zaterdag 22 november 2008

The optional Expert stances quest & Expert stances:

here also a list of things you'll need to have done to start the quest:

1: Completed the Reboldeux sewers quest.
2: Have a emilia or emilia the sage in your family.

-Get emilia and talk to the patriarch in the mayan city.
-Then talk to Narr, he will say you need to go to oculta fortress to kill Kobold Elders for a chance of a quest drop. (bring lots of sc and try around h8)
-Talk to gertrude with emilia.
-Talk to emilia, and now you can but the expert stances.

Expert stances:

all of the five expert stances will need 6 great stones and a symbol.
great stones are bought in cash shop or bazaar for 100 gold each, and symbols are dropped of raid bosses and new boxes,

Symbols needed per stance:

Symbols dropped by raid bosses:

With 3.0 some raid bosses can drop symbols for those stances, here's a list:


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