vrijdag 5 december 2008

vet and expert gloves & boots

Since v5.0 added a whole new set of boots and gloves here'll be a bit more info on them.
About vet; Mystic series can be worn by anyone, Assasin, aiming,tracking and Leather are for chars that can wear leather armors. Chevarlier and Grieves/Gauntlets are only for those that can wear metal armor.

Vet Gloves:

Expert Gloves

Vet Boots:

Expert Boots:


Vet boots/gloves drop from:
  • Fire isle 800k
  • Arsene Circus raid
  • Ceabolian
  • Castilla
Artisan gloves/boot recipes drop from:
  • Bahamar Bounty
  • Sedecram Bounty
  • Prison Raid

Magic Gloves/boots recipes drop from:

  • Prison raid

Wordwood / jge boots page / jge gloves page

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