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The mayan questline & how to get Narr

Found some new nice parts of info:

about the 2 new mayan (main story line?) quests:

It indicates you need to do some sort of quest before it, tough it doesn't make to much sense to me how it came out after a translation so here's my best guess:
It seems to enter the mayan city your faction leader has to enter some kind of protect mission. and if he/she wins people can enter the city and he/she can only try the quest again in 12 hours if failed.

party's executive server family, is what they called it but i think they mean faction leader of the winning party, or it seems to translate to it at least.

Now on to to solo quests :D

to start first part of the mayan questline you need to have:
1: done emilia's quest (the one where you find her dad's diary)
2: completed bahamar's questline (ten nobles)
3: you need a elemental yewel (jeah mayan chicks dig em!)

To start the quest it seems you need run around in Reboldeux sewers (in queens gate you'll find the entrance to it check local map :p) and look for red spots of magic in the more remote parts of reboldeux sewers.
Step inside those red spots and you should get a quest started [1].
Talk to emilia in port coimbra and she should ask you to collect 10 pieces of a memo.
You should be able to get these 10 pieces of memo by killing the mobs near those red magic spots, or by simply walking into them.

Return to emilia and she will tell you it's part of some old treasure or something, talk to brunie in reboldeux after that to give her that info and she should give you a waterworks key.
now you will go to a fight vs the undertaker!, if you can find him that is, seems you need to kill him for the quest, so you can probally squad with ppl to all do that part at once.
ps. he seems to be a raid boss of sorts :O stats and image here:

Lv: 114
human / soft armor / no attribute / medium
AR: 59
DR: 59
HP: 7960800
ATK: 7356
Def: 234
ele ressistances: 35
Physic res: 61

After that you get to the mayan city and and gaurds welcome you and tell you to go speak to the gaurd captain.
While talking to the gaurd captain he asks you to collect 50 Rhodolite pieces.
Return to the gaurd captain and you'll receive a xp scroll for your trouble :P.
After this they'll ask you to give them a elemental yewel so you'll be allowed to talk to their patriarch.
They'll talk about some stuff and seems a mission occurs again and some mobs attack, the gaurds and the assasin like upc should kill em if you don't.
After that you get to talk to Narr (the barbarian upc) about emilia's father a bit and seems he'll give you emilia's fathers his glasses. Talk to emilia to contininue quest and get xp cards and polish.
Go back to narr and discuss with him about some stuff :O.
After that you'll be asked to go collect 5 ancient runes in a new place in the mayan city, a squad is advised here apparantly this is one tough area :O.
It seems you'll need to go back and you get some kind of mission where npc's save you? (not sure this part is rather badly translated)
You'll get send around by some npc's after that and one of the mayan npc's seems to want to kill the patriarch but his plan doesn't go to well.
Talk to Narr and you'll get his upc card :O

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