zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Earrings series

There aren't to much earrings yet, but with 10.18 the choices expand nicely with the enhanced argus recipes, strata recipes and the new agi, dex, cha earrings.
There seems to be plans for enhanced agi/dex/cha earrings soon as well.

Though each serie chips stats differently:


  • Strata Devil recipes can be gotten from the warped space time room raid.
  • Argus recipes are dropped of the argus raid.
  • Abyss & Lich King recipes drop from the 5k family rep raids of 10.18.
  • Enhanced Argus recipes can be bought from magic & melee reputation vendors at rank A.
  • Qualified earring recipes can be bought from the bounty hunters token exchange npc's.
  • Artisan earring recipes drop of most 8.6 raids and up. (bounty hunter, prison & torshe basement)
  • Magic earring recipes drop of  bounty hunters, tower of chaos and clock tower.
  • Gold & Silver recipes drop in the ceabolian maps of normal enemies.
  • Qualified Earrings are the only ones can drop whole of prison, basement, bounty hunter raids and Castilla Ruins/Chaos Tower.

jge earring page / wordwood

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