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32 AR weapon series (Golden,Chess,Serpent and Elite)

These 32 ar weapon series arrived with bahamar, and each type have their own main way of getting the recipes. Granted later on in the game these 32 ar weapons can drop whole of a variety of places.

Golden are the easiest to get as recipes, they drop solely from (aa/sa) Kings of Covetry and have a high droprate. It's quite cheap to craft and strong due to the innate stun, the downside is that only a few golden weapons exist.

Chess is one of the costlier 32 ar series, but still quite good. Recipes can be bought for 10m vis each after completing the quest "Visit" from the New opoluta quest line from Leonora inside House of Witch which can be entered from Bahamar, Deep Swamp.

The Serpent series is similair to the chess ones, but needs 30 Snail Shells instead.
Serpent Recipes can be bought for 10m a piece from Sierra. (Talk to Leonara in Witch's House in Bahamar, Deep Swamp after completing bahamar questline to warp to her) However before she'll sell the recipes you need to give her a snake scale which can be found in Bahamar, Underground cave Murky side.

And also another 4 weapons that aren't truly serpent weapons, but are specialty weapons that got added in later patch to Sierra's shop. You still need to have the same requirements to buy them as for serpent recipes but they require slightly different materials.

Elite series recipes are the hardest to get of this batch, Several Raid bosses drop them at a low rate and you'll also need a elite hilt or elite piece which also happens to be a rare drop of some raid bosses.

Where to get them as drops:

  • Prison Raid
  • Castilla Treasure Hunt

Where to get Materials:

  • Dragon heart's drop as recipes of Swamp Angler's, Kings of Coverty, Heavenly Giant Keeper, Heavenly vesp soldiers, Uranus,Instanced Uranus, Instanced Griffon, Castilla Raids, Castilla Relix Echanger, Castilla Treasure Hunt and . (2% droprate for most) 
  • Cast Iron and Composite Steel are sold by the metal npc in Reboldeux.
  • High Quality Wood can be bought at the satin merchant in Port Coimbra.
  • Mana, Wind, Fire and Ice stones can be bought and crafted at Beverly, The Alchemist in Auch (near MM).
  • Grade 32 weapon crystals are gotten from breaking elemental gate weapons, +6 30 ar weapons or +5 31 ar weapons at El Dorado.
  • Mega Ores drop from most post veteran maps.
  • Hilts of weapons and pieces of Ziz are dropped from Poison Yard Chimera, Secret Temple skeleton, and both Vergo's.
  • Snail Shells drop in Bahamar Wetlands, Marsh and AA/SA Bahamar caves and be bought in bahamar base camp.
  • Old Chess pieces drop in Bahamar Deep Swamp, Murky Bayou and AA/SA Bahamar caves and can be bought in bahamar base camp.

Where to get the recipes:

Source: 2ch wiki and wordwood

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