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Mission: Prison de Joaquin raid guide


The entrance to this raid is in Prison de Joaquin, Torture Chamber at C4 on all channels.

Summoning and respawn time:

You need to have completed Valleria's questline and be a part of the faction that controls the event colony before you can enter this raid. It can be started once a day for 1 - 5 families.


A bit harder then average and mobs can pack a punch if you aren't prepared. Now a days it's quite possible to solo this raid if needed but it's common to invite others to minimize time and maximise roulette drops.
Master lvl characters with ELB or better recommended.

Recommended Characters:
Buffers & Utility:
ET is of course a must have, but the mobs here can be quite dangerous for robe/coat users. Viki, Cath sum and Vincent can add quite a bit of dmg, while viki and scout are the tougher options. Emilia & ETS are good for dispell, protection fields and levitation.

Ideally anything that can wear metal or leather with high health and good dmg vs heavy armor to speed up the run. For example Tronado Cruz, Brandish Arm, Nar, Grandies or Peltast/Crusader for tanking.

Damage Dealers:
Sadly shooting dmg isn't gonna do much dmg vs these raid bosses, so it's mostly the mental dmg types that shined here: Cath int, Sharon, Reckless, Marchetti, Rio, Helena and elementalists.

Raiding strategy:

Upon entering you'll be in the first room, similar to Valleria's quest. In here you'll need to kill all the mobs to activate the warp to the next area. But first some more info on the mobs:

Death Marcia, this light armored undead enemy has instant melee skill that can hit several chars and stun them. Make sure your squishier characters are out of it's range and try to get their agro with scouts, melees or levitating characters. Or kill them before they get close.

Veilants, the hard armored slow moving golems with a high dmg melee skill. Should be very easy to kite just don't understimate them and get to close.

Bio Man, the small humanoid imp with a canister of poison. They deal large amounts of mental dmg and poison very frequently. They have a ranged skill that deals slightly more dmg and a melee type skill which deals very heavy dmg. Luckily they're low on health and defenses so just take them out asap.

Once all these mobs are dead use the warp to the next area. Here you'll see 3 different paths filled with mobs but the starting area is empty. Each path leads to a Elite Veilant that needs to be killed to advance, it's recommended you run to them with the help of red lollipops or any other speed boosts.

The left and right paths also lead to a warp afterwards so you can rejoin the main path to the next area.
Once all 3 Elite Veilants are killed a Elite Bio Man and a few mobs will spawn at the end of the main path.
Kill this elite to activate the warp to the next area, though he hits hard he shouldn't pose much of a problem.

Before you use the next warp buff up as you might get to fight a mini boss.

The warp here randomly takes you to one of 10 rooms, 8 rooms have a Elite Kingdom Ogre in them which spawns a warp after getting killed, another room has a chest with random loot and a warp and the last room has a warp that takes you to the last area.

Kingdom Ogres, are heavy hitting mini bosses with heavy armor and lots of defense. It's ideal to lure them away from your dps chars with a melee char or keep your chars under protection field. Due to the random nature of these rooms it's often the case that you need to solo these so take that into consideration.

They're weak vs mental dmg and heavy weapons (polearm/crescent/greatsword). They don't regenerate health so they're relatively easy to take down.

After this area you'll see several mobs again and a Elite Kingdom Ogre, which is a slight upgrade from the normal kingdom ogres and should be very easy to dispatch. You might want to lure some of the mobs first though since they can easily mess up your plans. 

Once the Elite Kingdom Ogre is killed the mobs near him also despawn.

The Boss:

Now you can finally fight the boss of this raid, Testormento, there's several ways to go about it:
-Try and tank him with a durable melee (60+hp and esa or better) and turn him away from the dps group.
-Keep prot field up and just tank the boss, a bit harder to pull off but still doable.
-Simply run away each time he tries to use his skill and then attack again, he's relatively slow and his skill has a lengthy charge time so this is quite easy.
-(optional) Debuff the boss with whole cancellation to prevent him from using any skills, buffs or summoning mobs, this makes the raid a whole lot easier.

Roughly around 40% health or lower he'll buff himself to increase his atk/def and gain 1 AR/DR.

Around 30% health he'll spawn a ton of Death Marcia's and Bio Man with improved stats to aid him, try to run away when this happens if you don't manage to aoe them all to death asap.
At 10% health he'll spawn 2 Elite Kingdom Ogres to aid him, though they can easily be kited around or simply ignored.

After killing him he'll spawn a roulette chest as usual, but make sure everyone is in the boss room before opening since everyone still in the previous areas will not get loot!!!

Roulette chest drop table:

  • Portable Star Orb Box
  • Honor Card B (500 fam rep)
  • Veteran Glove/Boot
  • 30 ar weapons (including 92e's)
  • 32 ar weapons (chess/golden/snail/elite)
  • Le Noir / 96e armor
  • Qualified Earrings
  • Gold Earrings
  • Silver Earrings
  • Qualified Belt
  • Made Necklaces
  • Recipe - 32 ar prison exclusive weapons (Tormento, Marcia's Poleax, Eye of Veillant)
  • Recipe - Crafted Necklace
  • Recipe - Artisan Earrings
  • Recipe - Magic Earrings
  • Recipe - Artisan Belts (any type)
  • Recipe - Artisan gloves (any type)
  • Recipe - Artisan boots (any type)
  • Recipe - Elite Le Blanc
  • Recipe - Elite Le Noir
  • Innocentio Stancebook
  • Elemental Jewel
  • Random Innocentio stance skill ring

Chest room box:
  • Lots of Bellum Boxes
  • a 30 ar weapon
  • several Ancient Star Orb Boxes
  • Veteran Chips

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