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Griffon guide

Griffon is one of the top tier raids located in all channels of Vegas Javier

Summoning and respawn time:
For a Griffon to spawn you will need to kill one of the Griffin Eggs. These eggs spawn randomly in a 12hour window after a 36 hour respawn time. These eggs despawn after 20 minutes, making constant scouting very important to cath the egg. the 36 hour respawn time is triggered upon server resets, killing of the Griffon and the despawning of the Griffon Egg.

Griffon used to be one of the tougher raids, tough it still kinda is. A well equipped master can solo it, but expect around 4-5 expert fams needed to take it down.

Raiding strategy:
Griffon is one of the harder raids due to the high AR and DR and nasty skills. Once a clan finds the egg they canfinally try the raid, killing the egg should pose no problems for 3 or 4 expert families. Griffon is a standard melee raid boss with the adition that it slows all nearby famalies with a curse. (movement speed down) But Griffon also posseses a powerfull area attack that can 1hit most characters. Griffon also spawns mini bosses if it takes to long to kill him, don't underestimate these mini bosses since they can ruin your raid, Luckily these mini bosses despawn when the Griffon dies.

Past v5.02 each time griffon's egg spawns there will be a serverwide notice which even says on what channel his eggs spawns.


  • Diamond Coupon
  • Grand Level Valkyrie Crasher
  • Bellem Box
  • Random Ring
  • Random Unique Item
  • Random Level Item
  • Random Elite Item
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Level 84 Elite Armor
  • Level 92 Elite Armor (Common)
  • Elite Le Blanc (Rare)
  • Recipe - Enhanced resistance necklace (Rare) [any version]
  • Recipe - Artisan glove/boot (since v5.0)

playge wiki griffon article and raid boss list

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