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Lightning Gate guide

Gate of Lightning is located in rio albi channel 1 only (in e7 and is written on map).

Summoning and respawn time:
Einwind will respawn 28 hours after being last killed, and just like fire gate you'll need a orb to open this portal. However you'll need 1 lightning orb instead to open it. When Lightning gate is opened it also places a notice of it opening. It stays open for around 5-10 minutes. Once inside you'll notice you've stepped into a maze, be carefull here as 1 wrong warp can get you lost from the rest of the raid group.
I'll list the paths trough the maze:

After entering Lightning maze you'll need to stand close to the warps and type [/where] without the []. the warp you need to take is the one with coordinates x:37000, y:-35000 and enter that warp. This is the warp behind your characters backs as long as you didn't move yet.

Each room will have a elite mob you need to kill before the warps open, don't get to confused of what way to go when fighting them however.

Now you should be in floor 2 of the maze:
There's 2 random starting places for this map, so your raid team will be splitted up.
Use /where again to see in wich room you are, if you get coordinates close to x:-40000, y:-30000 then you're in the right room, if not then you need to move to the right room.
Getting to the x:-40000, y:-30000 room:
  • Wait for everyone to load and see if you have enough players to kill a few mobs
  • If there are to few people in the false room let them use a teleport scroll to have a chance to spawn there (tele scroll gives 50/50 chance for the good spawn)
  • If you got enough people go trough the gate you warped with your back at
  • Don't move in this room just keep killing the mobs here for a while, in a bit the warps will spawn and if you take the warp at the same spot you'll be transported to the good room
Now that you got everyone here in the good room it's time for the second floor of the maze, walk up to the portal neares to the x:-400000, y:-28000 coordinates and enter :

Room 8 is the mini boss room, stick to the wall to the right and let a tanker lure the Einapth Chieftain to the corner for easy killing. once dead it will spawn the warps, take the warp with location x:-14, y:-4200. Now you're finally in the Silent Maze Sanctuary where einwind resides (Lightning Gate boss)

Einwind is one of the hardest raids, unlike other raids however it's best to bring at least 8 good expert fire elementalists (M'boma or Hellena should also work) to deal the dmg. Always handy to have 1 or even 2 tanks for containing agro of einwind and maybe the mobs.

Now it's time to get close in on the boss but first let the dps team stand in back and wait for the tanks to get a good agro on einwind (he can be troubling at times to keep on a tank).

Once einwind has settled down let the dps teams barge in and place the rezzers out of aoe range while placing dps near einwind. You can also use chars with protection field to prevent einwind from 1hit ko' ing your teams but it also restricts team builds and item usage a fair bit. Always bring some unsquadded dispellers to cancel einwind's enchantment arm, since he gets another 20k attack with it... He uses 1 small and 1 big aoe, be carefull of the large one as it can kill quite easily.

Einwind however is weak to fire, wich makes fire elementalists a good dps source here. (Firewall spam is recommended) Even musketeers will deal less dmg then elementalists, but they are still viable.
If your raid group is having problems surviving consider using antimagic shield and lightning plasma to reduce the lightning dmg. On the other hand if you are able to survive you can switch to shining ballad and lava plasma to deal way more dmg. Good luck!


  • Elite Le Noir
  • Elite Le Blanc
  • Le Noir
  • Elite 84 Equipments
  • AR 26 Weapons
  • AR 30 Weapons
  • Lightning Weapons
  • Lightning Elemental Key
  • Random Enchantment Chip
  • Random Ring
  • Random Glove
  • Random Shoe

playge wiki LG article and raid boss list

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