 / +5 / +7

Mental rez + 4 / +8 / +12

Max sp + 3% / +5% / +7%

Evasion +2 / +3 / +4

Green jewels:


Atk speed + 3% / +5% / +7%

Movement speed + 3% / +5% / +7%

Mental atk + 7 / +14 / +21

Mental rez + 4 / +8 / +12

All ele atk +3 / +4 / +5

All rez +1 / +2 / +3

Yellow jewels:

Atk + 3 / +5 / +7

Def + 3 / +5 / +7

Lightning atk+ 7 / +14 / +21

Lightning rez + 4 / +8 / +12

dmg dealt restores 2% / 3% / 4% hp

HP regeneration + 20 / +30 / +40

Good luck adding stats all!

jge wiki

maandag 22 december 2008

Constellation serie!

One of the better weapon series, due to still being able to chip ar unlike the newer series.

Where to get Materials and recipe:

  • Veteran Enchantment chips drop in several places, for example Basement raid and Castilla Raids. They can also be gotten by breaking a damaged polish weapon or tossing 3x lv 100 chips into the chip exchanger.
  • Lv 33 weapon crystals are gotten from breaking +5 32 ar series, +6 31 ar series, or from +7 30 ar weapons. (Ele gate weps can be used here too)
  • Ancient Runes Ti and Ar drop in Errac, Dias from the werebears.
  • Ancient Runes Te and Ar drop in Errac, Noche from the werebears.
  • Recipes can be chosen when turning in a symbol set (12 symbols, 1 of each) at Chief Haman in El Dorado (after completing her questline)

screenshots: click here

Source: 2ch wiki and wordwood

Dullahan/Werebear/Kobold weapon serie

The Kobold, Werebear and Dullahan series introduced since v3.0.
This is a rather unusual 31 ar weapon series with high chipping costs.
In recent patches they've become far easier to aquire and craft but still lost out versus many other series. Now a days they need vet chips for enchanting, 200 shiny crystals per upgrade attempt and need veteran tier lacquer. Since v10.6 they drop in large numbers from the party raids, but still only serve as relatively cheap weapon crystals to be.

Where to get whole drops:

  • Bounty Hunter Secret Tower
  • Party missions

Where to get Materials:

  • An and Te Runes drop in Errac Tierra, Noche
  • Ar and Ti Runes drop in Errac Tierra, Dias
  • Grade 31 crystals are gotten from breaking +5 30 ar weapons at El Dorado.
  • Solvents are sold cheaply at every item merchant.

Where to get the recipes:

  • Errac Tierra, Dias (Werebear's Mace and Morningstar recs)
  • Errac Tierra, Noche (Werebear's Cannon and Poleaxe recs)
  • Oculta Fortress (Dullahan and Kobold series)
  • Party Missions.

source is http://ge_2ch.wikiwiki.jp/ as usual.

Trump and Elite Trump Weapon Series

Trump weapons got added at v 3.3, a unique and a elite weapons serie.
Both inspired by the Major Arcana of Tarot Cards, these weapons are 30/31 ar equivalents.
The normal trump are considered unique and always come with the same stats, Elite Trump can be chipped with lvl 96 chips.

To get a normal trump you need to craft a red, green or blue circus ticket with a karjalein and trade it vs the reboldeux gaurd in Queen's Gate.
Crafting a ticket costs:
  • 200 Mega Talt
  • 15 Mysterious Powder
  • 600 Shiny Crystals
To get a Elite trump weapon you'll need to exchange a trump ticket and 1 of each top tier gem, aka 1 Archangel Heart, Seeds of rafflesia and a Siren's Scale.

Watch out though as the trump weapons drop to the ground reserved in your name.

Where to get Materials:

  • Mega Talts drop of any boss
  • Mysterious powders are a tradable cash shop item.
  • Shiny Crystals drop in most pre lvl 100 maps.
  • High grade jewels are made from recipes or gotten of cash shop promo boxes.
Where to get the recipes:

Where to get as drops:

Source is http://ge_2ch.wikiwiki.jp/ of course.

dinsdag 16 december 2008

Selva quest guide

First of all to start Selva's guide you need to have completed several other questslines:
-Garcia's questline
-Bahamar questline
-Ceabolian questline

You'll also need some several items for the quest:
1 Hero's seal (Drops in PY/BC/ST and FF)
1 Corridor of Assize key
10 Philosopher stones
20 Wolfs meat
10 Elviots leather
1 katovic soup wich needs
-50 Cabbages
-50 Beets
-50 Wolf meat
-20 Golden Apples

Talk to the Auch Adjutant to start the quest:
She'll ask for a hero's seal to prove you're good enough for the quest first.
These drop of the bosses in Battle Colluseum, Poison Yard, Secret Temple and Faction Fight.

You'll get the follow up quest then and are asked to go to Nunez in port Coimbra, he tells you Dr Fran Mothenstein might know something more.

So now you need to go to Gehenna Bridge Jaquin prison and use the key of assize by talking to the gaurd.
If you don't see any bosses inside, you can wait for 2 hours (since that is respawn on it) or you can try another time.
After fighting with Dr Fran Mothenstein he should tell you some more about the quest and sends you to Katovic snowfield to talk to the quest guy with the red horn like hair.
^That guy.

He'll send you of to Frozen Waistes to kill a avalanche apparition from ryrin's heart (closeby invierno)
If somehow the spawning goes wrong it seems you can give the npc the 10 Elviot leathers and 20 wolf meat to pass this part.

The Avalanche apparition shouldn't be tough and easy to handle :D.
once killed if chosen the other option you should get a quest scroll.

Bring the scroll to the red horn guy and he'll send you off to invierno in frozen waistes, After talking to invierno a lvl 80 Selva attacks you, nothing tough you should even be able to afk it :o.

After looking at the scroll it seems to point out a certain book with information.
Off to the library to find it!
(I'm talking about torshe's mansion now just so you know :p)
Talk to Dr torshe to ask where the book is, of course he doesn't even know, so you'll need to look for it on your own.
The bookshelf on the first floor should be clickable and warp you into a instance.

Once inside you'll get to talk to cortes and he'll help you and selva with somebody that needs curing.
and here's the dreaded part we need another kato soup!
you've already gotten a soup before so i'm pretty sure you know how to make it :D.

Go back to the book shelve in torshe's mansion to give the soup to cortes.
Once Cured he's back to his evil self! and he'll attack you...
luckily hes rather old and fragile (55ar/dr) and doesnt pose a thread for anyone that already completed ceabolian questline.

Now go to Dr Torshe to talk to him about cortes and after that go back to the Auch Adjutant in Auch to get selva's card (and torshe gives you her special stance books after talking to him)

To see her stats and stances go to :


vrijdag 5 december 2008

vet and expert gloves & boots

Since v5.0 added a whole new set of boots and gloves here'll be a bit more info on them.
About vet; Mystic series can be worn by anyone, Assasin, aiming,tracking and Leather are for chars that can wear leather armors. Chevarlier and Grieves/Gauntlets are only for those that can wear metal armor.

Vet Gloves:

Expert Gloves

Vet Boots:

Expert Boots:


Vet boots/gloves drop from:
  • Fire isle 800k
  • Arsene Circus raid
  • Ceabolian
  • Castilla
Artisan gloves/boot recipes drop from:
  • Bahamar Bounty
  • Sedecram Bounty
  • Prison Raid

Magic Gloves/boots recipes drop from:

  • Prison raid

Wordwood / jge boots page / jge gloves page