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Ice Wizard Tower Guide

Novia can be found at Novia's Parlor inside the Ice Wizard Tower.

Summoning and respawn time:
There's no actual summoning to be done for this raid, but it does have a 100 - 101 h spawn time and it is on ch1 only.

Hard, while it can be short-manned since we have master as the maximum level it still is a long duration raid with heavy ele dmg hitting mobs and mobs.

Raiding Strategy:
Getting to Novia is the biggest part of this raid, as there are a total of 6 floors you need to traverse.
Entrance to floor 1 can be gotten via glacial forecourt, however to open the warp that lets you in you need to have completed the Kato quests. Once the warp is opened anyone can enter.

Now a bit part of this raid revolves around ice based mobs and black magic stones. All enemies are hostile to lightning dmg here (-100 res) so ele lightning stances and lg weapons work pretty good here.
Black Magic stones drop of the most non Valkyrie mobs here, they're used to open up warps and you'll need xx of them in total for 1 run. However anyone that has a black magic stone in their inventory gets a
-50% atk, atk speed, movement speed, 30% max hp reduction and prevents regeneration debuff.

Floor 1:
The First floor is pretty straight forward, there's 2 sealed crystals on the left and 2 on the right (D6, E3, H3 and I6 respectively)
. Each need 10 black magic stones to activate. Once all 4 are activated the warp in the central part of the map activates and stay open for roughly 5-10 minutes. (after using sealed crystals have a 30m cooldown each)
In the second part of this map is a huge lobby with a stair to floor 2 right in front of you. There will be a lot of mobs here so it could be nice to let some tanks lure them of the stairs.

Floor 2:
The second floor contains 2 large circular rooms, in the first where you spawn you'll need to activate the 6 sealed crystals again (10 bms each) at (B6, B8, B5, E8, E5 and F7). Once all 6 are activated a small warp will activate in the center of the room (glowing ball of light, real easy to miss) which will warp you to the second circular room (supposed to be a elevator)
. In here you'll need to kill 4 mini-bosses called Elbrid. Once these 4 are dead the warp to floor 3 activates. You can get there by using a warp scroll or by using the central warp sphere and walking back to the entrance.

Floor 3:
Again you'll need to activate 6 sealed crystals (A6, C10, C3, J10, J3 and L7). By doing so a miniboss will spawn at the bottom of the spiral in the map (F7). Either kill it there or lure it to a place with less enemies and kill it.
Once it's dead it'll open the warp to floor 4, which again is at the entrance. (walk to it or use a teleport scroll)

Floor 4:
Repeat of floor 2,
activate the 6 sealed crystals again at (B6, B8, B5, E8, E5 and F7). Go to the center to use the warp and in the second room kill the 4 Elminor's to open the warp to floor 5.

Floor 5:
Another Big circular room, but now you cant directly access the center. There will be 8 small rooms each with a mini boss. Drag all 8 to a spot where everyone is and kill them. The last mini boss will spawn a warp where he died to the center of this map.
Kill the Elminor mini boss in this map to activate the last warp, ignore the other bosses.

Novia's Parlor:
Finally you're there, but you aren't quite done yet.
Whenever Novia spawns there will be 2 additional Griffon spawns that gaurd her. You can easilly kill or tank them away though and focus on Novia. Just be wary of the minibosses roaming about as they can easily take down weaker characters. It is recommended to tank novia somewhere where you can get the least amount of mobs and dps her easily.
Lightning dmg is still her weak point so evocation lightning, and possession even work good here.
Once you´ve killed her enjoy the drops of one of the toughest bosses out there.

Boss drops:
  • 84 e armor
  • Le Noir
  • Elite le Blanc
  • Elite le Noir
  • 84e weapon
  • 30 ar weapon
  • Ice Gate weapon
  • Recipe - Glacial Crystal
  • Recipe - Magic Belt
  • lv 100 chips
  • lv 96 chips
  • lv 92 chips

jge wiki novia page / image from jge blog / Wordwood page

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