zondag 22 mei 2011

Elemental Gate Weapons

Elemental series have been around since the first installment of this game. Mind you because of their low base dmg they aren't even remotely as strong as full physical attack weapons.

Swords and Rifles are both nice ways of landing the shock debuff, which can be quite decimating in pvp or vs raidbosses who aren't immune to it.
The freeze status is nice on swords, rifles and rapiers as well for freeze locking.

Daggers, knuckles and gaiters all have a nice low dmg anyway so having half of it elemental dmg doesn't hurt them to much. (esp lightning knuckles and gaiters on soso are good)

But in most other cases they'll simply be broken for vet chips or for weapon crystals.

There where also gate blunts, javelins and bayonets planned but these got canceled. Their models are finished but they weren't given the usual gate style glowing animations. Some providers do seem to have these, but geo isn't one of them.

One random gate weapon is guaranteed in the non instanced raids, but in the instanced raids they're part of the roulette table.

Weapons drop from:

  • Fire Gate
  • Instanced Fire Gate
  • Lighting Gate
  • Instanced Lightning Gate
  • Ice Wizard Tower
  • Instanced Ice Wizard Tower


source is http://ge_2ch.wikiwiki.jp/ as usual.

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