zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Belt series

And finally the guide on belts:

There's 6 different types of belts:

Crude belts:
Only give defense, a poor mans belt really. Recipe drops only in Team Arena.

Basic belts:
Offers def and 5 absorb, recipes drop in Ceabolian.

Qualified belts:
Offers 6 absorb, some def and are chippable, Recipes drop in allot of places for example fire isle, Kato region, Castilla Treasure hunt, Bounty Hunters and the list goes on.

Artisan belts:
Offer 8 absorb, def and are chippable, Recipes drop mostly of Bounty hunters, prison raid, Castilla Treasure hunt and a few other locations.

Magic belts:
The top tier belts, offer 10 absorb, def and can be chipped with even higher stats. Drops of most high end raids, aka sehkmet, novia, Mufasa, Prison raid and Castilla Tower of Choas.

Garim belt:
Just 1 belt recipe of a different series from garim's chest, the dream belt for any tank or scout. As you might have expected the belt only drops with a low chance at Garim's Nest.

Wordwood / JGE wiki

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