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Mufasa can be accessed via Oculta Fortress, and is rather tricky to get to.

Summoning and respawn time:
This raid can be done with 30 families max and is instanced so it could be done as many times as you want. However to get to the lobby you'll need to fulfill some requirements. Mind you this raid needs 1 family to have a Nar currently.

Semi Difficult, boss can hit hard but also dies quickly since we got master levels.

Raiding Strategy:
To get to mufasa's area you'll need to via EL Dorado, Errac (day or Night) and then Oculta Fortress.
To enter Oculta Fortress you'll need either 3 te or 3ti runes, depending on whether it's the night or day map.
Inside Oculta Fortress there's several mobs, traps and immortal shock turrets blocking the way.
Watch out for the traps as they often inflict paralysis and slow the party down a lot. (you can see traps with /camcol off command)
Further Ahead there will be blade traps, that only a Nar can disable by using a an rune though you can run trough them with decent armor and master lvl chars easily.
Past that you should be in a big room where the miniboss Necroshaman spawns. He's rather important as he'll drop keys needed on to enter. There will also be a warp in this room only a Nar can take, in that room are 3 warps if the correct one is chosen the warp to the next part opens for all families but if the wrong one is chosen you need to wait for 30 minutes to try again to open the warp.
After that a pedestal will need 10 of each type of rune to create a warp to the last room in the fortress before Mufasa's room.
In here there's 3 warps, with again 2 wrong ones and 1 correct warp. Here you need to use the key that drops of Necroshaman to try and find the correct warp. If you picked the right one, a lobby opens for a maximum of 30 families, if you picked the wrong one mobs spawn in the area and you'll need to try again with a other key.

When you've made it to the General's Room you'll see a npc ania slowly walking to the center.
After Ania has talked you can start the fight with Mufasa, with 6+ people it shouldn't be to hard.
He will cast several aoe spells that can cause burn, confusion or frost hand along with being able to inflict armor breaker with a melee skill. Because of that Ignore Harm and Redemption are very useful skills here.

When his hp gets around 40-50%, he'll summon a mini boss where he stands.
It deals raw physical atk and uses several skills as well. it's stats are similair to Mufasa but has lower resistances and only 13m hp.

If the team can survive it they should just focus on killing Mufasa as the mini doesnt drop anythig.
However if both the mini and mufasa are to hard to handle you'll need to either let someone tank the mini away or kill the mini first.

Boss drops:
  • 84e weapons
  • 30 ar weapons
  • 84 e armor
  • Le Noir
  • Elite le Blanc
  • Recipe - 84e armor
  • Recipe - 92e armor
  • Recipe - Le Noir
  • Recipe - Elite le Blanc
  • Recipe - Elite le Noir
  • Recipe - Magic Belt (any type)
  • Recipe - Magic Earring

sge mufasa page / image from sge

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