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Mission: Torsche Mansion's Basement

The entrance to the torsche basement raid can be found in Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Savage garden at E/D2.

Summoning and respawn time:
To enter this raid you need to pay 1 white gold bar or 100 otite pieces, and can only be tried once a day with minimal 2 people and maximal 4.
(You need to have completed torshe catherine's quest before you can enter as well)

Semi difficult raid, the end boss is so easy he shouldn't ever be able to kill your chars but the mobs themselfe know how make your live hell. Easiest with high elemental and mental resistance characters.
Only Masters recommended.
Recommended to bring:
  • 250+ otite pieces for magic crystals
  • Treasure chest key from bounty hunter guild exchange (or no super roullette loot)


Raiding Strategy:
A new raid with a semi puzzle built in. As soon as you start moving in here you'll see a message from Dr. Torsche saying there are x number of traps.

From there on the path splits and you'll need to sent someone to both sides to disable the magical traps in the room.
Now it's not entirely sure what traps he's talking about, as you never get to see it but every room has a unique type of mobs who drop stones with a number 1-7 on it.
If 2 stones in the corresponding rooms on the north and south side have the correct number on them that room's trap will be disabled and when all are disabled you can warp to the semi end boss. (last stone you clicked counts)

However to make things more complicated you'll receive a debuff in all rooms (which prevents using skills, and some atk, def and movement decrease along with a hp drain). You can cancel this effect by clicking the Magic Crystals (costs 10 otite piece per 2 min buff)

For the First Room the number will be the amount of traps named by torshe devided by 7.
The rooms magic numbers after that are 1 number higher then the last room and if the last room was a 7 it goes back to 1.

Room 1 is filled with Walters, dealing low fire dmg and gathering around just to get killed.
Room 2 is filled with Helena's, dealing physical dmg and like the walters aren't much of a threat.
Room 3 is filled with Sasha's, dealing fast lightning dmg so watch out when running through as they can be surprisingly deadly if you agro to much.
Room 4 is filled with Lloyd's, the all so familiar rifle user who has a wacky melee skill.
Room 5 is filled with Pyg's, one of the new weird puppets who love to spam some wacky skill for the knockback.
Room 6 is filled with Wight's, the tall new puppet who deals mental dmg and also loves spamming a aoe skill. Watch out for these as they make quick work of chars with low mental res.
Room 7 is filled with Gwraig's, and these are again very easy melee physical mobs who shouldn't pose a problem.

Once all 7 rooms magic numbers have been set in place the mobs will despawn and 2 warps to the 2 Victors spawn in every room.
These Victors are total pushovers, no need to worry about them at all really.
In the Victor room there's a chance for some treasure mobs to spawn who will drop a sun stone each.
Victor does have a bit of hp and spawns some mobs when he's around 75% health but again it's nothing to worry about.
ps he does drop some pretty decent loot.

Once both victors are dead warps will spawn to the final room, where a family can use a treasure chest key (gotten from bounty hunter guild exchange npc for 3 vet tokens) to start the roulette.

Victor Drops:
  • 5 Veteran Chips
  • 5 Pure gold bars
  • Honour Cards

Roulette Chest, 2 items:
  • Portable Star Orb Box
  • Honor Card B (500 fam rep)
  • 30 ar weapons (including 92e's)
  • 92e Armors
  • Cut Necklace (any type)
  • Qualified Earrings
  • Gold Earrings
  • Silver Earrings
  • Qualified Belt
  • Recipe - Artisan belt (any type)
  • Recipe - Artisan gloves (any type)
  • Recipe - Artisan boots (any type)
  • Recipe - Dragon heart
  • Recipe - Elite le Noir
  • White gold bar
  • Elemental Jewel

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