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Strata Devil Armors

Strata Devil armors are the latest armor to hit Granado Espada, despite that however they're not really all that good.
Strata Devil armors cannot chip DR nor movement speed, so they're 1 potential dr behind Greek Chroma's but make up for it with their unique effect:
Each Strata Devil armor can be chipped (1/200 chance) with a 1-15% chance to trigger a unique buff when hit, which differs per class type:
-The Spirit of the Devil: Reduces magical dmg dealt to you by 30% for 2 minutes. (Plate & Fighter only)
-Devil's Desire: Reduces shooting dmg dealt to you by 30% for 2 minutes. (Scout & Wizard only)
-Body of the Devil: Reduces melee dmg dealt to you by 30% for 2 minutes. (Musketeer only)

Where to get the materials:

  • Symbol of Naraka's drop in several raids (Clocktower, Crow, etc), and can be made by combining Naraka pieces in Viron.
  • Devil's Dream can be gotten via alchemy in viron, ideally around a combined grade of 15.
  • Lv 35 Crystals are gotten from breaking +6 Greek Chroma's,  +7 ELN's or +8 Blue Serpent Armors.
  • Shiny Crystals drop from areas below lvl 100 that aren't premium areas.
  • Amrita is a cash shop item that is often given away in events
Where to get the recipes:

  • Only known location is the "Warped space time room of Lucifer's Castle".

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