zaterdag 24 juli 2010

Colony bosses

These raids are gone since the v5.0 update patch!!!

Colony bosses are inside the colony area's in the center of each of those maps, talk to the colony manager object to be warped into those maps.

Summoning and respawn time:
Colony bosses can be done once per day per colony, to summon them the clan leader of the clan that controls said colony needs to talk to the colony npc in the center.

Relatively easy depending on the map, most can be done with 3 master familiess but some might need 5 or more. for example Kato, murky are somewhat tough ones.

Raiding strategy:
Most don't even hit that hard, so most can be tanked by master musketeers in 92e's or up.
For the last few maps you might want to use a master fighter to draw agro but it's not really needed to be honest.


  • lvl 84 elites
  • lvl 84 elite recipes
  • mega talt
  • lvl 100 chips
  • lvl 92 chips
  • veteran chips
  • unique drop depending on area (2% droprate)

There's a bit of uncertainty about 5 colonies, which most of it seems to be rumors so i cannot guarantee those items do in fact drop there:
Rion and Bonavista have elite lightning cockatrices which should count for the claire quest.
El Cannon has a gerrero boss which should drop a auqarius symbol in theory, but wordwood doesn't list it.
Murky's bosses SA and KoC seems to indicate that they can also drop a DHr, but none found yet.
Ustiur zona dos is said to be able to drop the ring of viscount, but again no confirmation.


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