dinsdag 15 januari 2013

Lv 84 Elite Armor serie

Elite lv 84 armors, the first of the elite armors and the first must have gear point of the early stages of this game. Now a days however there's tons of better armors out there, but these are common enough to help the new players and are great for leveling lowbies
I won't even list where they drop as any boss past lvl 92 can drop it. With the few exceptions like Faction Fight and Colony bosses.

Where to get materials:

  • The High quality gems drop rarely in veteran lvl maps and can be crafted from recipes bought at any town's metal merchant.
  • Composite Steel is sold by the metal npc in reboldeux.
  • Reinforced leather and hq cloth are sold by the satin ncp in coimbra.
  • Pure Ores are dropped from nearly any lvl 90+ mob.
  • Dyes are mostly dropped of bellum boxes or of specific mobs.

Wordwood and 2ch wiki

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