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Trump and Elite Trump Weapon Series

Trump weapons got added at v 3.3, a unique and a elite weapons serie.
Both inspired by the Major Arcana of Tarot Cards, these weapons are 30/31 ar equivalents.
The normal trump are considered unique and always come with the same stats, Elite Trump can be chipped with lvl 96 chips.

To get a normal trump you need to craft a red, green or blue circus ticket with a karjalein and trade it vs the reboldeux gaurd in Queen's Gate.
Crafting a ticket costs:
  • 200 Mega Talt
  • 15 Mysterious Powder
  • 600 Shiny Crystals
To get a Elite trump weapon you'll need to exchange a trump ticket and 1 of each top tier gem, aka 1 Archangel Heart, Seeds of rafflesia and a Siren's Scale.

Watch out though as the trump weapons drop to the ground reserved in your name.

Where to get Materials:

  • Mega Talts drop of any boss
  • Mysterious powders are a tradable cash shop item.
  • Shiny Crystals drop in most pre lvl 100 maps.
  • High grade jewels are made from recipes or gotten of cash shop promo boxes.
Where to get the recipes:

Where to get as drops:

Source is of course.

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