zaterdag 21 februari 2009

Diablo Guide

Diablo is a raid found only in channel 1 pradera de ceniza at the demon's well (named on mini map)

Summoning and respawn time:
To summon Diablo the Demon well needs to be filled with 99 mega talts and Diablo will appear. However you can only ad up to 10 mega talt per time and it often gives a message as if the well is blocked. There is a 3.5 hour timer till you can use the well again.

Diablo is also one of the easiest rad bosses with 54 AR/DR and usually 2 vet families are enough to take him out.

As long as you got a melee char acting as tank and soaking up the damage, you should be fine.
High dr fams can kill it easily witout a tank.

  • Random Rings
  • Diamond Coupon
  • Grand Level Valkyrie Crasher
  • Level 84 Elite Item
  • Level 96 Enchantment Chip
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Gerrero guide

Gerrero can be found in Jaoquin prison, Gehenna Bridge in both channel 1 and 2, he spawns randomly in the map.

Summoning and respawn time:
Gerrero respawns every 5.5 hours, he can be found anywhere in gehenna and says a ([fam name] I will kill you! Ahhhh!) with the name of who ever attacks him first.

Gerrero is the easiest raid boss out there, and can be easily solo'd or duo'd by decent dps vet teams.

No real strategy needed of course, but it's always effective to turn him away from the dps group ^^

  • lvl 84 Elite
  • lvl 92 Unique
  • lvl 92 and lvl 96 chip
  • Valkyrie crashers
  • Symbol of Aquarius
raid boss guide

donderdag 19 februari 2009

Hellbreaker guide

Hell Breaker can be found in Toukbal Mine. To get there you need to go from Abertal to capybara mine and go to the third lvl of the mine. There is only a channel 1 of this location so HB can also only spawn on channel 1.

Summoning and respawn time:
To get to Hell breaker you'll need to get a total of 12 capybara keys who are dropped by golden bats or follow someone else that opens the portals. There is a marker stone at capybara plantation wich needs 4 capy keys to open (drag them on it) and there's also a similar marker stone at the second floor (only at ch1) to go to the last area where HB resides.
When you're on the wooden part of that map which looks somewhat like a ship you'll be in Hell Breaker's spawn area. If you are close enough to the small devices they'll tell how much time is left till you can summon Hell Breaker. When the timer hits 0 you can drag 2 capybara keys on each beacon to summon Hell Breaker. Once summoned his respawn timer resets and for the duration of the fight there will be rotating blades around the area that prevent others from coming there. (Can still enter with protection field, Levitation or simply going trough the corners tough..)

Hellbreaker is fairly easy, but if you take to much time killing him the capybara cannons in the area can pack a deadly surprise to low dr chars. HB however doesn't regen much hp at all unlike most bosses, so he can be solo'd quite easily at expert albit somewhat slow.

Hell Breaker is a fairly easy boss with 54 AR/DR. Most of it's attacks alone won't kill but a lucky stun can still send one of your chars to a early grave. Having a provoker doesn't seem to work to well with HB as he wanders around a lot, best strategy is to spread out the characters or simply zerg him. Do keep in mind that Hell Breaker is flying, so almost all melee characters won't be able to hit him.


  • Mysterious Steel piece (90% chance or so)
  • Old Journal nr 10
  • lvl 84 elite(s)
  • Composite steel
  • Pure gold bars
  • Steel weapon recipe (Rare)
  • lvl 84 elite weapon recipe (Rare, doesn't count as steel)

jGE wiki and raid boss list

Faction Fight guide

Faction Fight is a sort of challenge/raid for alliances or just strong big clans located outside Reboldeux for the Royalists and outside City of Auch for the republicans.

Summoning and respawn time:
Faction Fight only opens once a day at 20:00 gmt +1 and the portal stays open till 20:30 gmt +1, everyone inside is kicked out at 21:30 gmt+1 and it's a daily event.

Strategy and Boss stats:
Faction Fight costs 20 family reputation to enter per time, and there's a total of 3 big bosses inside and quite a few mini bosses, Ancient Vergo, Ancient Diablo and Ancient Hellbreaker. Each of them are upgraded versions of the original raid bosses and with different loot. Everyone who enters is teleported to F/G 6, in the first ten minutes nothing will happen in Faction Fight but after that Ancient Gerrero's spawn at the starter area and when you kill one it opens the correspondent warp to a raid boss. G7 leads to Ancient Hellbreaker, E 6/7 leads to Ancient Diablo and G5 leads to Ancient Vergo, it's best to leave Ancient vergo for last if there's not a huge amount of ppl.
For Diablo you'll need to lure his attacks away from the main dps group and kill it as usual raid, nothing to hard really.
For Hellbreaker tanks usually provoke right under him while the rest of the dps group attacks this flying boss with ranged dps and takes him down, he does spawn some small mobs a few times but these are easy to get rid of.
For Vergo you'll need to tank him away fromt he main dps group again, in here you can also choose to zerg vergo or kill his minnions first and then go after vergo, either way the tank will need to keep him away fromt he main dps again.
When one of the bosses is killed it does spawn a warp to the next zone, but the teleport there only spawns if all raid bosses are killed and it takes you back to the entrance zone. After all the 3 Ancient bosses are dead a warp spawns in the entrance zone as well and takes you to the colony, here there will be some enemy npc's defending it but they die real easy, after killing the colony each family can take a 24 hours 1 AR/DR buff. (lasts 24 hours of playtime on those chars, buff don't go away without using the chars)

  • 5 lvl 100 chips per Ancient boss (drops free for all)

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woensdag 18 februari 2009

Garim guide

The entrance to Garim's nest is in Vegas Javier f12 in channel 1 only.

Summoning and respawn time:
To enter Garim's nest you'll need a symbol of garim, the recipe is sold in auch by the metal merchant ( you need 1 spino skull, 50 bone sticks, 50 dragon leather, 50 dragon horn and 100 solvent )
Drag the symbol of garim on the stone table in f12 of Vegas Javier to open the portal to Garim's nest. Do mind that it is a instanced raids, where you need to to create a room. Whoever makes the room has full access over the party list (he can block slots of people that join thus make this raid killsteal proof). Once inside you'll face a King of Coverty blocking your way, kill him and a warp will spawn where each family will need to pay 500 reputation to continue. After that you'll have corridors where you fight vs mobs and turrets, move your way to e7 while killing them (doesnt matter wich path you take). At e7 you'll see Pollix or Castor blocking your path, you'll need to kill him to advance. When he's dead a warp apears whichtakes you to the next part, here you'll find another mini boss but it's stronger then the previous KoC. Just let someone tank or kite him and he should go down easy. After this another portal apears and takes you to another room, in here you'll need to kill all the mobs that spawn before they can destroy the crystal in that room or it is game over. (Defend both sides of the crystal, so spread the team up in 2 parts) When you defended the crystal long enough another warp apears and finally takes you to Garim.

One of the harder raids, while everything before garim is pretty easy. Garim can pack a nasty suprise for lots of people, suggested to have at least 10 expert fams. He can cause panic quite often, slowing this raid down.

Garim was made easier but it's still a 61 AR/DR raid boss who can pack quite a punch. Simply try to provoke him with the tank and lure his attacks to the other side of dps group if possible, almost all his skills are big aoe's so even standing behind him won't help you survive so ress up when you see corpses! (handy to leave a few ressers always out of the aoe range)
After a while he should go down and leave a treasure chest behind which you'll need a cash shop key to open it for a random cash shop item(drops seems absolutely horrible tough, wouldn't advise buying the key)

  • 32 ar recipes (Rare)
  • Rings
  • Enchantment chips (lvl 92 & 100)
  • Garim Belt Recipe

jge wiki / raidboss list

zondag 15 februari 2009

Sekhmet guide

Sekhmet is the top tier raid boss in granado espada, being the toughest and hardest to kill and reach for a long while. Sekhmet is located in Fire isle, caldera of doom (simply walk to here from fi 800k)

Summoning and respawn time:
Respawn is still unknown to me so far, summoning Sekhmet is one hell of a jub to start with, first you will need 1 crest of all 4 fire isle cerebrus bosses (Dark crest, Fire crest, Lightning crest & ice crest) and you will need to guess the correct number at the ferucio tombstone, it's a number between 1 and a random 4 digit number.
You get 11 tries to guess the correct number and the ferucio tombstone will tell if your guess was higher or lower then the correct number. (best way is to keep guessing half of min and max possibility) To guess you need drag that x amount of vis on the tombstone. If you succeed the tombstone will transform into a warp and anyone stepping close to it gets trown in Sehkmet's spawn area.

Strategy and boss stats:
Since master levels came out this raid is actually doable. however it will need several tanks just to keep the minis away. Then another heavy duty high mental res tank to keep sehkmet (who will still die if she crits). And lots of pimped eles with 69 ar ideally and high golem dmg. Due to her somewhat low mental and ele ress they deal rather high dmg and arent to affected by the debuff.
Vince and builders are a huge asset in this raid.
And atm when she gets down to 10% the 5 Diablo's awaken though she still drops items if these aren't killed.


  • Elite le noir
  • Elite le blance
  • Recipe - la rouge
  • 32 ar weapon recipes
  • 30 ar weapons
  • 3 constellation symbols
sources: jge blog

vrijdag 13 februari 2009

Vergo guide

Vergo is one of the easier to access raids, it's on Porto Bello Desolate Cliff , H5 for all channels.

Summoning and re spawn time:
To summon Vergo and his minions you need to use a silver hammer on his tombstone (Silver hammers drop of Bellboy mini boss in desolate cliff which respawns each 4hours). Vergo herself re-spawns after a maintenance or 12 hours after she was killed last.

Vergo has 57AR/DR and can hit quite hard, however there is a way to lure him without letting him attack and since the updates he is rather easy thanks to higher ar/dr. now a days a expert family can solo him, but on average 2 expert families are recommended.

Vergo has 57AR/DR and can hit quite hard, however she deals physical dmg so a tanker still works wonders to keep the group alive. When Vergo spawns her minions spawn with her, alot of lvl 100 mobs and some mini bosses (Pasiar, Skeleton, Gavi and Anchor bosses).
There's basically 3 strategies for vergo:

first is the zerg where the raid group storms at vergo and ignores all other minions, and tries to kill her asap (her minions despawn when she dies).

And the Normal way, where you take down the mini bosses first and then lure Vergo to a calm spot and let the tanker tank vergo with her normal atk's into the opposite direction of the dps group.

Thirdly is the circle or running around, with this variant you also lure the mini bosses away from Vergo and kill them, then lure Vergo with a wizard after having dispelled Vergo. Vergo will endlessly run after the wizard to hit it with a normal atk, but as a wizard you can easily outrun/levitate Vergo. The wizard then runs or flies circles around the dps group to let Vergo walk constantly in the dps group's range.

  • Key of Vergo (Use on chest of mein in Deserted quay for a lvl 100 e wep, 84 elites and rings)
  • Diamond Coupon
  • Grand Level Valkyrie Crasher
  • Bellem Box
  • Random Ring
  • Random Glove
  • Level 84 Elite Weapon
  • Level 92 Weapon/Armor
  • Level 92 Unique Weapon/Armor
  • Level 96 Weapon/Armor
  • Level 100 Weapon
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Piece of a 32 ar recipe (item needed for them)
  • Piece of Elite Schvarlier Armor (Rare)
  • Recipe - Enhanced shooting resistance necklace (Rare)

raid boss list

Uranus guide

Uranus can be found in Bahamar, Underground cave 2nd floor.
To get to underground cave 2nd floor you need to step into a yellow circle in wetlands or murky bayou, once in underground floor 1 you will need to kill a King of Coverty which opens the way to floor 2 on the other side. (A King of Coverty killed in wetlands will open a door in the murky bayou side.)

Summoning and respawn time:
Uranus has a 24 till 37 hours re-spawn time. However to get access to the floor where Uranus resided you'll need to kill a King of Coverty which has a random re-spawn time from 3.5 till 5 hours.

Uranos isn't the hardest raid, but it can be annoying mostly due to the tons of minions and poisoning effect will lowers defense. It can be killed quite easily with 2-3 expert families, in wich 1 family usually takes care of the minions.

Uranus has 4 stages in which you fight him, before each stage you'll need to kill all the Uranus eggs to be able to attack Uranus. During the first 3 stages when his hp is low he'll hide underwater to recover. When that happens all the eggs re-spawn. In total you need to kill all the eggs 4 times and kill Uranus 4 times.
When fighting the eggs, keep in mind that every egg killed spawns around 10 minions which can be a problem if there are to much of them. Whoever kills a minion also gets a 5 minute AR, atk and def debuff which is a royal pain in the ass. When finally facing Uranus, do remember that his attacks are physical of type so prot field will greatly reduce the dmg. Outrage musks are best given a protection field to make sure they survive the attacks. A other way to save the dps group is by letting a tanker provoke away from the main dps group and lure Uranus his attacks on him. Do note that who ever has top dmg on Uranus with a single char in the last form will get all the drops!!! so it's advises to keep the top dps free of the minion's poison.

  • 32 AR Recipes (rare)
  • lvl 100, 30 AR Weapons
  • La Rouge (rare)
  • Elite shivarilier armor - recipe

jGE wiki and raid list guide

Lightning Gate guide

Gate of Lightning is located in rio albi channel 1 only (in e7 and is written on map).

Summoning and respawn time:
Einwind will respawn 28 hours after being last killed, and just like fire gate you'll need a orb to open this portal. However you'll need 1 lightning orb instead to open it. When Lightning gate is opened it also places a notice of it opening. It stays open for around 5-10 minutes. Once inside you'll notice you've stepped into a maze, be carefull here as 1 wrong warp can get you lost from the rest of the raid group.
I'll list the paths trough the maze:

After entering Lightning maze you'll need to stand close to the warps and type [/where] without the []. the warp you need to take is the one with coordinates x:37000, y:-35000 and enter that warp. This is the warp behind your characters backs as long as you didn't move yet.

Each room will have a elite mob you need to kill before the warps open, don't get to confused of what way to go when fighting them however.

Now you should be in floor 2 of the maze:
There's 2 random starting places for this map, so your raid team will be splitted up.
Use /where again to see in wich room you are, if you get coordinates close to x:-40000, y:-30000 then you're in the right room, if not then you need to move to the right room.
Getting to the x:-40000, y:-30000 room:
  • Wait for everyone to load and see if you have enough players to kill a few mobs
  • If there are to few people in the false room let them use a teleport scroll to have a chance to spawn there (tele scroll gives 50/50 chance for the good spawn)
  • If you got enough people go trough the gate you warped with your back at
  • Don't move in this room just keep killing the mobs here for a while, in a bit the warps will spawn and if you take the warp at the same spot you'll be transported to the good room
Now that you got everyone here in the good room it's time for the second floor of the maze, walk up to the portal neares to the x:-400000, y:-28000 coordinates and enter :

Room 8 is the mini boss room, stick to the wall to the right and let a tanker lure the Einapth Chieftain to the corner for easy killing. once dead it will spawn the warps, take the warp with location x:-14, y:-4200. Now you're finally in the Silent Maze Sanctuary where einwind resides (Lightning Gate boss)

Einwind is one of the hardest raids, unlike other raids however it's best to bring at least 8 good expert fire elementalists (M'boma or Hellena should also work) to deal the dmg. Always handy to have 1 or even 2 tanks for containing agro of einwind and maybe the mobs.

Now it's time to get close in on the boss but first let the dps team stand in back and wait for the tanks to get a good agro on einwind (he can be troubling at times to keep on a tank).

Once einwind has settled down let the dps teams barge in and place the rezzers out of aoe range while placing dps near einwind. You can also use chars with protection field to prevent einwind from 1hit ko' ing your teams but it also restricts team builds and item usage a fair bit. Always bring some unsquadded dispellers to cancel einwind's enchantment arm, since he gets another 20k attack with it... He uses 1 small and 1 big aoe, be carefull of the large one as it can kill quite easily.

Einwind however is weak to fire, wich makes fire elementalists a good dps source here. (Firewall spam is recommended) Even musketeers will deal less dmg then elementalists, but they are still viable.
If your raid group is having problems surviving consider using antimagic shield and lightning plasma to reduce the lightning dmg. On the other hand if you are able to survive you can switch to shining ballad and lava plasma to deal way more dmg. Good luck!


  • Elite Le Noir
  • Elite Le Blanc
  • Le Noir
  • Elite 84 Equipments
  • AR 26 Weapons
  • AR 30 Weapons
  • Lightning Weapons
  • Lightning Elemental Key
  • Random Enchantment Chip
  • Random Ring
  • Random Glove
  • Random Shoe

playge wiki LG article and raid boss list

Fire Gate guide

Fire gate or gate of fire can be accessed from topolo durga channel 1, open the mini map and go to the place where gate of fire is written on the map (D6).

Summoning and respawn time:
When you arrive at D6 in Topolu Durga you'll see the gate leading to this raid. When someone drags a fire orb into it from their inventory the warp to Fire gate will activate and for around 5-10 minutes anyone can enter.
In addition to that there's a notice to all players in topolo durga channel 1 when it opens (saying that it has opened). So make sure no one that dislikes you is active on the map.
Once inside you'll see tons of monsters and 10 summoning towers scattered all over the map.
You'll need to use a total of 10 fire orbs on the 10 summoning stations to spawn Lava Leaf in the center. To get the towers on the platforms wait till a gate has apeared and use it to warp onto those platforms. Watch out with the summoning stations because once used they can be attacked by any players. If a summoning station is destroyed all stations will deactivate and Lava Leaf will despawn. Do note that after killing Lava leaf everyone will be kicked out in 90 seconds. Fire Gate can be done as many times as you have the orbs to fund it as Lava Leaf respawns each time all 10 towers are activated.

Raiding strategy and boss stats:

Strategy for the raid is pretty straightforward, use the orbs to open the portal and spawn a lava leaf, drag him to a corner with a low spawnrate of mobs, get char to tank him and let rest dps and buff.
Important buffs here are lava plasma, ice plasma, antimagic shield and jarring tune. Till v4.5 jarring tune and antimagic shield won't stack tough. Lava plasma is best used if you can't survive his attacks/aoe's to well, ice plasma is ideal for dealing more dmg since he's weak to ice, but he'll deal more dmg then with fire plasma on. Antimagic boosts resistances and jarring tune help survive even more but jarring tune comes at the cost of -10% atk. All depends on what you prefer.
Again he's weak to ice so expert eles with ice bracelets deal most dmg to him, outrage musks are also good for dps of course. He can also use his selffbuff skill Aurora to gain 200 def, which makes wiz dispell also very useful here. After all that trouble he should die pretty easy and give you some cruddy gear.

  • 32 AR Fire Gate weapon or shield (100% chance of 1 to drop)
  • 30 AR lvl 100 weapons
  • lvl 84 elite armors
  • Le Noirs
  • Recipe - 92e armor
  • Recipe - 96e armor
  • Fire Elemental Key
  • Belt
  • Enhanced Lightning resistance necklace recipe (rare)

Loot improved since v5.0, might be more new drops

jGE wiki and raid boss list

maandag 9 februari 2009

Griffon guide

Griffon is one of the top tier raids located in all channels of Vegas Javier

Summoning and respawn time:
For a Griffon to spawn you will need to kill one of the Griffin Eggs. These eggs spawn randomly in a 12hour window after a 36 hour respawn time. These eggs despawn after 20 minutes, making constant scouting very important to cath the egg. the 36 hour respawn time is triggered upon server resets, killing of the Griffon and the despawning of the Griffon Egg.

Griffon used to be one of the tougher raids, tough it still kinda is. A well equipped master can solo it, but expect around 4-5 expert fams needed to take it down.

Raiding strategy:
Griffon is one of the harder raids due to the high AR and DR and nasty skills. Once a clan finds the egg they canfinally try the raid, killing the egg should pose no problems for 3 or 4 expert families. Griffon is a standard melee raid boss with the adition that it slows all nearby famalies with a curse. (movement speed down) But Griffon also posseses a powerfull area attack that can 1hit most characters. Griffon also spawns mini bosses if it takes to long to kill him, don't underestimate these mini bosses since they can ruin your raid, Luckily these mini bosses despawn when the Griffon dies.

Past v5.02 each time griffon's egg spawns there will be a serverwide notice which even says on what channel his eggs spawns.


  • Diamond Coupon
  • Grand Level Valkyrie Crasher
  • Bellem Box
  • Random Ring
  • Random Unique Item
  • Random Level Item
  • Random Elite Item
  • Level 100 Enchantment Chip
  • Level 84 Elite Armor
  • Level 92 Elite Armor (Common)
  • Elite Le Blanc (Rare)
  • Recipe - Enhanced resistance necklace (Rare) [any version]
  • Recipe - Artisan glove/boot (since v5.0)

playge wiki griffon article and raid boss list

Raid guides

still work in progress for these, but here are the ones i have:

Beginner raids:
More for the veterans or first timers.

  • Diablo guide
  • Gerrero guide
  • Hell Breaker guide
  • Rafflesia guide
  • Vergo guide

  • Expert raids:
    more for expert fams and oriented around v3.0, ideally for low amount of families.

    Instanced Lobby raids:
    New raids of the v4.1 update, all killsteal proof versions of old raid bosses with slightly different loots

    Elemental Gates raids:
    Somewhat tough, fun raids where elemental dmg is the key to success.
    aside of fire gate, lg and iwt require alot of people.

    Castilla Raids:
    from the v5.0 a new set of raids and other ways to get nice loot.

    Master raids:

    Need to do list:
    Castilla Temple Area bosses, check loot changes of 5.0 update and maybe the event raid/pvp thingies

    Update info

    Hello, you seem to have reached one of my archived pages, please select one of the new links for directions:

    Item series list

    Here the info i found on the item series:

    General guides

    Here a small list of links of the guides i've made:

    Rafflesia guide

    From zona una there's a warp near the huge central tree (G6) , this warp will take you to the empty part of rafflesia. In here there will be another gate which you need to open to allow access to the raid boss her room.

    To get access to rafflesia someone needs to open the warp gate in Rafflesia. This gate can be opened with 1 red leaf, 1 green leaf and 1 yellow leaf of rafflesia (Dropped of mobs in zona Uno and Dos).

    Rafflesia isn't the hardest of raids but it can be tricky, especially to veteran families.
    Tough good geared experts/master family can solo it, it's recommended to bring 5+ veteran families.

    Raiding strategy:
    Inside the room where the Queen-Eater resides are a lot of random mobs, these mobs can pose a danger to poor equipped veterans. When one of these mobs is killed they can drop a Raflesia Petal which you can click on to get a buff which drastically reduces the dmg Queen-Eater deals.

    In the middle of the map you'll see Queen-Eater with her 3 body parts, each body part can be separately attacked and have their own set of stats.

    None of the Queen-Eater body parts will attack directly, but they can use skills. The torso uses a skill which damages and draws you under the body. The Legs use a similar skill which knocks you back away from the body. And finally the Egg will use a skill which gives can cause confusion.
    When fighting Rafflesia it's important to keep using the Rafflesia petals to prevent yourself from getting onehitted by the skills. If your team has a hard time taking it down you can let some members kill the normal mobs so the top dps team can use petals easily. It is advised to take down the Legs and Torso first so it can no longer use it's dmg skills. However do remember that Torso is considered a flying enemy.

    • lvl 84 elite armors
    • lvl 92 elite armor recipes
    • lvl 100 (27 dr) armors
    • lvl 100 (30 ar) rod and staffs
    • Grand valkyrie crashers
    • Enhanced Shooting resistance necklace (rare)

    jge wiki and raid guide list.

    dinsdag 3 februari 2009

    New armor recipes of 3.0

    So some armor recipes have appeared in 3.0 on sge wich i didn't read much about, here the info:

    Le noir recipes:
    Leather armor crystals for scout/fighter
    Soft armor crystals for musk/ele/wizard
    to get a grade 26 crystal you need to destroy a 84 elite armor in Errac the new mayan zone.
    type of armor depends wich crystal you get.
    Ambrosia is still unkown but probally cash shop item

    Elite le blanc:
    Same here again type of armor destroyed depends what crystal you get.
    this needs 2 grade 28 crystals aka you need to destroy 2 lvl 92 elite armors.

    Elite Le Noir recipes:
    Also same here, but you need to destroy 2 Elite le blancs getting the grade 30 armor crystals.

    Source is: here

    maandag 2 februari 2009

    Tonfa's and new stances Gorgeous and Seluminar.

    so in 3.4.5 we'll get another update, however it's a small update but provided with clips of the stance so i reckon it deserved it's own thread.

    Both the weapons for ania and Nar (the tonfo ones) will be added to baron elite list:

    Mats are:
    10 jewel powder
    30 pure otite
    100 pure quarts
    100 pure ore (not sure wich)
    3 lvl 92 enchantment chips

    Nar's huge single handed tonfa stance (Semunilar) + baron e (435 base atk):

    Ania's dual handed normal tonfa stance (Gorgeus) + baron e's equipped (both 197 base atk):

    The stance book will be purchasable for 1 mil fesos, maybe a quest will come later:

    Seluminar (Nar's single huge tonfa stance):

    Normal attack vid
    Impulse skill vid
    Greusome skill vid
    Millitant skill vid (Boring)
    Merciless skill vid
    Occult Sciences skill vid

    Gorgeous (Ania's dual tonfa stance):

    Gorgeus auto attack vid
    Turning force skill vid
    Repulsive force skill vid
    Massacre skill vid
    Psychic skill vid
    Reverie skill vid

    Source: playge article

    Have fun biggrin.gif