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Premium treasure chest service (30days) info

Heya all just a little guide on the treasure chest and what it can give:

The treasure chest service is a sort of lottery for 30 days costing 2150 gold and increasing your warehouse inv by 200.

and in the words of the great neume:


each day you get 4 options;

[u]A) Item of the day:[/u]

item of the day is set by k2 as a certain item, i'm not sure how or where you can see this, but it's almost garanteed crap

it's not the same a sGE and neume already replied we have chance of upc's with item of the day.

If you click on on daily items and you'll get a list of wich items you can choose from, if you don't see anything you like you can still click the little cross and choose a different option!!

Seems to be listed as this (at least for month of september):

Soul Crytsals x 10

Forgotten Area Pass x 1
Ancient Area Pass x 1

Triumph Fillers x 5
AM Boosts x 3

Enchant Boosts x 10

Andre's Boxes x 5
Karjalainen Boxes x 5
Eyeglass Boxes x 5

Reboldeaux Return Scrolls x 50
Auch Return Scrolls x 50
Coimbra Return Scrolls x 50

Teleport Scrolls x 30
Hermes Potions x 50

[You can only choose 1 option of the items listed]

B) Mysterious box:

You receive a random cash shop based item (or several of 1 item) out of a list of 52 possible items. (Seems to be 55 tough, unlike my source says :o)

Lvl 100 Enchantment chip x 3
Lvl 92 Enchantment Chip x 4
Lvl 84 Enchantment Chip x 10
Phoenix Wings x1 (Permanent)
Devil's Horns x1 (Permanent)
Pheonix wings(30 days) x 1
Horns of Bahomet(30 days) x 1
Lucifer's Wings(7days) x 1
Devil's Wings(7days) x 1
Wheel of Destiny(1day) x 1
Key:Room Of The Dead x 1
Jewel powder x 10
Pure Otite x 3
Diamond Coupon x 10
Mysterious Amber x 10
Silver hammer x 1
Platinum Bar x 5
Elemental Jewel x 1
High Quality Emerald x 5
High Quality Ruby x 3
High Quality Sapphire x 2
Master combat manual (7days) (40%) x 1
Enchantment Booster x 2
Veteran Scroll x 1
Socketing Tranquillizer x 1
Enchantment Tranquillizer x 5
Memoirs x 1
Barracks Slot x1
Mystery Powder x 5
Soul Crystal x 5
Andre's Costume Box x 5
Karja's box x 5
Eyewear Box x 5
Ring Box x 1
Forgotten Territory Pass
Ancient Territory Pass x 1
Otite Perfume x 1
Progressive Mithridart x 10
Progressive Nutrition x 10
Progressive Accelerator x 10
Progressive Analeptic Remedy x 11
Progressive Painkiller x 10
Triumph Filler x 5
Defensive Filler x 5
Offensive Filler x 5
Mysterious Ampule x 5
warp scroll - Tetra Grand Chapel x 10
warp scroll - to FA entrance in jaq prison x10
warp scroll - Torche Mansion Outhouse x10
warp scroll - Portobello Hidden Path x10
warp scroll - Ancient Skeleten nest [Hidden] x 10
warp scroll - Bahammer, Anceint Mineral Cave Fl.1 x 10
Reb return scroll x 15
Coimbra return scroll x 15
Auch return scroll x 15

(had this myself, and wasn't even in my list :O)

(Jaq prison FA warp scroll hasn't been cofirmed yet, but all other warp scrolls seem to drop tough)

C) Play Scisors, Paper, Stone:

Basically you do a game of chance with a random upc.
if you win you get to open 3 boxes that day, you can choose if you want item of the dayl or mysterious.

if you draw you are allowed to pick option A) or B) instead.

If you loose you don't get any boxes but get 1 soul crystal for compensation alledgedly.

i wouldn't recommend this unless you're lucky, it seems to have a high fail ratio. (some ppl lost 5 days in a row)

D) Choose later

as name implies :D


Best option is to open try mysterious option and see what you get, and hope you're lucky that day :D
the chance of getting what you want is always low... keep this in mind, you will be dissapointed alot of times
ps list of odd things:

Progressive Mithridart
Gives a Lvl 11 Intensify buff for 1 hour.

Progressive Nutrition
Gives a Lvl 11 Meditation buff for 1 hour.

Progressive Analytic Remedy
Gives a Lvl 11 Acceleration buff withOUT the movement speed for 1 hour.

Progressive Pain killer
Gives a Lvl 11 Fortify buff for 1 hour.

Progressive Accelerator
Gives a Lvl 11 Haste buff for 1 hour. (A 1 horu version of hermes potion?)

Offensive Filler
Increases AR by 1 for 10 mins

Defensive Filler
Increases DR by 1 for 10 mins

7 days Lucifer wings timer doesn't start, aka they're permanent. (but will be fixed in update :O )

Guide is good as complete now, will check if info is correct from time to time, and want to try and get correct chances of option C.
Source is and our official forum.
Extra credit to Aosola of un4 for testing item of the day drops.

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